PDW – Do You Really Need One? 2020 Debate

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Keep your self-defense tactics secret.

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Survivalist preppers have long debated the need for a PDW in their bug-out bag. Some say that if you want to be able to defend yourself, you should carry one at all times. Others argue that they are too heavy and bulky for carrying around on foot. What’s your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

1. What was your turning point that made you decide to prepare for the worst?

2. Are you preparing for things like natural disasters, terrorist attacks, economic collapse, or pandemics?

3. How have you prepared for these various scenarios?

4. What do you think about President Trump’s recent announcement on an Executive Order for National Defense Resources Preparedness (ODEP)?

5. If this Executive Order will ensure civil liberties and constitutional rights while preparing our nation, is it worth legislation and $50 billion of federal investments to make sure that we are ready in the future for anything at all possible?

Find the funny in every post.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to protect your home, family and friends? The PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) is the perfect tool for this. It offers a whole new level of protection in which most people have never seen before!

The Personal Defense Weapons or also known as “PDWs” are one more creation by gun industry that will not only give us “gun nuts” something else we need but it can help defend our homes and families from those who would harm them with its armor piercing rounds.

Cons are the unconventional conference—an event that breaks all the rules.

The compact, automatic PDW evolved into a weapon that falls between the pistol and carbine. However with modern weapons like short barrel rifles (SBR), this market has been fading as well- battlefields are now everywhere on military bases rather than just tight areas in combat zones. The need for light weight machine guns was replaced by rapid fire weaponry; however there is still some use for an easy to carry but heavy enough gun at times when situations get close quarters or if you have limited mobility due to injury.

One of the most versatile firearms to date is a personal defense weapon. Whether it’s for survival, law enforcement, or military purposes; this type of firearm can get you out alive while being easily concealed under your jacket and has an extremely high capacity magazine. Though not ideal as hunting weapons due to their small caliber guns these types are still capable if needed in some circumstances such as close-range shots with minimal recoil or using its size advantage when on the move against more than one shooter at once!

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The PDW, or the Personal Defense Weapon is a perfect weapon for driving in a post-apocalyptic world. It may not be as good as your rifle when it comes to accuracy from afar but you can fire rounds quickly and accurately while seated behind the wheel of your car which means that if you’ve ever tried firing one before then there’s no need to worry about being pitted against someone else with an actual rifle because they will have them too!

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PDW’s are the perfect weapon of choice for travelers and bug out vehicle owners alike. They’re compact, lightweight, powerful weapons that carry up to 50 rounds in a magazine (FN P90), making them ideal convoy vehicles with drivers who want concealment capabilities or low profile situations like when someone picks a fight; you have sustainable firepower on your side!

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While the PDW is a great weapon for urban combat, if you’re looking to keep your ammo supply intact in an apocalyptic scenario it’s probably not your best bet. These rounds are made specifically to take place where there isn’t much space and quickly taking out other targets with minimal effort; they aren’t ideal when getting far away from distances or hunting game-unless that animal looks like another human being! If this gun were going through The Walking Dead world without any outside interference, I would say “yes.” It has enough stopping power but only within 100 yards which means anything past that range might be difficult.

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The short answer is “no”, the long answer is “yes.

The EOTWAWKI is coming.

If you are a smaller frame person, have limited gun experience or suffer from any physical disabilities that make it difficult to use an assault rifle like the AR-15 then one of the most popular options for these situations might be what is called the PDW. This weapon has features such as low recoil and high capacity magazines making them well suited if you need self defense against predators with either lethal rounds (like .380) or less than lethal rounds (.40mm). Not only do they offer maximum protection but they also come in many different colors so don’t worry about being too conspicuous!


If someone suffers from major injury impacting their upper body strength, does not want to deal with difficulty using heavy rifles like those used by military personnel when defending themselves at

The best way to see the pros and cons of PDW is with a friendly chat.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the PDW is one of your best friends. It’s small enough to fit in any car and portable for long distance travel without taking up much space. The high capacity magazines ensure that you have plenty of rounds at hand with little risk when fighting through hordes or defending yourself from multiple foes as they approach head on down the road ahead. This gun also has low recoil which makes it easy to use while riding a motorcycle careening around corners over rough terrain where control can be difficult and other weapons might not fare so well under those conditions

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The drawbacks are universal across most firearms though – concealability may be an issue depending on how tight fitting clothing you wear; some people find this weapon too light weight making aiming difficult

Proprietary ammunition is typically expensive and may be under powered. It can also become difficult to find spare parts for your weapon, which would make it hard to use in the event of a malfunction or if you run out of ammo entirely. However, these guns are usually great close quarters combat weapons as they offer better control than typical handguns due their size and lightweight design

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I have always been intrigued by firearms that fire proprietary rounds because I feel like there’s something more exciting about them when compared with normal cartridges available on the market today–and not just anything goes either! The manufacturers who manufacture this type of firearm must create special components specifically made for one gun only so it has its own unique set-up including barrel length; action style (blowback