Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow Review for 2020

Contents0.1 Have a backup in your bag.0.2 Always wear a condom.0.3 You’re not just buying a hot dog, you’re investing in the future of America.1 A bow that does not leave you wanting more.1.1 The …

Have a backup in your bag.

The ultimate survival bow for 2020, the Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow is a must-have for any prepper. This lightweight bow can be taken with you anywhere and can withstand all weather conditions. It’s also perfect when hunting small game, especially if you’re in need of food! The adjustable draw weight ensures that this bow will be great for beginners as well as experienced hunters.

1. After trying the Primal Gear Unlimited Survival Bow for a few weeks, what did you think of it?

2. Is there anything that we didn’t cover in the review that you would like to know more about?

3. What do people need to know before considering getting themselves one of these bows as well?

4. Did anything change your mind after trying this survival bow out for yourselves? Was it worth every penny spent on acquiring one or not?

Survival Bow

5. Would you recommend investing in this product if you’re looking for a good survival bow, or is there another model that’s better suited for your needs at this time-point in time (2020)?

I always wanted to go bow hunting, but never had the opportunity until I became an archer. One of my first frustrations was finding out how expensive it is to get started in this new sport! The money and time that needs invested into a quality crossbow can be overwhelming for someone who hasn’t made the leap before

I never thought I would get into archery, but after my friend who has been shooting for years talked to me about Primal Gear Unlimited and their folding bow. He said it was the best option in terms of price-point as well as quality that he had seen out there. The good news is that they actually have a sale going on now! This makes this an even better deal than before because you’re getting more bang for your buck with free shipping too – if ordering by 10/06 2020 though be sure to order soon so you can take advantage of these savings while they last!

Always wear a condom.

A few weeks ago when looking at bows made specifically from companies like Bear Archery or Diamond Edge Tools , I realized something–I didn’t feel comfortable

You’re not just buying a hot dog, you’re investing in the future of America.

I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my friends about the bow I found at Primal Gear Unlimited. This company made it so easy for me, with their three different bows that come in a wide range of draw weights–I could even order one online! I ended up picking out the 55lb because after talking extensively with my friend who has an archery shop nearby as well as reading over all of the specs on their website (, they seemed like what would work best for people looking to shoot from long distances away without having someone else do most of the hard work getting them into place before shooting since they’re set up where you can take your shots while remaining stationary The next day when it arrived, we spent

The folding bow is 23” x 1.5” x 1.5″ when folded and 59″ long when extended, which makes it the perfect size for backpacking or travel use! With an average arrow speed of 181 feet per second, you’ll have no problem hunting from a distance with this compact tool in tow! The black Compact Bow comes equipped with Endless Loop Dacron string as well as an owner’s manual to make your experience that much more enjoyable–and keep it easy on yourself while out exploring nature (or even while at home!).

I had never strung a bow before, so I was skeptical of the ease at which this one could be set up. With only two little twists to lock it securely in place and no tools necessary for support on my first try – Stringing this bow made me feel like an old pro!

Converting this bow from right to left handed is as simple as using a Phillips screwdriver. In addition, the lack of sights might be off-putting for some folks; however, it’s worth keeping in mind that these bows were never meant to have them anyway and are more about having traditional experiences with one.

I was surprised how powerful the take down arrows were considering their small size. The arrow comes in three pieces so it’s easy to store and carry with you, but I found they shoot farther than expected at only 10 yards! Once I got used to shooting a bow again after years without doing any archery practice, I moved back 20 yards for better accuracy because that seemed like more of an appropriate distance compared to barely being able to see my target from 5 feet away when practicing indoors.

After some struggle with shooting inconsistency, I finally learned how to adjust the pressure on my trigger finger and release. At first it seemed like a waste of time since every shot was either over or under but then something clicked! Suddenly all those shots were landing in an area that could be measured from end-to-end using only your thumb and index fingers. Finally, when I moved back thirty yards for the next round of practice rounds (that’s not too far!), everything got much harder again because targets are further away now – so close range training really paid off big time for me this day at shooting practice!

I was feeling the effects of shooting a bow for thirty rounds without arm protection. My fingers were beginning to swell from repetitively drawing back the string and releasing it, but I needed more practice before I could call myself an archer. For now my goal would just be not to embarrass myself in front of others with how bad I am at this new hobby!

Never underestimate the power of a small bow. Its lightweight size and versatility make it perfect for many different situations such as close-quarters combat, stealth missions or even on your bicycle! It is also great because you can use arrows made from any material – carbon fiberglass wood etc…

It’s easy to transport with its light weight design that easily fits in most bug out bags . Not only is this rig very versatile but allows for increased availability by shooting anything like an arrow constructed from solid materials like carbon fiberglass or wood

I have had this bow for a while now and I am glad to report that my opinion has not changed. The best feature, in my opinion is the price; it’s easy on your pocketbook but tough enough to take any punishment you put it through.

A bow that does not leave you wanting more.

Survival Bow

Primal Gear Unlimited has announced that they are ceasing production and shipping of all products indefinitely. The company first revealed this news in a blog post on their website dated October 6th, 2020. They have also updated their Instagram account to reflect the change as well as posted about it on Facebook with accompanying photos from One Eleven Photo who took pictures at Primal’s warehouse showing what appears to be empty shelves ready for shipment but lacking any product there yet.

Survival Bow

The best.

The text messages below show an exchange between Tinderwolf and someone named “Dylan Nelson” (likely not his real name) where Dylan says he is out buying cashmere before realizing that no new shipments will come after today due to Primal closing down operations permanently because of international trade sanctions against