Why Do Crows Attack Owls? (Chasing

Crows are everywhere. They’re in the trees, on the power lines and all over your garbage. We often see them as pests because they’re scavengers that like to steal our leftovers or poop where we walk. But some crows have a more sinister way of getting their food… by attacking owls! Why do crows attack … Read more

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What does a pheasant sound like? You might not know. Pheasants are known for their gorgeous feathers, but they’re also well-known for the noise that they make when they’re frightened. This blog post will explain what those noises are and why the pheasant is making them in this video with an example of territorial behavior … Read more

How To Survive In The Wild Without Anything

The only question is, do you have your bug-out bag ready? You probably won’t need it in the city. But if a disaster strikes and you’re forced to flee your home in search of safety, the wilderness will be anything but hospitable. You’ll have to become a hunter-gatherer overnight – hunting for food and water … Read more