StrikePen Review: Is It Worth It?


StrikePen is a tactical self-defense pen that has been designed to be used as an alternative to pepper spray or other weapons. This pen will not only allow you to defend yourself with its pointed end, but it also contains a UV light for use in the dark and a flashlight that can last up to 50 hours on one set of batteries. It has two different ends: one side is sharpened like a knife, while the other features four blunt sides so you can use it as a clubbing weapon if necessary. The StrikePen also comes with safety clasp that allows you to attach it onto your belt loop or even your jacket zipper so it’s always accessible when needed! So what do I think about this product? Well, let me

1. Is your prepper kit large enough to keep you sustained for 6 months?

Sleek, Sturdy and Stylish.

2. At what point is it necessary to create a new bug out location?

3. When should you expect the population density of an area will lead up to dangerous levels – i.e., human traffic and herd like behavior patterns being the norm?

Tactical pens are the perfect multifunctional tool for rough and tough people like me. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to modern-day multitools, I am very particular! When looking at a tactical pen’s design there is one thing in mind: usability. This means that they have an oversized tip which can be used as both a writing instrument (duh) or weapon; this also includes breaking glass in case of emergencies if need be. Tactical pens were originally designed by ApeSurvival who had been working on them since 2005 – these folks sure do their research before creating anything new because the first batch came out droolworthy! Since then, other brands such as Smith

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