Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit by MyMedic: Expert Hands-On Review

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If you’re a prepper, then you know how important it is to have the right tools on hand. You never know when an emergency will happen or what type of disaster might strike. That’s why I’m so excited to give you the opportunity to check out Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit by MyMedic today. This kit has everything that you need in case of any type of medical emergency and also comes with a guidebook which provides helpful information for first-responders, too! With these items at your side, there’s nothing that could go wrong!

It’s all about the modules. 

MyMedic First Aid Kit Review

1. What are the necessary supplies to keep in a first aid kit?

2. Which medical provider do you trust for emergency care for your family?

Packing made easy. 

3. What items should I have in my bag outside of a hospital or doctor’s office?

The best way to take your tunes with you

Metal tweezers

4. How can you store your first aid kit to be prepared for emergencies when traveling?


5. Do you feel that this product is better suited towards solo hikers, bikers, and other outdoor lovers or families that might be living off-the-grid or otherwise not near healthcare facilities during an emergency situation

I know that many of you will never need a first aid kit, but I would feel irresponsible if we did not go over the basics just in case. You have to keep your head on straight while running from zombies or managing an emergency situation and it is always important to be prepared for any eventuality when traveling overseas.

Keeps your stuff dry and safe.

As someone who has traveled extensively abroad (and been through some really bad experiences), one thing that every person should carry with them at all times (even before they step out their front door) are essential medical supplies like disinfectant wipes, gauze pads/bandages, safety pins; as well as basic first-aid techniques such as CPR so people can stay alive until professional assistance arrives.

One of the most important and often overlooked pieces in a prepper’s gear is their first aid kit. With this new Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit from MyMedic, you know that your emergency equipment will stand up to just about anything life throws at it!

This awesome universal first-aid kit by MYMEDIC has really impressed me with its durability, thoroughness, portability (it even comes with an attachable shoulder strap!), and all around usefulness for every type of accident or injury on my property or off into wild country – I feel prepared now more than ever before as well as much less anxious knowing I’m ready if something happens. The dimensions are 14x8x2 inches which make it perfect for keeping in any

Outdoor is for the outdoorsy, adventure-seeking people who want to explore more.

The Stormproof case is a lightweight, modular bag that can store up to 10 different pouches inside of the kit. The exterior has an included MOLLE system for attaching patches and other gear on your own needs as well as Velcro strips with small icons to help you find whatever it is you are looking for quickly without wasting time.

The Stormproof Bag has a variety of features that make life easier for the owner. It is made from waterproof fabric and welded seams to ensure it will keep dry even in adverse conditions, or if you accidentally drop it into water. The kit also includes two loops on either side which can be used as attachment points for securing the bag inside your pack, vehicle, etc., making transport much more convenient than with other bags without such attachments. On one end there’s an oversized zipper track with teeth so strong they won’t break off when pulled hard enough – something we all know happens at some point!

Compact, Lightweight, and Waterproof. 

A zipper is a vital component in the design of any quality backpack. A large, well-made zip offers fewer snags and easier motion when zipping up or down your pack for quick access to items inside. MyMedic’s kits are made with high standards that ensure durability as you travel by trail, road, sea or sky! What better way than to see their meticulous attention paid on every detail? You can find more information about what each kit includes here: http://www.mymedicgearkitstore…

Included at no extra cost within all country-of origin USA manufactured backpacks from myMedic’s Stormproof Universal Kit is an emergency medical supplies bundle containing enough life saving necessities such as bandages and first aid


The ultimate first-aid kit for your car comes in an airtight, waterproof bag that’s great for keeping everything organized and ready to go. The compact size of the bag is perfect because it won’t take up any extra room when you’re traveling or on a camping trip! This collection features all the essential emergency medical supplies including burn cream, cold medication, fever relief tablets (for those days where there are no pharmacies), sunblock lotion with SPF 30 , anti-itch creams