LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Review: Is This A Good Survival Filter In 2021?

The One That Does It All

In 2021 there are many uncertainties. Will the country be at war? Will we have a nuclear attack? What about natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, or tsunamis? If any of these happen then you need to make sure you’re prepared. One way to do this is by purchasing a LifeStraw Personal Water Filter which is an easy and affordable way to filter water in case of emergencies. But before buying one it’s important that you know what makes LifeStraws so great! Read on for our review!

1. What is LifeStraw Personal?

2. Does it stop viruses?

3. How long does the filter last?

4. Things to do with this survival device in case you are stranded, tips and tricks:

5. Have you ever used a LifeStraw before?

Product description: Cons

Water is essential for life, which is why we should all have a water filter on hand. The LifeStraw has been the go-to solution to this problem and it’s easy to see why; its lightweight design makes it perfect for carrying around in your day bag or backpack! But what about when you want something more suitable? What if boiling isn’t an option? Then there are other options available that might be better suited like Sawyer filters. All of these come with their own pros and cons so doing research before purchasing one can save some time from trial

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