Magpul MBUS Pro Iron Sights Review for 2020: Survival Gear Hands-On:

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“We’re in the middle of 2019, and there are some preppers out there who are just now considering their options for 2020. If you’re one of these people, then this post is for you! I’ve been testing out Magpul’s MBUS Pro Iron Sights to help with my decision on what sights to get.”

“The first thing I noticed was how lightweight they were. They don’t add a lot of bulk or weight to your gun, which is really nice if you plan on carrying it all day long.”

“I like that it comes with a built-in picatinny rail so that I can mount lights onto my rifle without having to worry about adding an extra attachment.” “This sight

1. What is your experience with sights?

2. Have you made a purchase like these before?

3. Have you had any level of success with them and what was the nature of it ?

4. Why did you want to purchase this sight in particular, out of all the other brands?

5. Does this sight work well during the day or just at night time when visibility would be low/seriously reduced?

Back in the 1500s, muskets were rifled and sharpshooters demanded more. This led to further developments of iron sights for military purposes. In recent decades, a company called Magpul decided that there was already enough innovation when it came to optics with scopes on rifles so they introduced plastic as an alternative or backup option for iron sights which have been around since before then all together!

The Magpul MBUS is a polymer back up sight that was released in 2009 and has been improved ever since. It’s importance lies not only because it aids the shooter with accurate, long-range shooting but also its durability when faced against harsh conditions or temperatures higher than metal sights can handle.

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Magpul was determined to find a solution for their metal-free stock, but they weren’t going to settle until it met the standards of every Magpul product. The final result? A polymer composite that will withstand extreme heat and cold while resisting any type of corrosion or deterioration in its lifetime as well as being lightweight enough so you won’t even notice it once installed on your rifle.

Your Dog’s Best Friend

back up iron sights ar15 rail

Magpul has been around since 1999 when they identified there were some problems with traditional military rifles like plastic pieces falling out during use because these guns are not made from one solid piece (anyone who’s played Call Of Duty knows what I’m talking about). That same issue is still relevant today: just take a look at all those

The MBUS Pro sight was designed to be more robust and durable than its predecessor, the MBUS. The polymer material is less likely to bend or break with extended use, which also means it can withstand higher temperatures for a longer period of time without distorting your line of site while shooting. It’s larger size gives you plenty space for aftermarket accessories on top rails that are already crowded by other gear like lasers and flashlights because rail space was another concern Magpul had during development – if there wasn’t enough room left over from all this extra equipment we added onto our rifles then what would happen? To fix that problem they made sure the design allowed users even greater access to Picatinny Rails so now everyone has some place else go!

The MBUS Pro is a small upgrade to the original, but still offers significant improvements. The metal design means that it weighs slightly more than its polymer counterpart; whereas they are about equivalent in weight for their respective front and rear sights. It also has two different sighting systems – same-plane dual aperture system (for close range shots) and peep sight with A2 height base (which co-witnesses well). This makes it great for ARs as many red dot or holographic scopes have an integrated mount on top of this model’s rail system!

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your open sights fail, or have to use them as backups instead of the primary aiming system, then it is easy to see why Aperture or peep sights are vastly superior. Painting your front sight post on the target is much easier when peeping through a small hole than lining up 10 pillars and trying to find which one would be more accurate if used only for backup purposes. Add stress from losing our primary targeting system and now having an increased chance that we will miss because we must play “which sighting pillar doesn’t look like all these other ones?”

AR15 Backup Iron Sights for Survival

It’s all about the value.

If this has happened so frequently with many shooters; there should not exist any hesitation about switching over completely from open-

I love this new design because it’s similar to an old, but much more interesting and simple. I don’t miss the MBUS spring or its loud snap either!

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What could happen if you hold onto a rifle with the rear MBUS Pro sights loose enough to allow recoil? The recoil can move your sight towards its stowed position. Luckily, it only happened when I tried hard and never in normal use–so there’s no need to worry about that happening on accident! One of my favorite features is how much easier adjusting for windage or elevation becomes because these are so traditional at targeting.

The Pro’s rear sight has a knob on the right side that screws the aperture left and right with 12 positive clicks per rotation. Compared to the MBUS, its windage knob is much smaller but thicker, meaning it’s easier to turn no matter what your hands are feeling like or how many beers you had last night before bed. The front sight of both guns uses an antiquated post height adjustment tool for which there will never be anything better than “special”.

The Magpul Pro front sight features a knurled knob to adjust the post up or down, making it harder for you to accidentally bump and change your sights. This feature is great because life can be very active sometimes!

You are going to have a hard time adjusting your sights on any larger than .22 pistol if you struggle with the slide. However, Magpul’s Pro Sight fixes that problem by not needing gloves or pliers for adjustment. Rather than sliding onto rails like other polymer MBUS sights, the rail clamp can be attached before placing this sight on the top of your gun; making it much easier and more convenient as well!

With the Pro, you have a 3rd of an inch more peripheral vision. The MBUS Pros are much simpler to use and install because there is no need for screws or buttons like on some sights that require tools in order to adjust your sight settings. In addition, they’re lighter which equals faster target acquisition speeds while shooting from different positions such as standing up close

or farther away with one hand raised above your head. These two factors make these BUISs so popular it’s hard not finding them at most sporting goods stores nowadays!

The MBUS Pro sights are a great investment for your secondary shooting devices. They’re expensive, but they’ll really come in handy when you need to use them as back up iron sight devices. While the MSRP may seem high at first glance, if you compare it to other popular options that require two hands or offer less accuracy and durability than these do – then its actually quite competitively priced!

With a wide range of BUIS’s on the market, it can be hard to choose just one. The Troy Battle Sights are top-of-the line and come in many different colors/options while the MBUS Pro is another high quality option with features like light weight aluminum construction combined with an ergonomic design so they’re comfortable for long periods of use.

Magpul created a buzz for their MBUS Pro sights before the product had even hit stores. Starting in December of 2013, Magpul issued press releases announcing that they were releasing new sight designs and these products would be available soon. Many gun owners started to discuss what this meant for them since there is always something better out on the market vying with your current gear as an option –  it’s all about choices! This time it was different though because we weren’t just waiting months or years until our favorite company released their newest version; no, instead we got excited right away while anticipating how much more awesome things could get from here.

Many gun-owners are very selective when it comes to purchasing firearms accessories so I found myself

Home on the Range, a home-style meal without the hassle.

Magpul MBUS Pro sights have been counterfeited by overseas sellers. To stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters, Magpul launched a lawsuit against those who sell their wares and whoever is making them without permission from Magpul to do so (Read Lawsuit). The launch was not problem free though as there were some early units that sat on rails slightly off-center favoring right more than they should. I had this experience with mine too since I am an early adopter for these sights but it has all worked out well now thanks in part to customer service helping me get what my rifle needed which wasn’t available at first due to manufacturing problems or something like that?

Magpul, a company with stellar customer service, was quick to replace the sight as soon as I contacted them. However they did have one point of concern for me when my deployment lever kept catching on the edge of my rail and stopping it from deploying into active space. Some early bloggers and forum users also questioned whether this metal construct actually qualified in being “forge-welded or CNC machined,” but instead seemed to be injection molded by MIM plating methods which made many people question its structural integrity due to inherent design flaws like microscopic porosity that can cause weakness at these points where material is thinnest–or more likely already compromised because enough time has passed since production making any additional problems cumulative rather than singular issues occurring only

Magpul’s MIM sights are not new, nor is it something rare in Magpul’s product line. Regardless of the advantage of these for small and complex parts manufactured at high volume, some worried about their strength. Personally I have no concerns in this area because I’ve experienced both polymer and aluminum BUIS before – but without question these feel stronger than either material did to me when used with my guns. Further more should an issue arise if the world ends a few weeks from now (which seems unlikely) then you can rest assured that Magpuls American company will stand behind them just as they do all their equipment

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The best sights on the planet.

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AR-15 Backup Iron Sights

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