SOG Pillar Survival Knife Review – A USA Made Knife in 2020

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In 2020, the United States is preparing for an economic crash. The country has been on a downward spiral since our president was elected and there’s no end in sight. When the time comes to fend for yourself, you’ll want to be prepared with this USA made SOG Pillar Survival Knife! This knife is not your average blade – it features 16 inches of 1095 high carbon steel with a full tang construction that will surely last through whatever tough situation you find yourself in. You can also get up close and personal by using the serrated edge or use it as a throwing knife if needed! So what are you waiting for? Grab one now before they’re all gone!

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In 2020, the United States

1. Do you have a favorite survival knife?

2. What do you think the best features of an ideal survival knife are?

3. Would you be willing to bet your life on it?

4. Let’s say we’re living in California in 2020, and there’s a disaster: what do you keep with you from now until 2020?

5. Are there any traits that an emergency knife should have?

SOG Knives has been in the industry since Vietnam. And one of their more popular blades is The SOG Pillar. To understand this knife, we need to learn a little bit about MACV-SOG first as it’s predecessor was actually just called SOG (Special Operations Group). But between being born out of an acronym and its namesake not even knowing they were named after themselves until years later, Macv-Sog became a much better representation for what many associates these days with the company: Special Ops work done by highly trained individuals that can’t be matched anywhere else on Earth.

Upstream’s not your average tech company.

SOG knives have been a part of many different missions and even in the Vietnam War. SOG is named after Spencer Frazer, who was an engineer from UCLA that started this company with his dream to make weapons for special operations during war times. The first product sold by SOG was the Washington-based company’s Bowie knife which commemorated all those involved in wars past as well as present day ones such as Iraq and Afghanistan

I’ll never let you down

For decades, SOG Bowie was the only fixed blade knife in their line. But now they’ve diversified to include many multitools and a new type of folding tactical folder with an integral frame lock called The Pillar. Nowadays when you purchase a high-quality multi tool from them there’s no telling where it will be manufactured because that can vary depending on what country has the most highly skilled craftsmen for each specific task involved. For instance, if someone is tasked with making locks for sog knives then they might need to manufacture those outside of America since American workers don’t specialize enough in this one skill that would make things more cost effective as opposed to just outsourcing everything overseas like so many other companies do these days.


SOG, the company that is well known for producing some of America’s best knives in recent years has just released a new line of USA made blades and other products. The Pillar knife looks like something out of an old Western movie with its brass hilt guard protecting your hand from sharp edges while giving it extra weight to balance when you swing it down onto game.

SOG is a company with an admirable pedigree in the world of blades. The Pillar, and note that I choose to capitalize “The” out of respect, is a blade worthy enough for any owner who appreciates quality craftsmanship.

As many readers know, I have a fondness for super steels and cutting edge designs. And today’s topic – SOG’s new release: The Pillar – has been on my radar since it was announced; this knife deserves all the attention! My first impression upon holding it? This thing feels good as hell (almost like butter)! It weighs 7¼ ounces but feels lighter than expected because its ergonomic design combined with G-10 grips give you more control over your movements while handling

The SOG Pillar is a versatile knife that also has the ability to spark fire rods. The clip point on one side of this blade makes it perfect for puncturing and slicing while its spine bevel ensures effortless turning when chopping or carving.

Some knives have a chasm between grip and blade, but the knife has just enough of an edge for trimming.

The Pillar’s blade is so thin that it begins just where the handle ends, and flows back under to get a headstart on slicing. The knife’s balance point moves distinctly within the grip itself; in-line with your index finger when you grasp for an overhand hold. Many knives of this stature have skeletonized steel which facilitates fore/aft flow – but not The Pillar! It carries its weight forward like no other, merging seamlessly into one continuous piece from top to bottom: curve flowing outwards towards cutting edge…

The sharpness of kitchen knives all starts at their extreme endpoints – specifically how they meet up with handles or grips near them. With many blades (especially those created by famous cutlery companies) featuring

The Pillar is an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest in a high-end, modern bushcraft blade. With its impeccable balance and superior chopping power it can’t be beat by any knife of this caliber on the market today.

The pillar’s elegant design will never go out of style with people who put value into quality blades that are made responsibly from premium steel materials like carbon fiber or micarta scales which have been constructed beautifully without compromising performance even though they’ve had their limits pushed through innovative manufacturing processes such as heat treatment at extreme temperatures so you’re getting what feels more solid than other knives when holding one because there isn’t really anything missing under your grip except for these two small holes where screws fasten Micarta scales onto the black

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I chopped a few pine rounds in half and found the grip of The Pillar to be like an old friend. I was able to feel it without having any issues, something that cannot always be said when you’re dealing with blades this size. It’s not too big or small but sits nicely between medium and small-ish knives, so your hands won’t cramp up while using it if they are larger than average either! Unlike other blade grips which can sometimes get all flashy on us (I’m looking at you KaBar!), The Pillar scales make for good company by simply sitting back confidently during use without trying too hard – meaning nobody will pay attention because there is no need to look twice about what has their eye instead of focusing where we should 😉

Knives are one of the most important weapons in a survival situation. Knives come with different types of handles, and each handle has its own set of pros and cons. Some people prefer wooden handles because they feel more natural than synthetic ones that can become slippery when wet or covered in blood during intense combat scenarios (especially if you’ve been using them to hack through bones). The downside is that wood will deteriorate over time but it’s not as expensive as some synthetics so those who like switching up their knife from time to time might enjoy this aspect about it!

It’s a pillar

The blade of this knife is a testament to the sharpness and durability that steel can provide. The Micarta material on which it’s built has been around for over 100 years, but only recently became popular with people who appreciate its electrical non-conductivity, temperature insensitivity, and disregard for moisture. And though you might not be likely to need such an  intense level of protection at home or work – being able to use your SOG “Pillar” as a stun device if necessary certainly adds some peace-of mind!

I’ll change your mind about Downstream.

The S35VN steel is a mix of powders that includes Vanadium, Niobium and Carbon. This creates an incredibly strong blade made to withstand chipping or folding in comparison to other blades on the market such as the famous S30V which I have sung its praises for in my previous reviews.

The edge of The SOG Pillar is as sharp and hard as a knife, making it perfect for slicing through the toughest materials. What sets this blade apart from others though are its sheath construction and grip design that make it excellent both in combat scenarios or survival situations where you’ll be searching for food to eat due to all your supplies being stolen by bandits during an earthquake while on your camping trip with friends.

The Pillar is the perfect knife for anyone who likes a little of that mean look we love about the SOG Seal Pup, but with better steel and more refined finish. The handle also features an improved design over its predecessor’s nylon frame – using scales above a solid steel frame. A fully enclosed handle ensures you won’t accidentally get electrocuted if your blade comes in contact with anything hot or be able to feel any temperature change by touching either hot or cold surfaces on it.

The Pillar is a lightweight and compact knife that can be easily attached to your belt. The blade cover offers an innovative locking mount for easy transport in the field, plus it’s made just as tough with material from aircraft grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel. When you need this versatile tool, simply remove the sheath all one-handed!


The Pillar has made my EDC more versatile. One of the most important aspects to know about this knife is that it’s a surprisingly good slicer. I can easily take down branches from trees, or slice meat for dinner with no problem whatsoever. It’s also extremely sharp! The blade stays very straight and true so you don’t have any hangups when cutting through material such as fabric like rope (which was pretty impressive).

The pillar features an ergonomic handle which makes easy work out of slicing materials because there are many finger notches on the spine side allowing your thumb plenty of traction while performing cuts- even without gloves on in cold weather conditions!

Steel Valor is a 100% Guaranteed Lifetime Guarantee.

The Pillar is a versatile knife that can be used to chop fruits, vegetables, and meat in the kitchen. It also doubles as an elegant weapon for those who are trained enough. Its smooth edges allow it to slice through life effortlessly without any injury inflicted upon either party on both ends of The Pillars blade’s edge!

The design of The Pillar is simply beautiful and elegant. I would not be surprised if people were a little afraid to use it because the blade looks like it could cut through anything with ease, but that’s what you want in a knife! It has proven itself as both reliable for hunting or survivalist bug outs – whichever your preference happens to be.

The SOG Pillar is the ultimate survival knife because it can quietly stay on your belt or pack yet jump to a front line and charge into battle when things go bad. The Mall ninjas need not apply.

Spencer Fraser, founder of SOG has said about his company “We don’t settle for ordinary.” And this quote is true to their product design which the Pillar  is a perfect example. This multitool incorporates all tools needed in one easily accessible device with its sleek and compact design. It’s made from durable stainless steel that can withstand harsh conditions making it capable of going anywhere you go without fear of breaking or failing on your most adventurous missions