Medicine Pill Bottle Survival Kit: How To and Why

Contents1 The Best Medicine is Prevention.1.1 We have the perfect size for your wallet.2 Tired of your kit being buried? Get the only food, water, and shelter you need in a single pill bottle.3 Perfect …

Some of us are more prepared than others. We have a stockpile of food and supplies for the worst case scenario, but what about medicines? In this blog post we will show you how to put together a medicine pill bottle survival kit that will be stocked with all the necessary first aid items for minor emergencies. Our hope is that if disaster strikes, you’ll not only survive, but thrive!

The Best Medicine is Prevention.

What’s inside: • Ibuprofen (pain relief) • Aspirin (pain relief) • Antihistamine (prevents/treats allergies) • Acetaminophen (Tylenol; pain relief) • Caffeine pills or crystals (energy boost) • Multi-vitamin tablets or

1. What are some tips you have to ensure that your “survival kit” is actually a viable option?

2. How can you pack the contents of your medicine pill bottle survival kit in such a way that they don’t tamper with each other?

3. If resources were to run out and we had no other choice but to survive on our own, would it be worth investing money into building this type of survival kit, or should people save on something more important and will get more use later on down the line?

4. Is there anything else in particular people should keep in mind when making these kits even though they’re smaller than usual (it’s only one object)?

What if you could turn an old pill bottle into a survival kit? You would have the perfect container for all your necessary goods because it is durable, small and cheap. Not to mention that most people already have them in their homes! Here are six reasons why I recommend repurposing these containers:

We have the perfect size for your wallet.

-Cheap -Durable -Small

Pill bottles are lightweight, compact, and offer a durable hard container for protecting the items inside. Water-Resistant. These containers come in various shapes and colors to help you stay organized with your kit’s contents which is an added benefit when using multiple pill bottles depending on what type of lid they have (some may be waterproof).

Tired of your kit being buried? Get the only food, water, and shelter you need in a single pill bottle.

The contents of the container are highly visible from the outside, but still discreet. You can also customize your own kit by choosing a bottle that fits just what you need to carry with you for survival.

Perfect for kids with a variety of shapes, colors and patterns. 

You should probably label your first aid kit. This will help you find it if you misplace it, but also in case someone else finds and needs to use the contents of this bag (specifically for emergency purposes). The container itself is up to personal preference; there’s plenty of options out on the market that would work well as a home-made first aid box! I’m going go ahead and break down two different types based off what they’re typically used for: A Miscellaneous Kit or an Emergency Medical Bag. An Emergency Medical Bag is more specific with its uses while a Miscellaneous Kit has something all around pretty handy stuff like iodine wipes, antibiotic ointment, bandages etcetera. If anything were happening at my house –

The only fire kit you need.

The best type of kit is a dedicated one. It will be more robust and serve the purpose it has been designed for very well. Sometimes, though, you may need to have items in your gear that can help with multiple different situations (i.e., first aid supplies)….So which kind of kit should I go ahead and make? Yes! You could create both types by packing some miscellaneous kits as backup or additional resources when needed..

I constructed a small pill bottle kit to have on hand in case of emergency. It’s about 2 inches tall, and 3 ¾” wide with these useful items included: fatwood (a lighter wood), cotton ball, lighter wrapped up tightly in many feet of duct tape for emergencies as well as tinfoil squares measuring roughly two foot long each; fishing line at 30 ft., hooks totaling 25 pieces which is enough for the common game fish species found around my area; swiss army knife including needle threading 8ft worth so I can sew clothes or other garments if needed. With this first aid equipment you’ll be prepared should anything happen!

We’re not cheap, we’re just less expensive.

Fire kits are essential for survival and I have always been a fan of building my own. From creating an emergency kit to just having one in the car, it is important that you pack things that will be most useful when needed. What items should go into your fire kit? Let me show three examples of mine with what type of tinder or ignition sources they include: The Fire Kit – In this kit, space allows for more than other types so I am able to add lighters and matches as well as some dryer lint from the clothes hamper! With these few pieces alone there has never been any time where we couldn’t get our campfire going again if need be. Tools Bag – This bag can hold anything heavy like

The best of the outdoors.

A lighter and a ferrocerium rod

Stormproof matches (can be used as firestarter)

1) Save time 2) Stay calm 3) Not a hoarder 4) Soothe the soul 5) Be organized 6) Have an emergency kit

Cotton ball or dryer lint to start the tinder catching on fire

Charcloth for long lasting, durable fuel source. It is also waterproof! Start by lighting it with a match then place in an area that you want your flame to go, such as under some sticks of wood. The char cloth takes up less space than regular kindling so this can only help towards packing light when travelling too…or just camping out at home 🙂 A few pieces should last hours if not days depending on wind conditions around you- keep those fires going! Fatwood which has been soaked during preparation will provide many minutes

The best way to hide your valuables.

Survival kits are designed to give you the supplies needed for survival in emergency circumstances. They come with a variety of items, depending on your needs and how much space they have. In order to design an effective fishing kit that will last at least 3 days if lost out in open water, there is some basic equipment required:

A container- preferably waterproof or floatable A length of line – about 30 feet Fishing weights x5 Bags full of hooks (x25), swivels (3) lures/baits (<1oz.), floats(2), small weight balls (.6 oz.) Fishing jigs x4 Stringer lines Swiss Army Knife Float

Durable for life’s toughest moments.

I put a variety of supplies into this pill bottle that I use for my work as an EMT. The items are sterile gauze, full-sized bandaids, knuckleband aids and small band aid strips. Along with these first response necessities is alcohol prep pads which come in handy when cleaning wounds or applying antiseptic before stitching them up; sting relief preps to soothe the pain from bites and stings; triple antibiotic creams for treating strep throat infections like those you can get on your skin at home such as impetigo (a bacterial infection) or cellulitis (which is caused by bacteria entering through broken skin). Another essential item I include in every kit are burn cream — some people may not think about it

The kit includes water purifying tablets, anti-inflammatory medicine and pain medication. But it’s important to know that this is not a one stop shop for disaster preparedness. These kits are best used as backups or in conjunction with other larger survival packs you may have at home

Organization is our game.

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It is not uncommon for today’s society to be over-prepared. We carry emergency supplies in our cars and purses at all times just in case of an accident or disaster, but it doesn’t stop there! Many people are also carrying a survival kit on their person as well. The small size make them easy to take with you anywhere so that you can stay prepared wherever life takes you. These kits allow the individual to always have some form of backup plan because no one knows what will happen tomorrow! You never know when your car could break down somewhere remote or if something else unforeseen might occur where help isn’t readily available; these little kits ensure we’re armed against whatever may come our way by providing us simple tools like matches, water pur