Mora Light My Fire vs Companion: Which Knife Is Better?

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A really, really sharp blade.

You’re stranded in the wilderness and you have your Mora Light My Fire knife. You also have a Companion knife. Which one are you going to choose?

The ultimate con

Your Mora is strong, but it has limited utility with its single-edged blade and lack of a sheath. Your Companion’s double-edged blade offers more versatility (like stabbing). The Companion also has a much better sheath with superior retention qualities for cutting down small trees or branches to make shelter or build a fire. It can even saw through wood when there’s no other way to get dry logs! If we were stuck choosing between these two knives, our vote goes for the Companion every time!

1. Why are knives so important when you’re preppers?

2. Which do you prefer, Mora or Companion as a general knife for the survivalist?

3. Why does steel matter in knife blades for preppers?

4. Would you rather have a durable blade or be lighter to carry while hiking and camping?

For this head to head comparison, I will be comparing two knives: the Mora Light My Fire and Companion. Both are great knifes that have been with me for years now; I’ve used them in many different scenarios. For instance, it can go from cutting boxes or rope on a job site one day all the way up to fishing rod handles out of trees another day! The best part is they’re both pretty lightweight so you never know when your going to need one but how handy is it knowing you always have what ever tool possible?

The best source for your jokes.

Mora’s new partnership with Swedish company Light My Fire has resulted in the release of two knives, both designed for outdoor use. The Morakniv Companion is a general-purpose knife that can be used to process wood around camp or complete an out door project; it also comes equipped with a fire steel and sheath. If you’re looking for something more specialized then try their newly released version: the Mora Light my Fire Knife which includes all of those features as well as being optimized specifically for processing tinder, kindling, feather sticks when using natural materials like dry grasses and branches on firesites (hence its name).

The light weight convenience will ensure that this handy tool is always close at hand – whether camping across

A dress that you can wear every day.

The Light My Fire knife is perfect for hiking and camping trips. It’s easy to carry, light weight, affordable, and offers a stainless steel blade that won’t rust over time like one might have in carbon steels knives. The Companion also has high quality blades made from 12C27 stainless steel (although you can choose to upgrade the material) but it is heavier as well as longer than the other model which means its better suited towards tasks such as hunting or self-defense while still being an excellent option for general purposes when compared with other models on this list of top 10 best fixed blade survival knives available online today!

Mora Light My Fire

Light My Fire Review
Product description: Mora Light My Fire vs Companion

The Morakniv Companion and the Light My Fire both have a plastic sheath, but they differ in that one has drainage hole while the other does not. The color of each corresponds to what type it is: black for Black Edition Knife; red for Red/Black Editions knife.

Morakniv is a company that has been around for over 100 years and they are of course known for their knives. I am not surprised when my Mora Light My Fire Companion arrived with an extremely sharp blade because it seems like this is the case every time I buy one from them but what really caught me off guard was how easy it was to sharpen, even as someone who had never done so before! The Scandi grind on this model creates a thinner edge which makes cutting into anything much easier than if you were using another type of design despite its lack in length; which also means more precision cuts too- something any woodworker will be excited about considering finer details can make all the difference.

The Companion Review

It just feels right.

This knife is a top tier product, with quality materials and construction. The Swedish fire steel burns brightly for long periods of time, providing ample sparks to start fires in wet conditions or when other methods are not accessible.

The main difference between this model of the Buck Knife company’s knives is that it comes equipped with an integrated “Swedish made” fire-steel on the butt end which measures 2 3/8 inches long and twist locks into place inside its handle–making carrying easy! It throws off large amounts of hot embers but I would say one downside could be how uncomfortable they make holding onto it feel; however having such high grade material makes up for any inconvenience incurred from use over time so you can’t go wrong either way

The Handle. All day long.

The Swedish Fire Steel is one of the more expensive fire-making tools out there, but it’s also made by a company in Sweden that has been producing high quality products for over 100 years. This makes them experts when it comes to making durable and well balanced equipment like this fire steel! Its 3,000 degrees Celsius spark can be used up about 3000 times before you need to replace or refill any fuel sources such as flint stones; its slim design allows for easy storage and quick accessibility during an emergency situation. One thing I noticed with my own personal use was the handle on this wasn’t quite comfortable enough–I have larger hands so wearing gloves helped alleviate some discomfort once they were slipped onto my hands—but overall I am very

We’re not just a consignment store.

The Companion knife is a versatile and comfortable tool for any task. This impressive blade has both heavy-duty cutting capabilities as well as finer detailed work with the Scandi grind that you see on most Morakniv knives. The high friction grip makes it easy to handle in wet conditions, ensuring your hand won’t slip even when working at full speed!


The Mora Companion Bushcraft knife is an inexpensive blade with a hard plastic sheath. This sturdy, comfortable-to-hold knife has two options for the blade: high carbon steel or stainless steel. The included belt loop and drainage hole make this tool easy to carry while deep diving into your favorite bush crafting projects like my colleague Michael Major in his article “The Best Knife For All Your Bush Crafting Needs” ranked it as one of best knives available on Amazon!

The Mora Companion is the perfect companion to your camping trip.

You have a lot of different knives that you can choose from. However, if I were to recommend one it would be the Mora Light My Fire Companion knife. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for an inexpensive yet durable blade with some extra features like serration and thumb studs on both sides of the handle (great when doing fine detail work). The stainless steel version does not throw sparks well but is great as a utility knife since its carbon based construction makes it lightweight and strong enough to cut through anything without breaking or bending easily under pressure; plus there are no metal handles so they won’t get too hot in your hands while chopping up food or using firesteel which gives this model two thumbs up!

MoraKniv Light My Fire vs.MoraKniv Companion

There are many people who own both of these knives. I have used them interchangeably for the same tasks and they’ve performed nearly identically in terms of weight, size, quality, etc., with one exception: price. The only thing you need to consider when making your purchase is whether or not money matters at all!

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I can’t speak for everyone, but when I buy a new knife there are two things that make me more excited than anything else: the first is to open it up and see what my next blade will be like while holding it in either hand. The second thing is deciding which fire starter system will come with this type of survival tool–or if you want your own choice instead!

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If you’re unsure about some difference options available or just don’t have time to do research on them all before purchasing your new fixed-blade survival knife, fret not because here’s what I would recommend as an excellent option regardless of budget requirements; enter one Companion Survival Knife from Morakniv. This fantastic piece comes equipped with everything necessary for life in