Ontario TAK1 Review for 2020: Is This a Good Survival Knife?

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There are a lot of survival knives on the market, but this one is getting rave reviews for 2020. The Ontario TAK1 Survival Knife has many features that make it stand out from other options in its class. It’s made with quality materials and will last you for years to come. If you’re looking for a good survival knife, then this might be your best bet!

Just a few examples of how to be your best self.

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1. Do you know what Ontario knives are?

2. What kind of blade is the best for survival situations?

3. Do people have personal preferences when it comes to blades? If so, why?

4. How do you think this knife ranks against other competitive products in terms of quality and functionality?

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What’s the best knife for survival? This is a question that I’m asked often. In this article, we’re going to look at what makes the Ontario TAK1 an awesome choice as a tool in your kit and not just another piece of gear you’ll forget about once it comes out of its box. We’ve all been there before: buying something expensive with high hopes only to have them dashed because they don’t work like advertised or end up being too bulky when on-the-go use was really needed most. The TAK 1 has put many hours into my hands during testing and so far I haven’t found any deal breakers across several different environments–I even threw some weighty tasks into mix such as splitting logs

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The Ontario TAK1 is a small fixed blade designed for cutting and slicing. The design, the shape, and the feel were all things I liked about this knife at first glance. After using it over time though there are some drawbacks to keep in mind before investing your money into one of these knives; which will be discussed below:

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• Length 10 inches long with an overall weight of 0.7 lbs • Blade thickness on average around .188″ thick (thicker towards spine) making it great for chopping or shaving off pieces from meat carcass but not so much when trying to cut something like wood or rope due its larger size relative to other blades · Full flat taper grind that provides excellent balance between sharpness

ontario tak1 review

The blade of this knife is perfect for everyday tasks. The size makes it easy to handle small jobs like peeling an apple, but also allows you to cut through large chunks of meat and vegetables with ease. I found the straight back safer than a curved one when scraping off scraps from cutting boards or carving thin slices in larger pieces that can’t be done by hand; plus there’s just enough belly on the blade so that slicing things isn’t too difficult either!

My favorite part of the knife is how it let’s me control when I need more precision or am working on smaller areas. The blade comes to a very comfortable and safe place for my index finger in between where the edge meets the scales, which makes this an ideal tool for detail work. One other thing that surprised me was just how heavy duty this little pocketknife can be! It has enough weight behind it so you don’t have to worry about batoning wood through small branches as if they were butter; though we definitely recommend doing that with caution because there are always some risks involved even with tools like these from Gerber Gear!

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Ontario Tak1 sheath review

Once I had the edge on my knife to where it needed to be with a few minutes of work, and found that this blade was easy enough for me. Though not as sharp as some other knives ive used in the past, 1095 steel is still perfectly capable of getting anything done quickly when you need too- thankfully its rust resistant too! The handle seems like an almost perfect fit against your hand due to how comfortable it feels while holding onto it; there’s plenty or room near the bottom so everything fits just right without any awkwardness at all.

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I can say confidently that this has been one of my favorite blades from what Ive seen out there because even if something does happen over time- which we know will eventually thanks to

After much use and abuse, the scales on this knife seem to be quite durable. The butt of the handle extends slightly past them with a hole drilled through it for cordage so you can make your own lanyard in case things get dicey. Micarta is used as an inexpensive material that’s both light weight and extremely strong – making those micarta scales perfect for rough conditions like camping or backpacking .

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The tan colored scales are also engraved with a checkered like texture which has enhanced my grip even during wet conditions. The Sheath. I need to add a quick note about the sheath; after looking at a few pages, including Ontario’s website, it looks like they have been updated from the one that is on mine right now- but don’t worry, this isn’t something you should be concerned if your knife comes in an older packaging because there will still be newer parts of their site available for browsing and viewing new pictures and other features! But before we go off into everything else concerning what makes this particular knife so great (and trust me when I say it really does deserve those accolades!), let me reiterate just how important

The Ontario TAK1 is a well-made sheath that protects your knife. The nylon material can be compressed by fingers but it’s still sturdy enough to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

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Ontario Tak1 blade review

The Gator Jr. is a US-made, mid range knife that’s good for detail tasks and chopping wood thanks to its heavy blade. The finger grip handle makes it easy in hand with an pre-drilled hole for lanyards making the blade more versatile too! One thing you’ll need to keep in mind when using this knife though? Remembering to oil the blade after use or else your blades will rust quickly!

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Now I know the difference between a survival knife and an EDC. The Ontario TAK1 is versatile with an excellent grip, making it ideal for various situations. It doesn’t have to be just in case of disaster; this blade would also suit someone on their daily commute or even camping enthusiasts who need something that can adapt as they do without getting too dirty!