Murphy’s Laws of TEOTWAWKI

Murphy’s Laws of TEOTWAWKI The world as we know it ended last month when the zombie apocalypse happened. Now, all that’s left for us to do is sit back and wait for the inevitable TEOTWAWKI. …


Murphy’s Laws of TEOTWAWKI

The world as we know it ended last month when the zombie apocalypse happened. Now, all that’s left for us to do is sit back and wait for the inevitable TEOTWAWKI. But what if you’re a prepper? Then you’ll need to be prepared with Murphy’s Laws of TEOTWAWKI! These laws are sure to come in handy when zombies or other disasters strike!

1. What are your thoughts about Murphy’s Laws of TEOTWAWKI?

2. What can long-term preppers do to help themselves be as prepared as possible in a time when they need it most?

3. If you ever had to leave, what kind of car would you take with you, and why?

4. When disaster strikes without warning, how do you plan on coping with the sudden change in your lifestyle?

5. How will earthquakes or terrorist attacks within a close distance effect the way that people prepare for major disasters like TEOTWAWKI?

Murphy’s Laws of TEOTWAWKI

TEOTWAWKI is not always easy to anticipate. However, if you know Murphy then you should be prepared for anything that can go wrong and will probably happen in the most inconvenient time possible! The following are some laws every prepper needs to keep in mind: 1) Food may run out before water does; 2) People without back up shelters might lose their primary shelter due to damage or destruction during a disaster; 3) Strangers with guns come knocking when times get tough so make sure your door has locks on it and have protection close at hand just incase someone isn’t looking friendly who shows up after SHTF4); Always look hungry as people with food are more

The world has changed. We are the new savages. The old way of society is long gone and now we must live with what remains – each other, our instincts, and whatever can be found in nature to survive on a day-to-day basis. No one knows for certain how this happened or even why it occurred but there was no stopping it once everything went dark….until they did stop us all at least momentarily when they began shooting down anything that moved up above them into their skyless existence below ground level where human life could still exist without being trapped inside confined spaces with strangers who were becoming less than friendly by the minute as everyone competed over resources like food water guns ammunition wood heaters satellite dishes fuel etc., which seemed

If invited to a dinner party and you can’t figure out what’s on the menu, it might be time for research. 16. Houses full of food attract the unwanted envy of hungry people who may show up at your door with nothing but their stomach in mind; 17. while friends without any kind offer are not worth keeping as company by default-that is unless they have some extra ingredients that could save an evening from disaster! 18. Electricity has gone extinct like so many other old relics now relegated to museums or living rooms where we play board games – if there was ever anything wrong with this world then surely electricity would take top priority 19a) Dog Food? Who knew?! 20b) Cash – I think investing

Montezuma’s Revenge, Bad water and EMP. 1) People who thought the Government would save them found out that it didn’t 2). Hospitals no longer a place of healing 3). Sandy dry soil not such a cool place to live anymore 4)(If food is new currency then fresh water hot commodity 5)Gold coins don’t taste very good 6 ). Ham radio operators are now nerds 7 ) Burning green wood = smoke 8) Smoke= attention 9)- Attention bad

1.) Montezuma’s revenge: The old enemy has come back with vengeance in this age-old disease which causes diarrhea, nausea and vomiting due to infection or ingestion of something harmful (e.g., bacteria or virus), often by drinking contaminated beverages

We all know that Murphy’s Law is the one saying “anything that can go wrong will”. Well, in this post-apocalyptic world we find ourselves living in now with TEOTWAWKI (The End of The World As We Know It), there are plenty more laws to be had.

Surviving the Apocalypse has never been easier.


One example is when you’re trying to start a fire using two sticks and no matches? I’m afraid it looks like your only option might be foraging through what little vegetation surrounds you or waiting until morning before building up either some kindling on larger branches, which should not take as long as starting from scratch since they’ll have dried out by then. They say necessity breeds invention though – so if someone has any other tips about how they