Murphy’s Laws of TEOTWAWKI

If you are a person who is well prepared for the inevitable TEOTWAWKI, then this blog post will not be of much use to you. However, if you have never heard of Murphy’s Laws and …

If you are a person who is well prepared for the inevitable TEOTWAWKI, then this blog post will not be of much use to you. However, if you have never heard of Murphy’s Laws and want to learn about them in preparation for when they inevitably come true, then keep reading. These laws were created by an engineer named Edward A. Murphy Jr., during his time as a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base in the 1950s. They apply specifically to engineering and science so that engineers can anticipate possible failures or design around them before they happen. It is said that these principles could also apply even more so now than ever before since we are living in such uncertain times with looming threats from different angles like terrorism and global

1. Have you ever had to use these laws?

2. What does it feel like to experience TEOTWAWKI?

3. What’s the most bizarre Murphy’s Law that has happened to you?

4. Has living the last 20 years preparing for TEOTWAWKI changed anything about your life now? Or made any big changes in your life in terms of what you think is important, or given up on for example?

5. Where do you think most preppers make mistakes when beginning their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle?

We decided to take a lighter look at TEOTWAWKI with a Survival Cache original, Murphy’s Laws of TEOTWAWKI. If you know Murphy then you know that if it can happen….it will! Quick Navigation:


2. People without back up shelters might be without shelter (especially in winter). 3. People with guns and no food are finding out that people with food have guns too- so don’t show any signs of weakness or they’ll shoot first before thinking twice about the consequences; 4. Look hungry, they might leave you alone because those who eat better than others won’t want anyone else stealing their stuff from them; 5a) Food still isn’t enough? Make sure your bugout bag is

Murphy’s Laws of TEOTWAWKI

Seed banks are the new source of wealth. 6. Insects, it’s what’s for dinner! 7. Gun shots attract unwanted attention and may not be a good idea to show your location either 8 Ask everyone if they have food or water – Jedi mind tricks might work on desperate people 9 Wood burning stoves can act like pots of gold 10 The less people you know, the better off you are 11 Mormons suddenly find themselves with lots more friends 12 Friendly hungry people aren’t 13 People who thought they could make it by just having a survival knife realize that soon 14 Satellite dishes go from being used as family dining tables back in civilization 15

1. If invited to a dinner party and you can’t figure out what’s on the menu, it’s time for some creative cooking! 2. Houses full of food attract the unwanted envy of hungry people 3. Friends who show up without food are not good friends 4. Electricity from gas or kerosene lights is your best bet in case you need light quickly 5. Dog Food – remember that as an emergency source 6-9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25


The author takes a look at the consequences of poor water and food to society in this passage. She talks about how people who thought that they were going to be saved by Government found out it didn’t help them, hospitals are no longer places for healing but rather death traps from diseases like MRSA or Ebola; EMPs now know what it means when their electronics stop working altogether because all power has been lost, Sandy dry soil is not such a cool place anymore with corn prices skyrocketing as planting becomes difficult without irrigation- then there’s gold coins which don’t taste very good either – imagine if toilet paper was just another commodity! Ham radio operators might become nerds again thanks to solar flares wreaking havoc on communications systems around

Murphy’s Laws of TEOTWAWKI

You should have a fire starter in your kit. Why not something like this magnesium bar?

Trying to start a fire with two sticks is difficult, but it’s even worse when you’re out of matches! Murphy’s Laws states that if we are smart enough and well prepared for one thing then there will be another obstacle waiting just around the corner. There’s no telling what could happen so always be ready for anything by stocking up on some extra items such as these mini-magnesium bars from Ready America .