Survival Cache Podcast Episode 11: The AR-15 Part II

This week on the Survival Cache Podcast, we continue our discussion of AR-15s. We talk about why you should invest in an AR-15 and what to look for when buying one. In this episode, I answer some listener questions including how to find a quality rifle scope and where to buy ammo online if your local store has closed down. Tune in next week as we discuss .223 vs 556 rounds, which is best for preppers?

1. Did the AR-15 make a significant change in your life?

2. If we had a major event, how would the rifle change your preparation plan?

3. Would you choose an AR-15 if you were preparing for hurricanes/ earthquakes/ other disasters?

4. How much importance or value do you place on owning an AR-15 rifle as part of your survival cache strategy?

5. Why is it important that we have different types of weapons stored at our caches rather than just relying on one type of firearm to survive self defense attacks and to handle any given situation–a handgun, shotgun, semi automatic pistol, long gun rifles like AR’s or AK47s, etc.?

Boom!! Episode 11, Doc and Drew attempt to discuss the parts and accessories of the AR15 platform. In this second part, they cover receivers, mags (magazines), buttstocks (rear stock/buttstock assembly), buffer tube springs

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