Shockwave Torch Review: Is it an Effective Deterrent?

Contents1 The Shockwave Torch™ is the most advanced, convenient and functional torch you’ll ever use.1.1 Order now and get a free gift.1.2 Daydream.1.3 A high-voltage weapon for your safety.1.4 Keeps a tight lip. 2 The perfect …

A lot of people are looking for the best way to defend themselves and their families against looters, invaders, and natural disasters. The Shockwave Torch is a new product that seems to be getting some attention lately as one of those solutions. But does it really work? We’re going to take a look at this all-in-one torch/defensive tool.

The Shockwave Torch™ is the most advanced, convenient and functional torch you’ll ever use.

Plus: I’ll tell you what other preppers think about this product!

Order now and get a free gift.

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1. Have you ever used a shockwave torch as an effective deterrent?

2. Do you believe that people will use shockwave torches as an absolute defense against intruders in the future?

3. What do you find to be the best feature of a lightning streamer?

4. How long does it take to charge up your unit after using it?

5. Is the sound/painful feeling enough to startle someone and cause them not to come back, or would they need to be hit with an electric charge in order for that effect to happen?


The world can be an exciting, unpredictable place with dangers around every corner. However, there are many ways to protect yourself from these perils that don’t involve a gun. For example: pepper spray is legal and has the ability to incapacitate your attacker long enough for you to make an escape or seek help; bear mace protects against mountain lions and other large predators who might want what you have (i.e., food); shelters provide cover in case of cold weather so it isn’t necessary always carry protection like heavy jackets or blankets–you simply need something sturdy such as sticks

It’s become important not only feel protected but also able back up those feelings-regardless if where danger comes from wild animals of humans alike!

A high-voltage weapon for your safety.

With the Shockwave Torch, you’ll never be in trouble with an aggressive passerby again. With its 800 lumens LED bulb and a simple flip-top ignition switch that allows for easy one handed operation this flashlight also doubles as a handheld stun gun! The safety on/off button is located conveniently near the trigger so it can always remain at arm’s reach.

Keeps a tight lip. 

In need of self defense? Hear our opinion about how we feel about this product: ˋThe Shockwave torch has many features which make it perfect to take out while walking alone or even when going camping. This device does not only have just 500 Lumen light power but also comes equipped with 1 million volts from its taser function – giving any would-

The perfect gift for the person that has everything.

When it comes to your personal safety, there are few things more important than a flashlight. With so many dangers lurking in the dark and intent on harming you, having reliable light can be an invaluable asset for preventing those dangers from ever coming near or close enough to do harm. The Shockwave Torch is not only powerful but super bright with 800 Lumens which means that whether you’re looking for something in the pitch black of night or trying to get away from someone who wants nothing good whatsoever for anyone else around them, this torch will help illuminate any path because darkness is no match when one has such power at their fingertips. And thanks to its 4 million volt stun gun feature as well as other features like strobe lights