Private Property: Control and Patrol

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I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the zombies are coming. I know what you’re thinking – “I wish people would stop talking about this.” Well, apparently someone forgot to tell the zombies that because they’re still on their way! What should we do? We need a plan of action for when it all goes down. Lucky for us, there’s an app for that. It’s called Private Property: Control and Patrol and it will show us how to keep our property safe from those pesky zombies (and other invaders). The app is free so download it now before the zombie invasion hits your area!

1. What are your thoughts on the government’s ability to invade personal privacy?

2. What about when there is an emergency? Is it important for homeowners to have their own means for defense and protection?

3. Have you or someone you know ever had their home invaded by local law enforcement, fire, rescue, or any other kind of emergency response agency in a situation that didn’t seem urgent at the time?

4. When do you think property owners should declare war on crime and disorder in their communities – before they happen or after they’ve happened to them first-hand?

Private lands left uncontrolled and not patrolled will soon fall victim to trespassers, poachers, thieves, and no goods. Every year landowners find evidence of vandalism when they arrive at their recreational camps or retreats only to realize that someone has been there before them breaking in stealing things destroying property. If you want your land free from prying eyes then a fence around it is the best way but for some people this isn’t an option because they can’t afford one or don’t have enough space on their property where one could be put up. There are other options like No Trespassing signs placed strategically throughout the private holdings as well as monitoring with cameras which would send out alerts if anything suspicious was happening giving people time to react accordingly so nothing else

I drove my ATV up over the hill, and as soon as I took a good look across this long harvested soybean field something felt off. One man was sitting on top of that hunting stand at the far end who didn’t belong there; he had his binoculars in hand looking through them every now and then so it wasn’t just for show. The guy hustled down from ladder when he noticed me watching him, turning back to take another glimpse before heading into those woods behind the stand where no one would be able to find him again with all these trees around us everywhere you looked.”

I was sitting in my truck, taking a moment to admire the sunset on our lease. I found myself getting lost in thought when suddenly this great horned owl swooped out of nowhere and snatched up some prey from just below me! It startled me so bad that as soon as he took off with his prize, I hopped back into my vehicle.

The trespasser – who must have been watching us for awhile since they were waiting until we weren’t looking at them- quickly retreated behind the woods line before disappearing altogether. They could come back tomorrow night or even next week if their goal is to break through one last time onto private property without permission but hopefully now that it’s reported all land will be under increased surveillance by hunters and law enforcement alike

The list of all your favorite places, sorted by how much you love them. 

Security is imperative for any business or home. There are many things you can do to ensure that your property will be safe and secure, such as controlling the land yourself with frequent patrols. A security assessment allows a person insight into where their strengths lie in terms of protection and which areas need work. If there are gaps, this may allow others access without permission!

You might not be responsible for the security of your property, but you may have the power to protect it. One way is by paying a law enforcement officer from within your county’s sheriff department if they are someone that can be trusted and ask them about their recommendations on how to secure yourself better in an emergency situation. You’ll want peace of mind knowing there aren’t any entrances where people could enter onto your property without permission or notice!

If you don’t know your neighbors on all sides, get out there and meet them. They may make excellent friends or be the source of intrusions. It might also just be that they are trespassing to access other areas with easier access such as power lines or gas pipes right-of-ways which is still considered your land because it’s not owned by the utilities company; trespassers we caught once claimed this was their reasoning for coming onto our property when asked why they were in here without permission after being found next to a utility line on one of its many rights-ofway across my neighbor’s yard! Another way easy access can happen is over railroad tracks – people often do not understand these rules and choose ignore them altogether even

You deserve a reliable home security system.

The Louisiana hunters have been sneaking onto our land to hunt, and they’ve found some creative ways of doing it. One example is that they’ll ride their trucks down the side of the tracks until there’s an open area near a power line right-of-way where we leave space for maintenance vehicles like ATVs or cars with trailers attached. They’ll stop at this point in order to be able to shoot out quickly through windows without being spotted by anyone from town who might happen upon them while hunting on foot if someone came off the road into one of these spots unexpectedly. Other points include areas which are weak due to barbed wire fences, but just as importantly city folk will come hike up here all year long knowing about these crossings because

The best way to secure your camp house, trailer or equipment shed is by making it a fortress. You can start with locking the gates and putting up visible “No Trespassing” signs all around the property. Afterwards you should concentrate on securing out buildings through simple measures like windows that lock from inside as well as outside, installing motion sensors in areas where there are no doorways to provide greater protection for valuable items at night time when people stay indoors waiting until dawn before going back outdoors again; adding locks (some of which have alarm systems) so if someone tries breaking into one building they will not be able to move onto another without triggering an alarm fanfare throughout different parts of camp grounds–thus alerting anyone who might still be awake about their

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We learned from our mistakes. We left everything behind, and we haven’t had a problem since then.

The night light on the power pole was a beacon that drew people in. We were tired of visitors and decided to make it more difficult for them by hiding their access points. Now, you can’t even tell they are there from the highway because all we have is darkness outside – nothing but trees and farmland as far as your eyes can see. The only way into our camp is through an electric fence with one entry point at any given time; which is always locked when nobody’s around so intruders never get past security!

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We test your infrastructure. 

Hunting season is usually a time for peace and tranquility but there are always those people who want to disrupt. Recently, we had doctors drive in trying get access to the river so they could fish while hunting their own prey nearby. We told them our land was off limits because of how many hunters roam around during this time period; it’s hard enough not getting shot by one!

It’s amazing that if you leave your gate open somebody is going to come into your property just on the chance that there may be some sort of road leading outside here (though I imagine all properties have sizable roads these days). It seems like every year someone new comes looking for something – whether they’re escaping from somewhere else or simply coming out with an

If you can’t beat them, join them.

I don’t like the idea of leaving camp houses unlocked. It’s better to leave no lights on, but if you need them for safety reasons turn it off when you are done and lock your vehicle before departing from the site even for a short time.

I was camping in the wilderness of Colorado, when I heard some rustling outside near my tent. It could have been a bear- or it might be someone more dangerous! The only thing that stopped me from panicking and running for cover are the 9mm pistol loaded with hollow points on my nightstand next to me as I sleep. Here’s what you can do if your retreat is ever threatened:

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Designing in the context of user needs. 

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1) Keep at least one firearm close by (in this case nearby). 2) Have an escape route planned out just incase they’re not alone 3) Stay mobile 4) Avoid confrontation 5 ) Hide 6 ) Don’t make any noise 7] Remain calm