Mora Camp Axe Review: Worth it in 2020?

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Do you want to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Or maybe just have a backup plan in case of an emergency? Mora Camp Axe is a great tool that will help with both! This axe has an ergonomic handle, which means it’s easy to hold and won’t wear your hands out. It also comes with a sheath so you can protect yourself from sharp edges (or if you’re not careful) while carrying it around. The blade is made of high-quality Swedish steel and the head is forged from steel, meaning this axe isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

1. What are your thoughts on the Mora Camp Axe?

2. Is the Mora Camp Axe worth it in 2020?

3. Are you a prepper or survivalist and what is your opinion on the Mora Camp Axe?

4. Do you store up supplies for disasters or take precautions against them? If so, is there anything that you can do to protect yourself from threats in 2020 and beyond that will become possible due to advances in science and technology (think deadly pandemics)?

Morakniv’s Mora Camp Axe is a versatile and affordable survival tool that can be used for chopping, sawing, hammering – the list goes on. With its compact size it could even be carried as your everyday carry axe!

The Morakniv camp axe from Sweden company has an interesting history dating back to 1891 when they were founded by two brothers in Västervik (near Stockholm). This small but mighty blade packs tons of utility with features like being able to chop wood or make kindling, using th flat side of the head.”

The Morakniv company began its journey in 1891, with knives being little more than a product diversification to their lineup of timber sleds. That’s almost a century-long head start on Fallkniven, another well known Swedish blade maker. After 125 years of changing names and products, the formal company was born on January 1st 2016. No longer making any other items besides blades or hatchets; it’s all about small bites now for this family business who has made Sweden famous around the world as they continue to make some great quality outdoor gear that is still affordable!

The Mora Camp Axe is a precision tool that can be used for all sorts of cutting jobs. It has the thin blade and easy-to-hold handle found in their famous knife, but also features an axe head with impactful steel which makes it ideal for chopping as well as slicing through wood to make furniture or boards. The 12 1/2″ long hatchet feels right at home when we use its quarter inch flat steel ax head on small tasks like splitting firewood into manageable pieces, making quick work of kindling piles while still being sturdy enough to do some serious demolition projects around your house!

The Ultimate in Light Weight Protection

The Mora camp axe combines two different functions: chopping and slicing – giving you more than one option depending on what job needs completing

The Mora Camp Axe is a perfect addition to any backpacker’s kit. When you need an axe for small tasks such as chopping fruits, breaking down boxes and more – the lightweight design makes it easy to carry but does less damage than heavier alternatives. The reinforced plastic handle has been tested time after time with no signs of wear or tear!

The remedy? Varying your blade’s pitch during strikes will give you that much-needed edge in combat against featherweight fighters like Tomohiro Ishii; who happen to be another variable here since this hatchet weighs just 1 ounce over one pound (which means its not too heavy). So there are tradeoffs: smaller camp chores can easily be taken care of by using the

Better than a Swiss Army Knife.

When I first started using the Mora Camp Axe, it seemed like a simple plastic handle of low quality. But as soon as my hand gripped onto its smooth surface, I could feel how durable and strong this axe is! The notches on the top are there to help you keep your grip while chopping through tough materials.

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When taking on a large project in the woods, it’s always good to have an axe. The Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe is perfect for chopping down trees and carrying logs through camp or even your living room! This hatchet has many features such as: 1045 high carbon steel blade with black epoxy paint coating that will keep rust from building up over time, two handle choices (Hickory or Ash), leather sheath so you can carry this tool without worrying about scratching anything important around you.

The boron steel used in this product makes it great against heat tempering and means no more warping like other axes out there who use inferior metals!

Mora seems to have done this boron steel well since it remained quite sharp even after repeated chopping events. The poll or back end of the axe head is a quarter-inch by two and a half inch rectangle; hardly enough to do much work. This is worth consideration when considering that Mora Camp Axe costs about twice as much for those who are on average looking at $25 Fiskers X7 hatchet which has more power than their competitor’s product, but less control due in part because they don’t offer an antislip grip handle like its competitors and also in part because of how lightening fast one can make contact with target using these axes. I recently took my family out into nature where we encountered some trees blocking our

The Final Chop is a New York City-based company that offers a one-of-a-kind experience: come to our kitchen, and we’ll turn your food into delicious, nutrient dense meals.

When I compare the Mora Camp Axe to a full-sized forest axe, it became clear that this isn’t something you want for big jobs. However, when used in smaller tasks such as trimming small trees or splitting firewood down into manageable pieces, the blade of its 21″ handle is more than enough and can be handled with relative ease despite only weighing just over one pound. It’s also been handy while fly fishing because it folds up neatly so there’s no risk of poking myself on accident!

When I came across a dead tree in the middle of my favorite fishing hole, it was clear that its time had come. The dark green leaves on the top were blocking out all sunlight and inhibiting plant growth underneath. So with one swing from my Mora Camp Axe, this “widowmaker” became another victim to Mother Nature’s whims.

The Mora Camp Axe is a unique tool for outdoor survival, the proverbial “little axe” that can fit in your pack alongside other emergency supplies. It’s razor-sharp blade will cut through even tough wood with ease so long as you’re patient enough to take measured strokes and let gravity do its job of pulling each chop down into the fibers. The Final Chop video documents not only my first use of this amazing knife but also what I’ve learned about how it could be best used when out on an expedition or foraging around your property:


The best things in life are small.

The Mora Camp Axe is a smaller, lighter axe that can be used for light chopping as well as other household and camp chores. It’s much easier to use with small hands since it doesn’t require the same strength or large grip needed by larger axes. This makes them great around camp where there are usually many more kids helping out!