SOG Field Knife Review for 2020: An Excellent Cheap Survival Knife

I’m not a knife expert. I’m just an average guy who lives in rural Montana and has kids, dogs, horses, cows, chickens, and other animals to feed every day. That’s why I need the best …

I’m not a knife expert. I’m just an average guy who lives in rural Montana and has kids, dogs, horses, cows, chickens, and other animals to feed every day. That’s why I need the best survival knives for 2020 that are cheap. So when I found this SOG Field Knife on Amazon…I had to buy it! And now my family is much safer with me carrying this miracle of modern science around with me all day long while we do chores or go hiking together (or both).

1. What is the difference between a good cheap survival knife and an excellent one?

2. Which knife do you carry for survival purposes?

3. Are there any additional qualities to look out for in a quality budget survival knife?

4. Do you consider durability as an important factor when choosing your budget survival knives?

5. What are some qualities of a great budget-friendly, broad use, dependable, sturdy fixed blade or folding pocket knife that will stay with you through thick and thin (or at least until it takes care of all your basic needs)?

The SOG Field Knife is an excellent basic knife for a low price. It has endured all of my tests with flying colors, and it does not have any complaints about the handle or blade. The sheath could use some work; I found that when tightening the belt loops on one side of the nylon webbing to keep in place against mounting hardware such as MOLLE clips, they stretched out too much so now there are wrinkles where wire cutters would be choked by them if you’re using this for EDC carry (I am). But overall, I recommend this inexpensive knife to anyone who needs a good economical survival tool without breaking their bank account!

If you’re an American, it might not be your patriotic duty to buy a knife from overseas. SOG has been in the game for long enough that they know what we want and need-even if our country doesn’t produce knives domestically anymore. The downside of buying something made abroad is poor quality control combined with substandard materials and steel tempering which can lead to some serious consequences like injuries or death in combat zones where these types of things are necessary gear instead just kitchen utensils at home. We’ve found there’s one common exception though: Mora Knives are still considered acceptable even when they’re foreign produced! They do have great blades too so maybe all hope isn’t lost afterall…

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Japanese blades are truly some of the world’s best. But China? Let’s take that one knife at a time! The SOG Field Knife retails at an affordable price and only weighs 3.8 ounces, making it light enough to carry on your person for everyday needs such as opening packages or cutting through ropes. It also comes in handy when you need something more substantial than your average pocketknife for tactical applications like bushcraft or hunting purposes–anything from clearing brush to skinning game is possible with this blade type because its length measures four inches long

The Japanese want their knives really sharp and super thin so they can cut things quickly while our own Western culture tends towards thicker grips which make them easier to use over longer periods without

The handle of the SOG Field Knife is a thermoplastic rubber that works well but under hard use will likely not last a lifetime. But most people don’t care because it has some neat features! The grippy handle has an index finger notch and comes with contoured design so your fingers won’t slip off when you are using this knife for long periods of time – especially while chopping, sawing or splitting wood. Plus there’s even more protection in the form of molded plastic on either side to prevent slipping from happening again if any moisture gets into between them during such activities like chopping up frozen meat as they do their job way better than standard knives at cutting through tough material easily due to its unique blade shape which transfers 100% pounding

A field knife with 25 years of military heritage.

The sleek design of this knife is perfect for any survival situation. The blade itself has a four inch length with an additional serrated edge in the event you are unable to sharpen your sword during battle. Not only can it function as a formidable weapon, but also holds up well when used as protection against wild animals and other unfriendlies on the battlefield!

The SOG Field Knife is a well-balanced blade with the right balance of performance, quality and price. The steel may not be as robust or awe-inspiring as some options out there but it’s high enough to get you through your everyday tasks without worrying about impaling yourself on an ungulate carcass by accident.

The SOG Field Knife is a great deal and worth the attention because it has all of the features one would want in a knife but for an unbeatable price. And here’s where my personal experience with this blade comes into play: I have used this particular model since its creation, so when someone says that they don’t like “it’s not as good”, or “I prefer another company,” then I tell them about how their complaints are based off of something else entirely. The SOG Pillar is made right here in America from CPMS35VN super-steel which offers twice as much heft at half-again longer than your typical kitchen knife which can be found on any street corner nowadays; however – these knives come out

The SOG Field Knife might not be your first choice, but it’s a great option when money is tight.