ReadyWise Survival Food: Adventure Meals Review

Contents1 One meal, one pot.1.1 Order from your favorite restaurant, no delivery charge.1.2 The game is on.1.3 We know TV.1.4 The only way to avoid being buried alive is by knowing your expiration date.1.5 Shipping …

One meal, one pot.

Are you a prepper? Do you love going on adventures and getting away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life? Well, then this blog post is for you! We will be reviewing Adventure Meals’ ReadyWise Survival Food. This company has created meals that are perfect for both camping trips or the zombie apocalypse. The best part about these survival food kits is they’re ready to eat when you open them – no cooking necessary! So if your next adventure requires some delicious sustenance, check out our review below!

readywise adventure meals

1. How prepared are you for a disaster?

2. Are you worried about the possibility of natural disasters or apocalypse-level events in your area?

3. You’re never too prepared, so what’s your backup plan if the world goes nuts?

4. Which do you think is better to have on hand: canned food or dehydrated meals?

5. What’s one survival meal that always gets compliments at potlucks where it has been served and asked for again and again from people who didn’t view it as emergency food but just really liked the taste or ease of cooking it up quickly?

Prepared survival food kits are all the rage these days. However, I remember back in my day when they tasted like cardboard and were impossible to chew but that didn’t stop me from trying ReadyWise! Their pre-made meals even impressed an old timer such as myself who is used to surviving on canned beans for weeks at a time.

Order from your favorite restaurant, no delivery charge.

My adventures with ReadyWise started by trying out their freeze-dried food. We all know the benefits of going on a backpacking trip, but what about when you’re stuck at home during winter break and unexpectedly get snowed in?! The thought is terrifying to say the least, so I was excited for this opportunity because it meant that I’d be prepared if anything like that ever happened again 🙂

The game is on.

The food is freeze dried to increase its shelf life and decrease the weight. This allows for easier storage, but it also increases the quality of your meal with a long lifespan! The expiration date on my protein pouches was 2035- that’s 15 years from now!

The life span of a food product often depends on its quality. When you have access to the world’s best ingredients, it is easy to make something that will last for decades without going bad. I’m talking about things like our Adventure Series meals which come in these pouches with an airtight seal and are packed full of protein and nutrients for high-energy adventures! The pouch can be stored at any temperature so if you’re not sure what your next adventure might bring…you’ll always know there won’t be shortage of sustenance waiting when hunger strikes again because we guarantee freshness up until 25 years after manufacturing date.

Summit provides a wide variety of delicious meals that are made to be tasty, nutritious and long-lasting. From hearty breakfasts for those early morning hikes to satisfying lunches and dinners with the perfect blend of carbohydrates, protein from different sources such as beans or meat, vegetables in all shapes and colors provide an assortment healthy vitamins like vitamin A (carrots), C( kiwi) , iron (beetroot). Alongside their high quality ingredients Summit’s soups contain no MSG preservatives giving you only what is good for your body!

We know TV.

I love the packaging of this product. On the front, in bold letters is Four Bean and Vegetable Soup which contains 27g or protein per serving (made in America).

I don’t think I could have found a better lunch for the day! As soon as my eyes caught sight of this pouch, it seemed like fate to me. Underneath that information about what made up a meal in here is the words “vegan meal.” This makes sense since out of everyone on Earth, I am probably one of those who would be furthest away from eating vegan food and trying anything new if possible- but curiosity has taken over with just how good these ingredients seem so far; you can tell everything was thought through when coming up with them considering they are all foods which taste great even without meat being included in there at all. The backside also shows nutrient facts and list an ingredient used while reading

The only way to avoid being buried alive is by knowing your expiration date.

Readywize knows that it’s important to have a good sense of humor, and they also know how hard parents can be on themselves when trying to get their kids ready for school. This is why ReadyWise includes entertaining content in the package so you always feel appreciated!

I know most people carry a pocketknife or small scissors tucked away in their Swiss Army Knife, but I don’t have to use them if they’re not needed. When opening the package for rehydration, there’s this tough seal that reminds me of a ziplock bag. And here are three reasons why it matters: The first is when you need to reseal the food after eating and going off somewhere else; second is so insects stay out while you eat – who wants ants crawling on your snacks? Thirdly, because sometimes things get spilled during transport…

Shipping and Packaging Made Simple. 

The convenience of these foods is what makes them so desirable. They are pre-prepared and ready to go for any outdoor adventure! I often forget the side dishes when cooking, but with this product you have an easy solution at your fingertips – meals that require only two cups of boiling water! All in all, it’s a pretty simple process.

You’re not cooking tonight!

The simplicity behind these convenient food pouches has become one of their best selling points. With just two cups worth (or less) of hot liquid added to each pouch, they’re cooked through and delicious within 10 minutes or even faster depending on how hungry you may be waiting around for dinner time with family/friends by starting with fresh ingredients from home like whole eggs instead if powdered ones found

Taste the best of what’s on the market.

How to make a delicious and simple backpacking meal!

Step 1: Open the pouch. Step 2: Remove any oxygen absorbers inside, if applicable. Step 3a) If you want your food hot when it’s ready for consumption put two cups of water in with this package before sealing to increase flavor or cook more quickly (The heat will bring out all those yummy flavors). You can also skip that step by putting boiling water right into the bag once its opened after removing any air as this is what prevents foods from freezing at higher altitudes where temperatures are lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit like they do on Earth–allowing us to eat ice cream year round!–or simply adding cold liquid afterward instead of warm/boiling

Your home away from home. 

The vegan soup I tried was surprisingly tasty. There were a lot of different, but good smells mixing together that made me hesitant to try it in the first place since I’m such a meat eater. But once this had some spice and seasoning mixed with all those vegetables, it started reminding me more of chili than vegetable soup! It’s not too spicy either– just enough to make my taste buds happy without feeling like they’re on fire or anything crazy like that.

The Early Dawn Breakfast Skillet is the best breakfast skillet I ever tasted.

You know you want it. 

Wow, this meal was delicious and affordable! The early dawn breakfeast skillet has eggs, sausage links with cheese inside them as well as potatoes mixed in to give it more filling power which makes me feel fuller for longer periods of time because there’s a lot going on in one dish not just like toast or cereal that doesn’t taste very good but isn’t quite enough either so you have loads left over at the end of your day when all those other dishes might leave some hungry feeling

Imagine you are on a day hike and it is getting later in the afternoon. Now, imagine that your stomach starts to growl with hunger pangs while you’re lost somewhere deep within an unfamiliar forest. You have no map or compass but one thing will save the day! In this situation, having some of these fantastic meal-in-a-pouch would be more than enough for at least 2 days worth of food (depending how many calories they pack). Plus, their taste makes them even better–and don’t worry about bringing along any other gear because all items come inside a baggy just waiting to go home safely after use! All jokes aside though there are plenty benefits as well like being easy to store anywhere from car tr

The perfect judge of the modern world.

When it comes to being prepared, there are few things more important than emergency food. So here is a rundown of some great options for survival foods: freeze-dried pouches, MREs, dehydrated items like soup mix and rice noodles or even fruit leathers which can be eaten dry; as well as emergency bars or tabs that either come in their own packaging with instructions on how much water you need to add depending on what they’re used for – from breakfast cereal bar meal replacement packs (60 calories) up through energy boosting chocolate protein snacks (160 calories).

I have tasted a variety of different types of survival foods over the years including those packaged in individual servings so I never run out when my next adventure starts without me

Adventure, ready-to-eat, convenience.

If you’re looking for some adventure, I recommend trying out these Adventure Meals by ReadyWise. You can find them affordable and they have a shelf life of 15 years! They come in variety of flavors to suit your taste buds such as beef stew or chicken chili with rice. And if that’s not enough reason why, it tastes so good we even made an amazing video about how great the food is! So check us out at and get ordering today on Amazon while supplies last!

If you need something more than just survival skills when hiking into nowhere land then look no further because our awesome company has got


The inside of the pouch is lined with mylar and tin foil, which will help reflect your signal for rescue!