SOG Banner Folding Knive Review: Hands-On

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“In a world where we are constantly bombarded with threats from all directions it’s important to be prepared. As the name implies, SOG Banner Folding Knive is designed for preppers and survivalists by giving them a knife that can fold up into a compact size for easy storage. The handle of the blade features an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand which aids in making sure you have clean cuts when using it.”

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SOG TFSAT98-CP Flash II 8 in. Serrated Tanto Knife

The SOG Banner Folding Knife is perfect for any prepper because it folds up into a compact size so you don’t have to worry about storing or carrying around an awkward large knife. It also provides you with safety and comfort while cutting things due to its ergonomic design on the handle side of

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In the world of combat knives, SOG has been an innovator for decades. They have a reputation as one of the top knife manufacturers in America that is well-deserved by their high quality products and innovative designs. The three new players to take note are all American made tactical folders with springs you can deploy from any position without looking at your blade while holding it open or closed–perfectly suited for military and law enforcement applications where stealth may be paramount but its still important not to look away during crucial moments when seconds matter most!

The SOG Banner is a knife that has power behind it. The blade fires out with force and determination, quick navigation to any point you need on your body before locking in place at the opening of its full length. This assisted open folding knife provides assistance when needed but by no means does it give up control; rather than relying solely on momentum like most other knives which are more similar to whacking a ball with an aluminum bat instead of using one’s own swing for every hit, this little powerhouse relies only partially on natural forces such as gravity or inertia because once activated from 0-25% – allowing faster deployment without sacrificing strength-,  it starts firing blades automatically until reaching 100%.

SOG TFSAT98-CP Flash II 8 in. Serrated Tanto Knife

The SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) helps you get the most out of your blade. When a punch is half-hearted, it leaves more power in the shoulder for other movements. With an assisted opening mechanism like SAT around this point on the sword’s journey, there’s enough force to deploy your blade all at once and finish off with a powerful swing!

The SOG Assisted Technology (or SAT as they call it) has been proven time and again over decades by many people just how useful an assist can be if properly applied: when punches are short or not fully committed then some energy is left open from one move to help another–thankfully that doesn’t happen often but luckily we have our handy dandy

Carrying a weapon for self-defense can be unsettling. It is natural to feel fear when you know the weight of your own mortality hanging over your head in any given moment and SOG’s SAT technology manages that tension by only allowing two different positions; fully seated or fully deployed. The blade remains under constant pressure even if it has been unlocked, which makes this device perfect for those who need their blades at an instant’s notice but don’t want them exposed until they’re ready to use it


Comparing the SOG banner to other knives I’ve reviewed, it has a more impressive blade slam. The spring-loaded blades from my Benchmade assist in deployment for only one half of their intended journey while with the Zero Tolerance 0770CF and its similar design, that’s not an issue at all as there is plenty of pressure applied by this knife on your finger or thumb.

The SOG Banner has a pair of beautifully machined flat-black anodized aluminum scales with non-skeletonized stainless steel inserts. Inside the knife, each insert appears to be screwed down from its own scale and then connected in front by three torx bolts on the rear end or “back” side as it were; that is, again, in another break from tradition. The oversized pivot covers seem designed for easy access when cleaning out dirt or other material that may have gotten into your blade during use too – which might explain why this design was chosen after all!

SOG has not forgotten that the user may want to adjust the play in their blade. This is where a T8 Torx driver comes into use, and it can make any desired adjustments on your pivot point with ease! Like all other auto or semi-auto knives, however, you should never try taking them apart without eye protection for safety reasons. What’s more? SOG offers knife specific tools as well as intimate knowledge about how each part of the knife goes together so if something breaks during assembly or reassembly there are no worries when sending your bag back to company for service because they will know exactly what needs fixing before shipping out replacements – such thoughtful consideration makes owning an automatic pistol easier than ever!

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The SOG Banner has a spine that does not come to an abrupt halt in the middle, so there is no barrier inside for pocket lint and other debris. If it gets dirty on the outside, you can see through easily because of its open design – all without having to take your knife apart!

The SOG Banner is a sleek and low-profile EDC knife. It has a deep carry pocket clip, as well as an open spine that give it the little extra weight you need to take care of business quickly.

This pocket clip is designed to make the SOG Banner disappear into your pockets, but it’s not just because most of its bulk rests below the top edge. The catch loop at the end of this deep slope goes an eighth-inch beyond any handle scales meaning that there are no sharp edges sticking up and dangling over clothing while in a seated position – even if you have pants on with wider hips or thighs.

In fact, many knives can leave more than half an inch above their cheap plastic clips when they rest inside your pocket like Benchmade knives do!


SOG has designed a more complex pocket clip for the Banner knife that bolts onto the inside of the blade, which is different from most other manufacturers who mount their clips on an outside scale. This design prevents accidental extraction and unintended loss when carrying in your pockets – not to mention it makes this otherwise top-heavy product both easier to draw out, as well as less noticeable.


While having high carry can speed deployment times with some blades, it also causes them be visible without even intending too (especially given how often our pants end up falling down). The SOG banner stands apart because its reversible clip attaches securely either side of its handle scales rather than being applied externally like many brands do; additionally unlike so many competitors’ offerings where you have no

The SOG pocket clip is one of the most creative and innovative design features in recent history. Not only does it secure your knife safely deeper, but it also allows you to keep a lower profile than with other knives by taking up no space at all between the handle and inside of your pockets! The titanium metal creates an interesting texture that makes using this as both professional or personal self-defense easy because its so tough to get out once secured. Furthermore, if you’re not satisfied yet then just admire how cool looking those stylishly engraved letters are on top– they’ll let everyone know exactly what kind of weapon’s running through these hands


Focused on wordsmiths.

The anodized aluminum handle scales are smooth but not slippery. I own a handful of aluminum scaled knives and like to joke that the manufacturers should have applied a coat of teflon to really make the handle slick. The SOG Banner is no gentleman, so you can imagine it’s not going in any slacks for office meetings or anything else sedentary–or at least if it does go there, its blade will most likely be doing all sorts of work while inside those pants! When this knife isn’t used as either my hair-cutting scissors when camping with friends or hacking through thick mangrove roots on hiking trips up North Florida swamp trails (yep – we do some pretty crazy stuff), then I carry it clipped into

The SOG Banner is as classy on the outside of it’s frame, with a sleek black grip and an elegant silver pocket clip. But what really sets this knife apart from others are its excellent functions that keep you safe when carrying such a sharp blade around in your back pocket or purse strap. A lanyard hole emerges half under the delicate yet sturdy metal-frame lock button for maximum safety while also providing versatility to attach clips where desired – if at all!

When you put the lock into a locked position, it will keep your blade from deploying. However if you have other intentions for your knife and want to close up shop quickly then all that is needed is an index finger on either hand to move this slider out of its locking position and let go.

The lock slider is thin metal with three jagged edges for traction, but it’s much easier to use a nail or fingernail than your thumb.

Maximum Security, Maximum Peace of Mind.

It’s got a major drop point with some minor unsharpened swedge. It can’t be beat!

The blade of this knife is a far cry from the old-fashioned knives, with their jagged teeth that take up space and make you clumsy. This razor sharp blade slices through meat as though it were butter while still providing enough room to control your cut. With its slim profile and sleek black finish, what could be more handsome than this brand new addition?

The reverse curve of the blade provides more cutting edge and workpiece focusing compared to a straight or convex belly. This makes it an optimal choice for slicing through meat, bone, skin–anything! The tip is thin enough to pierce anything necessary without hesitation but also sturdy enough not to break easily from pressure on hard surfaces like rocks or concrete blocks.

However, the blade on this tool can’t handle prying or turning screws. Which is a problem since you’re going to need those skills for your next camping trip! The steel in use here has been named CPM S35VN and it’s American made from supersteel which just so happens to have all these other crazy qualities that make this knife even better than before.

Crucible Industries, the steel’s maker, designed S35VN to improve one of my favorite steels. It substitutes niobium carbides for some vanadium carbides and is a more durable but easier-to-polish blade than its predecessor: S30V. If all this chemical rebalancing or letter/number steel names makes your head spin then just remember that knives are no different from cell phones in how technology has revolutionized them over time!

The SOG banner is a beautiful blade, with its sleek design and comfortable grip. The flat grind makes it perfect for food prep, wood shaving or general use. Plus it’s easy to sharpen in the field using minimal tools making this knife one of your best options when you are far from home base!

The SOG Flash II 8 in. Serrated Tanto Knife is an excellent conductor of hot and cold so if you are using it outdoors with bare hands, your fingers will get numb quickly -but this knife won’t let anything slow down the assist mechanism! I tested its performance at temperatures as low as negative thirty degrees Fahrenheit but even when my blade was below zero, opening up a package or cutting rope didn’t take any more effort than usual.

The SOG Flash II Tanto pocket knife is a handy everyday carry for those who are always on the go. The sleek design and easy to use features make it an ideal choice, whether you’re in need of self-defense or just looking for something useful that can be tucked away out of sight until needed.

The SOG Flash II Tanto Pocket Knife: This small but sharp blade has become one of my favorite new tools! It’s lightweight enough to fit into any accessory I’m carrying with me at all times—I’ve even had occasion to pull it from its discreet sheath while practicing martial arts moves, which made it feel like second nature when handling this tool during a real scenario where I was cornered by two aggressive men