Shemaghs, A Survival “Must Have” in 2020

Contents0.1 We’re not telling. 0.2 The Original One Size Fits All.1 Find a new perspective, one with humor. 1.1 A Shemagh is the ultimate desert survival tool.1.2 The best place on the internet to find …

We’re not telling.

Don’t be caught without one of these! This handy scarf can literally transform into a life-saving tool. Whether it’s a warm shield for your face from the elements, or an impromptu sling to carry your wounded friend, this is must-have survival gear for 2020.

1. When is the best time for storing shemaghs?

2. What have you found to be the most useful way to wear your shemagh?

3. Have you experienced wearing one outside in extreme temperatures or conditions, e.g., deserts, islands?

4. How many shemaghs do you carry with them at all times when preparing for 2020 (and what colors?)

5. Is there an optimal color of Shemagh to store and use in 2020 based on location?

The Original One Size Fits All.

“I’m glad I took this article to the next level!” writes a reader who has updated our “30 Uses for a Bandanna.” With so many different uses, it’s no wonder that we’ve had such great feedback on this post. This update is chock-full of practical tips like how you can turn your bandana into an emergency whistle and even what kind would be best in various regions around the world! Check out these new additions below:

Find a new perspective, one with humor.

I walked outside to see a streetlight with an unusual amount of dust circling around it. I was sure something must have been going on and soon found out that the power had gone out in our apartment building. When we went without light, my flashlight revealed how dusty things were inside the house- so much for switching over to low energy bulbs!

When I found a shemagh on the Internet, it was like finding gold. The traditional Middle Eastern headdress is used to protect its wearer from blowing dust and keep off heat in hot weather conditions. This piece of fabric became one of my regular pieces of equipment as soon as I learned how to tie it around my head properly – which took some research online but not much time at all! If sand kicks up suddenly, this cloth prevents any dirt or debris getting into your nose; mouth, ears… It’s absolutely essential for an adventure-seeking traveler such as myself looking for that perfect destination with sunny skies and sandy beaches galore!

A Shemagh is the ultimate desert survival tool.

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The best place on the internet to find out what’s happening right now.

When it comes to emergencies, you need a wide variety of emergency supplies in your kit. One that is often overlooked but can be invaluable for certain tasks are bandanas. Of course, they’re not all created equal and there’s one type specifically designed just for survival needs – the shemagh!

I have used it as a makeshift air conditioner dust filter, a sweat rag, and even an emergency face mask. I highly encourage anyone reading this to purchase one and give it a shot!

Protects Your Neck, Keeps You Warm

The idea of being lost in the woods on a cold day is bad enough, but to not have any protection from the elements can be life-threatening. A shemagh or bandana provides extra insulation when you find yourself without adequate shelter during these conditions and could save your life! To learn more about this versatile piece of gear check out “30 Uses for a Bandana” by clicking here  (link). Shemaghs come in many colors so I included my favorite olive drab/black one as well as red/white one that are perfect for use while bugging-out. Make sure you include them both in your bug out bag kit because they serve different purposes; concealment vs visibility respectively.

When travelling to the Middle East, it is important that you take into account cultural connotations and steer clear of traditional colors. You can find them in non-traditional colors like tan/black or blue/black without too much difficulty at a decent price. To make your kit as versatile as possible, we recommend purchasing one multi-use shemagh on Amazon – for an affordable $14! It has many uses such as blocking sun from entering eyes when outside during prayer times or shielding against sandstorms while traveling through high desert regions with just enough cloth fabric around the head and neck area to cover all hair (except forehead).

A fashion statement.

Uses for Shemagh

We have some of the best shemaghs you can find right now. We know how important these headscarves are, so we’ve put in a lot of work into finding just what people want this season and even next summer! Other Recommended Scarfs: Here is our list for other fine products that also get great reviews from customers like yourself who love them as much as we do here at Shemagh World Headquarters.