Lost Book of Herbal Remedies Review: Worth it for Survival Preparedness?

I’ve been prepping for the apocalypse and I’m here to tell you that my one true love is herbal remedies. I am a big believer in their healing power and if it’s not too late, …

I’ve been prepping for the apocalypse and I’m here to tell you that my one true love is herbal remedies. I am a big believer in their healing power and if it’s not too late, then this review will be your savior. Read on to find out what the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies has to offer!

1. Does it make sense to have the Lost Book of Herbal Remedies in your emergency preparedness supplies?

2. In what situations do you think this book would be most helpful?

3. What herbs do you think are a must-have if an apocalyptic event occurs?

4. If a huge disaster happened and you had to choose which herbs you wanted to bring with, which ones are must-haves for surviving off the land?

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Today’s fast-paced world often leaves us forgetting that everything we need to survive is found in nature – including medicine. It just so happens the knowledge of which plants heal what ailments has been buried under the weight of modern medicine entirely, and it can be hard for those who aren’t as naturalistic or are new to understanding how these remedies work on a molecular level. But regardless if you’re tired with side effects from drugs, have taken pills with little effect over years now, pay big pharma anymore; learning about plant-based medicines provides an excellent solution!

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is a must have for any household. It will teach you how to grow and harvest medicinal plants, which can help maintain blood pressure levels, keep your diabetes in check, prevent inflammation from sore muscles or other injuries (also helps with cell regeneration!), control bleeding during menstruation periods and also reverse arthritis symptoms! The reviews are overwhelmingly positive on Amazon so do not hesitate picking up this book today; it’s easy-to-read format makes the information contained therein even more accessible.

Dr. Nicole Apelian, who was only 29 years old when she first discovered that she had multiple sclerosis, did not let the diagnosis stop her from living a full and happy life for as long as possible. When Dr. Apelian shared how it’s in our nature to neglect taking care of ourselves until we lose what is most important–our health- there were many people like me who realized they should get on top of their own well being before everything else falls apart too soon! In just a few months after beginning treatment with medication prescribed by specialists at Stanford Medical Center, I wasn’t able to walk or work anymore due my rapid deterioration caused by this disease which affects 380 thousand Americans every year according to statistics available through

Nicole takes the time to break down the details of dozens of herbs with simple language in an easy-to-read book. It’s a children’s story compared to most medical manuals, according to her.

The book reveals the healing properties of 169 plants, mushrooms, and lichens that you can easily find or grow in your own backyard. But here’s what really makes things easy for complete beginners with no knowledge of plants: it comes with three high-quality images of every plant. Identifying the healing plants will be a breeze – no need to Google and hunt for them on your phone! Alongside each plant’s name and image Nicole outlines their edible uses as well as how they must be harvested before being used medicinally. If you have little experience identifying herbs from nature then this is definitely worth checking out!

Nicole reveals the power of the earth’s natural healing powers that manifest in plants. You can take things at your own pace but what I really love about this book is if you’re looking for a specific remedy and don’t know which plant to use, just look it up by ailment or ailments with ISBN#: 978-0691085302

All the herbs, none of the fuss.

It’s always good to keep some medicinal remedies handy so when we feel unwell we have something on hand right away without having to go through all our medicine cabinets. Nicole walks us through different uses and applications step-by-step – she has an easy going writing style that makes everything seem manageable no matter how complicated it might be, especially because there are illustrations scattered throughout for quick reference

In “The Lost Book,” Nicole Barnes highlights her time spent among the people of India, who have taught her how to grow and harvest medicinal plants. Through this book she is teaching us that these healing methods are just as effective now as they were in the early days!

The lost book of herbal remedies.

From headaches to arthritis, Dr. Nicole Apelian has you covered with The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies! This incredibly informative and entertaining book will teach you the medicinal properties behind over 100 plants that are all found in your backyard. With a focus on plant groups for easy identification, this is no obscure text but rather an invaluable resource for any homeowner looking for natural remedies around their home or garden; from relieving pain to boosting energy levels it’s here waiting just beneath our feet!

Nicole’s book is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to learn how to identify plants and know their medicinal uses. Her approachable, informative writing style makes it easy not only locate a plant in your backyard but also brew its healing properties into an effective remedy that will relieve aches and pains or even cure an illness! Nicole includes three high-quality images of every plant in her comprehensive handbook so you can easily find which one could be used as poultice or boiled/ cooked before cooking with them. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

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