Magpul PMAG D-60 Drum Magazine Review for 2020

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What is your favorite type of ammunition? If you are like me, then you choose 5.56 NATO rounds to shoot out of your AR-15 rifle. But what if I told you that there was a better way to store and carry all those rounds? What would happen if I said that you could have an entire 60 round drum magazine in the space of one 30 round PMAG D-60 Drum Magazine? Well, my friends, it’s time for Magpul PMAG D-60 Drum Magazine Review!

Magpul has been around since 1997 and they have made their name on designing weapons accessories such as magazines and stocks. They also make some tactical gear but we’re not here to talk about that today. We’re here

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3. Could these magazines be helpful in an end-of-the-world scenario?

4. Do you think they would withstand gunfire from multiple shooters?

5. Is there anything that has caused concern for with the durability or efficiency of these magazines when they are being shot at a rapid pace for hours on end (e.g., trying to fight off hoarders)?

Magpul’s latest innovation is a 60-round drum magazine. The D-60 quickly became one of the most popular products at SHOT Show, and it has proven to be worth the wait since its release in late 2015/early 2016 because Magpul finally delivered on what was promised: an unbeatable combination of firepower and capacity for AR15 enthusiasts.

Anyone who has ever wished they had more rounds for their weapon will understand the true usefulness of a high capacity drum magazine, and Magpul’s PMAG D-60 is no different. As one cannot simply double or triple in size 30 round magazines to create 60 round drums without risking an unusual appearance that would be unwieldy under any circumstances not involving combat. This can make it difficult at first to see why someone might need this magazine when there are so many affordable options available on the market today–but after reading through some points we think you’ll come around!

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If you’re going to have a bug out bag, make sure it’s as stocked and ready for the worst of survival conditions. Magpul provides these kits that are full of supplies like first aid, food, water purification tablets etc., so get one today!

The benefits of a 60 round magazine is that it gives you double the firepower and has practicality.

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The D-60 drum is a convenient alternative to the traditional ammunition carried in pouches and clips. This load carrier, which holds 60 rounds of ammo for your rifle, eliminates any need for bulk carrying equipment or reloading since all you’ll need are drums that can be stored long term without concern about expiration dates. But before you take this system as an answer to every shooting problem look at some challenges it presents: its cost per round runs around $1 versus sixty cents when using magazines, so there’s quite a price difference; also the process requires two hands because one hand must hold onto the magazine while another indexes off with each turn of what feels like clockwork coming from within – not exactly ideal during combat situations where both hands should

In the end, it all boils down to two choices: low cost and weight or high capacity with a heavier load.

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Do you want less rounds on your side but lighter in weight? Or would you rather have more rounds at this price point but be weighed down by its heaviness? It’s up to everyone individually which they choose for themselves.

The D-60 is four times thicker than a standard PMAG although it is shorter. The design of the magazine itself can be best described as simple but with an extremely complex manufacturing process that requires expert training and skill to assemble such high quality parts for this type of application. With Magpul on board, reliability becomes less important because they have never failed before in designing truly reliable magazines; instead, their focus has been placed on perfecting every detail from how smoothly each round feeds into place without misfeeds or jams all while taking up half the space of any other 60-round AR15 drum magazine currently available today making them more convenient overall.

Best M4 AR15 Ammo Drum

Building a survival kit is not an easy task. It takes forward thinking and planning, especially when it comes to the weight of your items vs how many rounds they can hold. For example: 60 round drum magazines are heavy but very efficient for use in combat situations where you have plenty of time on target or there’s no need to be quiet since everyone knows what’s going on anyway; while 30 round PMAGS seem like better choices if stealthy movement across difficult terrain with limited visibility is required because their size allows them fit into more spaces than just about anything else you could put together as well as being lighter overall which would allow easier transport over long distances without compromising battle readiness by having less ammunition available at any given moment should things start getting

The D-60 is a long magazine that can hold 60 rounds, which means twice as many shots without adjusting position. But it’s also heavy and expensive at over $300. So while the price tag may not be worth it for some people, I found myself thinking about how much of an asset this would be in emergencies when you need to pack light or carry more ammo than your standard 30 round magazines allow for.

Best AR15 Drum
Best AR15 Drum

For years, my bedroom nightstand safe held a Glock 17 with laser/light and extra 33 round mag. So why wouldn’t I want 60 rounds? In what universe would 30 17 not be enough when you can have 80 or 100 shots in the chamber on some of these guns now? High Speed Low Drag is where it’s at right now!

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The West was conquered by six in the cylinder, 15 in the tube. With Henry Repeater .44-40 caliber rifle or Winchester Model 1894 30-30 with a capacity of 6 to 8 rounds per magazine, it is no wonder that AR owners need high caps for their rifles as well. Attempts at capturing this higher demand have included 100 round Beta double drum magazines and Surefire’s own box mag 60 round feeder and 50 rd drums from X Products Company along with Magpul’s 40rd PMAG style

The reliability of some high-cap mags is not a promising feature, but the Magpul PMAG stands out as an exception. However, it’s also very heavy and way too long to be practical for AR rifles or handguns with short barrels like pistols. The weight difference between your rifle without the magazine might even seem insignificant in comparison when you’re carrying more than 50 rounds on board!

The Magpul PMAG D-60 is an exceptionally fine piece of hardware. Regardless of how you use it or what you use it for, the D-60 will perform flawlessly. And that fact alone cannot be said about any other AR15 mag over 40 rounds. Period! Loading the drum magazine can take a little time but there’s no need to worry; loading lever on the side makes light work out of spring tension and allows easy access into this reliable firearm accessory which has been proven in combat scenarios around Iraq and Afghanistan with world class military units such as Delta Force, Seal Team 6, The British SAS Special Forces Commandos among others who have all lauded its performance after rigorous testing trials under battlefield conditions where bullets are flying every day –

It’s not difficult to load a clip into the STANAG-45 battle rifle, even with one hand. The first few rounds are always awkward but luckily you have plenty of time before it becomes too uncomfortable. You release and reengage the lever for each set of three rounds until you get past about two dozen then reloading turns from quick work to tedious labor as more little brass spheres must be pushed home individually or in twos at best when using stripper clips on your weapon (because anything less is just gross).

I recommend wearing a work glove on your mag-side hand because the thumb becomes irritated when you’re shoving it into place. It will snap easily in an AR with the bolt closed even if you have 60 rounds circling its mainspring. All is well for storing long term and Magpul has assured us that this won’t be damaged by wear and tear from loading/unloading ammo which I’m testing right now so stay tuned! The small porthole at 12 o’clock show’s how many shots are left, up to sixty of course

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In the span of just a few seconds, it’s possible to count each bullet in your magazine and know how much ammo you have left. That is until those rounds start running low on that window display…

Reports of successful 300 Blackout usage do exist, but so does the possibility that when loaded and fired with .30 caliber cartridges, it will lead to a D-60 failure or even violent breakage. Magpul has advised loading each cartridge individually instead as using the lever can cause some issues like jammed ammunition. They advise not to use this tactic in order for others not have problems down the line!

The D-60 works on any firearm that uses the NATO 5.56 round and has a standard magazine, such as an AR15 or M4 rifle. Keep in mind that if you have one of those bullpup guns like the Tavor, there is going to be some adjustment made when switching between shooting with your hand griped around it versus resting low against your chest for reloading purposes.

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D60 Review

The D-60 was feeding smoothly, but I needed to keep it maintained with included lubricant wipe. It turns out that the fine print on the box says that every 1000 rounds or so you need to lube up some of these spiral feed tracks. That’s just under 17 full mags worth of ammo! When disassembled for cleaning and maintenance, this drum is safe because there’s no spring tension in place when unloaded–all parts are exposed without any danger from being tossed around during a vigorous clean session (since they’re all metal). The MAGPUL magazine cover protects both sides while holding onto your favorite bullet blaster festively tight like an evergreen Christmas tree standee caught by early morning frosting as Santa’s helpers scramble into

The Magpul drum cover is a dust-proof, lightweight accessory that fits snugly around the exterior of your rifle’s 30 round magazine to protect it from dirt and debris. It offers no stress relief for the feed lips like on other drums but feels almost weightless due to its small size. The cap features an attachment point at one end so you can attach it easily with any type of storage or deployment solution desired!

The Magpul PMAG 30 AR/M4 GEN M2 MOE will provide the users with a top-quality and functional magazine that is sure to last through years of abuse. They are highly durable because they have been constructed from lightweight, impact resistant polymer material that can withstand any rugged environment. The dot matrix panels on the back side allow for mag identification using a paint pen or gold Sharpie which ensures you never lose your ammo supply when in need of reloading during battle. These tiny recessed surfaces retain ink providing an all-important asset management notation when needing to ID any particular mag from your pile of others–or even just one single bullet at a time! One real world test I failed to employ was total immersion in water but

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I don’t have the heart to try it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Magpul’s D-60 magazine blew up on impact or cracked open.

Magpul has a history of making durable and reliable polymer magazines. So, when the D-60 was released with double capacity I had to get my hands on one. The PMAG is affordable so now we have durability at an even lower price point than before!

Magpul M4 Drum

Magazine life is about more than just how many rounds you can hold in each magazine; it’s also about reliability and performance over time – which brings me back to Magpul’s new product: the PMAGD-60 Drum Magazine for AR15 rifles that boasts two hundred round capacity while still maintaining all of its other desirable features (durability, reliability).

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If you are guilty, this is the place to go.

The price of gas may not be a concern during the apocalypse, but high-capacity drums sure are. When you’re outrunning hordes of zombies and military vehicles in your tricked-out Katrina Rifle, what do you think is going to happen when one mag goes dry? You’ll have to worry about reloading before it’s too late – if there’s enough ammo left on top of that! The only way around this problem is buying really expensive magazines or paying for an even more pricey upgrade like Magpul D60 40rd drum magazine which will cost less than $100 bucks now thanks to discount retailers such as Sportsmans Warehouse

But I won’t complain because being able to shoot my rifle continuously without having time wasted by stopping