Survival Cache Podcast Episode 10: The AR-15 Part I

“Hello Survival Cache listeners! This week we are talking about the AR-15. Now, before you get all excited and start thinking that this is a gun podcast, it’s not. We’re discussing what an AR-15 rifle is in terms of prepping and survival.”

“For those who don’t know what an AR-15 rifle is, it’s just another term for a semi automatic rifle that uses .223 ammunition. They are popular with hunters because they can be used for both short range target shooting as well as hunting varmints such as coyotes or prairie dogs.”

“There are many reasons to own one: defending your home from intruders; hunting feral hogs (which have become quite problematic in

AR15 Rifle

1. What are your thoughts on the AR-15 rifle?

2. If you had to choose one weapon to go with, would it be an AR-15 rifle?

3. Which concealable options do most preppers like for their EDC?

4. Do you feel that there should be limitations on firearms ownership by certain groups of people?

In this episode of America’s favorite survivalist podcast, Doc Montana and Drew discuss the AR rifle platform.  Though they intended to cover the whole rifle front to back – from birdcage on up through buttstock- they got caught in enthusiasm for a discussion about accessories, variants and modifications! Stay tuned next week as part II airs where we will explore everything below that upper receiver…comment if you want more information or would like us to address something specific!

What is an “AR,” anyway? In case your eyes have gotten too tiny with excitement at how cool all these acronyms are (it happens), let me tell you: it stands for ArmaLite Rifle. Just kidding; but I can see why you might

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