Picture this: You’re sitting in your home, watching the news. The hurricane is scheduled to hit any minute now, and you’ve been preparing for it for days. It’s time! But wait… did they just say …

Picture this: You’re sitting in your home, watching the news. The hurricane is scheduled to hit any minute now, and you’ve been preparing for it for days. It’s time! But wait… did they just say that there was a new development? Is the storm headed somewhere else instead? What do you do now? These are all questions preppers ask themselves when faced with natural disasters (or other SHTF scenarios).

This blog post will help answer some of those questions by providing a checklist of what to pack when heading out into the unknown during an emergency evacuation or disaster.

You’ll learn about things like how much water to bring, whether to bring cash or credit cards, if wearing makeup and jewelry is appropriate during emergencies

1. What are your three most important emergency supplies?

2. What is the most useful item to have in an emergency bag?

3. Do you have a stockpile of supplies hidden somewhere nearby or at a friend’s house that can be accessed quickly and easily if SHTF?

4. If someone has never thought about prepping before, what would you say they should do first to start?

5. Would you say that the average person has enough food and water stockpiled for a month-long SHTF situation in case of “inevitable disaster”?

6. Do you think it’s realistic to expect people to prepare for an 1-2 week SHTF scenario today considering the

What would you do in the event of a SHTF situation? What are your priorities when it comes to survival? Recently we saw this firsthand with Hurricane Irene. The actions of people unprepared for disaster raised good questions for all who read about their decisions and experiences during that time. There was an Outer Limits episode called “Inconstant Moon,” written by Larry Niven, based on how an astronomer noticed changes in light patterns from the moon which led him to believe that our sun had gone nova (which converted into just a massive flare). This story is about his attitude and preparations as he realizes what might happen if there’s not enough warning before events escalated–survival might be possible!

In “ALAS, BABYLON” the hero is given approximately 24 hours to prepare from nothing. It’s interesting in what he gets both right and wrong. In both these stories, SHTF was also TEOTWAWKI (The End of The World As We Know it). On Hurricane Irene, there wasn’t a lot that could be done since this event would only affect one part of New York City for about six hours; but with TEOTWAWKI–the end days–it will have lasting consequences throughout our world as we know it now which makes preparing more important than ever before!

The tsunami that took her town was a warning to any survivor. The earthquake could come at any time and the weather is unpredictable as well, but she has prepared by stockpiling supplies in every room of her house so it’s ready for anything when disaster strikes again!

She didn’t go back home or take anything; all she did after surviving the deadly waves which wiped out most of her friends and family was ride on horseback until finally reaching safety up north where Texas hurricanes are more manageable than Indonesia tsunamis. After this terrifying experience, there wasn’t much left standing – not even people- except what little water remained from the raging torrents sweeping everything away with them seconds before they reached their final destination: nothingness…

Fifteen years ago, I was a little boy. Hurricane Inez made landfall at 90 miles off the coast of Galveston and then as Category 1 storm onshore. But if conditions were different, it could have been stronger than that—Category 3 or 4 like Hurricane Andrew in 1992 when he hit Florida just before 2:00am after being only a weak category two hurricane for over 12 hours first. Quick Navigation SHTF Approaches T Minus 2:00 First things first

Your water supply should be topped off and available in bottles, bathtubs, sinks, buckets. All your refrigerators and freezers should be on maximum cold settings to make sure they have plenty of food for the time being (or until you come back). You’ll want all prescriptions refilled before leaving town – if possible get them picked up within one hour so as not to waste any precious time. Check that BOB again! Make sure it has everything you need; nothing is worse than getting stuck with out a crucial item because someone forgot something at home or didn’t pack enough room wisely- this could mean life or death depending on where we’re headed post event when there are no stores open and people become desperate

The time is now or never. We are at T-minus 1:45 and if you have help who can finish your work, then head out to the stores right now! Your helpers will just be finishing up here before they go on over to SHTF – 0:30 list (See below). But don’t forget about credit cards and debit cards–you may need them for later purchases like gas because there might not be much available in store during an emergency situation. Once that’s done all of your helpers should move onto their next task which is listed under SHTF –0:30 list (seen below)  We’re down to a minute until disaster strikes so we must get moving quickly!”

If you are lucky enough to have any cash on hand, get it from the bank. If not, find a sporting goods store or Sam’s Club where people may be less likely to panic and loot your supplies than at the grocery story. Be sure that toilette paper is among these essentials so you can keep clean as possible during this time of crisis in addition to plates, cups and napkins which will also come in handy if gas stations run out of fuel for their stores before power has been restored everywhere with electricity back up again; sun burn treatments like aloe vera gel might help too since they are usually lightweight items while insect bite creams could mean keeping yourself itch free without mosquitoes buzzing around because there’s no air conditioning running plus

The world as we know it is about to change. If you have money in the bank, make sure that ATM has power and get your cash now for what may be a long time ahead of us. This isn’t going away overnight like hurricanes or earthquakes; this could last years depending on where SHTF hits next (and there’s no telling when) so stock up now while supplies are still available at local stores – don’t wait! Pick up any important items such as aluminum foil from home if needed but also go shopping today because who knows how much longer these will be sold by the retailers? You should buy anything necessary including refills before they’re all gone too… I’m talking guns, ammo, food storage- everything! It

Go inside and restock any OTC (Over the Counter) medicines you might need. Grab insect repellant, burn cream, sunscreen, chap stick type items if not already purchased for SHTF – T Minus 0:30 – Place BOBs near doors in case of fire or an immediate evacuation is needed; prep supplies and weapons as well before looters come knocking on your front door!

SHTF Planning

The SHTF is now close enough that no outside work should be attempted. Let’s set up a security watch in the house and wait. If we lose power, use an emergency radio to keep track of news on events (in case there’re updates). Now that it has arrived time for fire safety precautions: maintain a solid fire watch for at least one hour after all flames are extinguished – this way if anything re-ignites you’ll have adequate notice before everything goes down again! After about 45 minutes most fires won’t reignite so don’t worry too much once your 1hr window closes out

So you’re stranded in a post-apocalyptic world, unable to contact any relatives or friends. What are some ways we can use the tech that’s still around? Firstly, turn on your radio and see if there is anything playing over the airwaves– sometimes they might be broadcasting emergency signals! It may also give us an idea of what’s going on outside our homes. Try texting with other people who have cell phones; perhaps it will work since phone lines were never down (as far as I know). Check all networks for text messages too: try Facebook chat but make sure not to divulge personal information until you confirm whether or not someone knows where everyone else is located. Finally, log onto computers/Internet via Wi-Fi

This is a very typical example of the time when it’s necessary to go out in order for someone to be safe. I’ll never forget what my mother-in-law said after we got her home, “I was so scared.” It could have been much worse if she had not called me at all and stayed put.

SHTF Survival

Survival and preparedness.

You never know what is going to happen, but it’s good if you are prepared for the most likely. Photos by: Lost AlbatrossLars PlougmannSpinnerinSurvivalBros

The worst things always seem like they will last forever and then all of a sudden they stop happening or go away as quickly as they came. You can be mentally and physically exhausted from dealing with something that has come out of nowhere only to find yourself rested once again because there have been no more surprises in sight; which means we were able to successfully deal with them!