Survival Cache Podcast: Episode 1: Bug Out Bag 1

A survival cache is not just about gathering a bunch of supplies and putting them in a place you might never return to. It’s an idea that goes back decades, but has been popularized recently by the media. The Survival Cache Podcast discusses everything from bug out bags, to food storage, to long term planning for those interested in prepping for any number of situations. Tune in every other week as we share our knowledge with you!

1. What would you put in your bug out bag?

2. What is your opinion on the survival cache podcast and the information that’s been shared with listeners?

3. Have you ever made a bug-out bag and what were some of your considerations or worries in creating one?

4. How soon do you think it will be before we need to use a bug-out bag, such as during a natural disaster or extreme weather conditions?

Join Doc Montana and Drew for the all new Survival Cache Podcast! In this inaugural episode, they explore what a Bug Out Bag is from its origins to philosophy. They discuss how it can save your life one day in an emergency situation such as hurricanes or natural disasters by providing you with food, water, shelter items etc.

There are many factors that go into deciding on what type of bag to use but before we get there first consider who will be carrying them? If you have children then different bags may work better than adults because not only do kids need their own special gear like snacks and toys but also smaller shovels if things get dirty while running away from danger so make sure those considerations come up before going ahead with any purchase decisions otherwise some people

In every episode, these two experts will discuss some of the most overlooked aspects of a bag. They’ll talk about materials and their durability, as well as different brands that may suit your needs best. In future episodes you can also expect to hear all about how bags are designed for certain activities; like hiking or running in case there’s an emergency!

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In each new podcast episode, we’ll share tips on choosing the right type of gear for what you want it to do: from day hikes with kids in tow to long-distance thru-hikes where lightweight design is key. Tune in next time when our expert panel discusses whether ultralight backpacks have gone too far…

You are in the middle of a long camping trip. You walk up to your campsite and see that it’s been taken over by an infestation of bugs! What should you do? Let them eat all your food or try to fight back with bug spray? When faced with this type of situation, many people panic–but they shouldn’t! In this episode, we will cover what items go into emergency kits called Bug Out Bags (BOBs) so that when disaster strikes while out on the trail, you know exactly where everything is and can take care of yourself right away.

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