Mora Companion Review for 2020 – Budget Bushcrafter or Good Survival Knife?

Mora Companion Review for 2020 – Budget Bushcrafter or Good Survival Knife? What are your needs in a survival knife? I am a prepper and have been using bushcraft knives for many years. You might be asking yourself what does that mean exactly? Well, it means I use my knife to get food, help build shelter, start fires and anything else you can think of where you need a sharp blade. So when Mora contacted me about reviewing their newest model the Companion 2020 with some of their other models like the Mora 106 Carbon Steel Blade – Best Hunting Knife on Amazon (10-1/2″), I was excited to give them a try!

You’ll never know you’re not carrying a real knife.

Now this post is not going to tell you which one is

1. What’s your thoughts on the Mora Companion?

2. What do you think of the Mora Companion as a bushcraft, survival knife or both?

3. Does anyone use their Mora Companions for hunting purposes – is it efficient enough to be used in that field?

You never need to be apart from your Companion. You can now take them with you everywhere, even in the shower!

The Mora Companion is a perennial favorite of bushcraft enthusiasts because it has the perfect balance in size and affordability. Unlike other knives, which are often too heavy or have blades that can break easily under pressure, my mora companion will always do what I need when out in the wilderness.

Your Home Away from Home

I’ve had a Mora in my arsenal for years. The carbon steel blade is great, it holds an edge well and cuts through wood like butta! There are also safety features I really love about this knife – the handle has a hole to wrap your fingers around so you can safely hold the blade when cutting away from yourself or others. This helps me out quite often as there have been plenty of times where I needed to cut something while wearing gloves on cold days that would make gripping stuff with bare hands difficult otherwise.

Verdict is the only decision you’ll need.

I use my Companion mainly for bushcrafting trips because its small size makes tasks such as setting traps easier than they might be if using another larger survival knife like one made by Cold Steel or Gerber.

Being able to take on a variety of tasks, the Mora Companion is one knife that can’t be beat. The two different knives I own are both excellent blade options for anyone who needs an adaptable and high quality tool in their day-to-day adventures or survival kits. Although they have some slight variations between them, each serve as perfect companions when you need it most!

Do you need a sidekick?

The Mora Companion Blade is a Scandinavian-style knife with an 8.5″ blade, 4 inch length overall and 1/8 thick carbon steel or 3/32 thickness stainless steel. The blades are Swedish Steel Equivalent to UHB20C 58-60 HRC Carbon Steel

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