Schrade SCHF37 Review: Features, Pros, Cons of This Survival Knife

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The Schrade SCHF37 is a survival knife that will be perfect for just about any situation. It has a 3 inch serrated blade and an additional 2-inch plain edged blade. The handle is made out of black rubber so it feels comfortable in your hand, even when wet. If you’re looking for something to keep on your person at all times, the SCHF37 may be what you need!

Streamline your workday with software that runs on any screen.

Schrade knows how important it is to have the right tools with you and they’ve designed this knife with survivalist in mind. Whether you’re surviving life’s daily disasters or preparing yourself for an emergency event, this knife can help get you through anything! The only thing I don’t like about this knife is its price

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I just want to be clear that this is a cons list. Ok, let’s get started.

In the following review, I will go over important factors to consider when purchasing an inexpensive bushcraft knife. While not all knives are created equal, there is one that stands out for its quality and price point: The Schrade SCHF37. This stainless steel blade with a 1095 carbon content comes in at $30 while still providing good performance on jobs like batoning wood or chopping branches off trees due to its sturdy build which makes it look as though you paid much more than what this budget-friendly option costs! If you’re looking for something cheap but also durable without compromising on your needs of durability and cost effectiveness – then these affordable blades might be just right for your next adventure outdoors!

A knife that has been designed to take on any challenge.

The SCHF37 is a heavy-duty full tang knife that will serve your camping/survival needs. It boasts an all-black exterior and slim design, while the blade is made of quality steel with known characteristics like holding its edge well and being easy to sharpen when needed.

The blade of this knife is powder-coated, which protects it from rusting. However the uneven coating on the edge makes cutting less efficient and sharp. This full tang design ensures that no matter how much pressure you apply to chopping wood or splitting firewood, your knife won’t break – even under tremendous force!

The knife you never knew you needed.

There are a lot of things that set this knife apart from the rest. The first thing is its weight: it can feel heavy for those who prefer something lighter, but if you’re looking for durability and control in your blade, then this might be just what you need. Next up is size – at 12½ inches long with an 8-inch blade length (providing 6 inch worth to sharpen), there are few knives which come close to being as big or versatile as Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Knife 7¾” Blade Plain Edge Red Fiber Handles Pouch Sheath 14 ½ oz!

This truly high quality tool has all sorts of features designed not only function well but also make cooking easier while still maintaining their

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I love the knife, but it’s handle could use a little more beef. I find myself constantly on edge with my grip due to how sharp jimping is on this blade – something that doesn’t seem like such a big deal in theory until you actually put your hands near them! I would be much happier if there were less aggressive cuts around the opening of the handle for better comfortability and control. The scales are detachable which provides lots of options for customization, although they’re made from TPE rather than metal so durability might be an issue depending upon what kind of environment you keep these knives exposed too.

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The SCHF37 is an inexpensive, but still high quality knife that comes with a nylon sheath and cordage to make it easy for you. It also has jimping on the blade which makes it difficult to hold without getting blisters from your grip! You can smooth out this roughness using sandpaper if desired, but be careful not damage anything else while doing so as this won’t last long in heavy duty work environments!

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This knife is a budget bushcraft knife with an exterior pocket that has two bonuses: a sharpening stone and Ferro rod