Pairing Tracking Skills with Survival: How To Ensure Success If Stranded

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You’re stranded and lost in the woods, it’s dark and you can’t keep your eyes open any longer. You’re hungry, thirsty, cold, and so tired that you don’t think you can go on much longer. In this situation one of the most important things to have is a way to track where you are going. Tracking skills will help make sure that if anything goes wrong during your journey, at least you know how far away from safety (or other necessities) that they are. For example: leaves dropped by an animal indicate a possible water source nearby; footprints or scat left behind by animals indicates what type of animal was near there recently; broken branches may signal the presence of dangerous wildlife near-by. With these

1. What do you think is the worst bug for a prepper to get stranded with?

2. Is there anything you carry in your backpack or hold on yourself every day that would help keep you alive in case of an emergency?

3. From personal experience, what are some items that could be used as tools for survival when first stranded?

4. How do you usually dress and prepare yourself before going into the wilderness by ground?

Tracking is the art and science of finding, reading, and following animals or people by their tracks. Ancient but still relevant today because it has been passed down through centuries from discoveries to explorations to technological development without losing its roots in rules

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