LAPG Atlas Backpack Review: A Hands-On Look in 2021

Contents1 The perfect choice for any budget.1.1 The best way to carry your camera and a smile.1.2 We make anything and everything.1.3 The ultimate in outdoor living. 1.4 Getting a visa is hard. We make it …

The perfect choice for any budget.

One of the most important pieces of gear in any prepper’s kit is their backpack. This week we are reviewing a new and innovative pack called the LAPG Atlas Backpack.

The best way to carry your camera and a smile.

The LAPG Atlas is designed to be one of the best backpacks on the market for carrying heavy loads due to its combination of durable materials, enhanced ergonomics, and thoughtful design features. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this bag so special!

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I have never been one to be interested in the aesthetics of a bag. The truth is that for me, it’s just something I use as storage and doesn’t need any bells or whistles. However, after some time with my pack on active duty where we’re carrying everything from shovels to selfie sticks, I’ve become more aware of what works best for different situations: backpacks are great if you want your hands free while walking around town; they also work well when hiking through rough terrain so that you don�t feel like an extra set of arms sticking out at all times; throw them over your shoulders and head home once zombies start roaming about.

We make anything and everything.

The Atlas 72 Hour Tactical Backpack by LAPoliceGear is a durable, spacious backpack that can be used for multiple purposes. It has numerous features and specs to offer its user as well as an exterior compartment with MOLLE webbing which makes it easy to strap on your gear like water bottles or firearms so you have them ready when needed if there’s any unexpected emergency situations arise.

The ultimate in outdoor living. 

The Atlas is a high-quality, durable MOLLE bag with an attention to detail. For instance the laser cut fabric not only provides grip when carrying but also gives it a more modern look over traditional mesh webbing. A Velcro flap near the top of one side allows you to display patches or store gear securely while there are twin hydration ports located on either side for easy access and compatibility with most hydration systems including CamelBak’s popular line of packs! The shoulder straps as well as back padding provide comfortable support whether wearing this pack horizontally across your chest or comfortably around your waist without interfering with other equipment such as pistols tucked into pants’ holsters. This backpack will never let you down in any situation thanks its design quality and durability

Atlas Tactical Backpack is a heavy-duty backpack that will be perfect for camping, hiking and any outdoor adventures. The bag has lots of storage compartments to keep all your gear in place while you are on the go!

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I was pretty impressed by the size and weight of this bag. It’s easy to tell that it is made from a heavy-duty material, but I wanted to confirm my suspicions before making any assumptions so I took an in depth look at everything inside for myself. Thankfully there are loads of pockets and compartments which meant going through each one carefully until all doubts were cleared up! After inspecting 20 different places on the outside, I found that 16 had something useful while 4 only contained padding or other accessories such as belts loops – not ideal if you don’t want anything poking out when your backplate snaps into place with a snappy click! One pouch would be perfect for keeping smaller items like pens handy though; located near bottom right hand side where opening

The first thing you’ll notice about this backpack when unpacking it is that the outer compartment has two zippered mesh pockets and one regular zippered pocket. Additionally, there are several individual compartments with Velcro straps for stowing smaller items like pens or pencils to keep them safe from falling out due to a sudden change in elevation during transit. This front section also houses many other handy tools such as an integrated USB port so your devices can be charged on-the-go without having to worry about bringing along any additional cables or adapters; moreover, storage space inside of these pockets allows you store things like notebooks and laptops while still leaving plenty of room for anything else you may need access too throughout your day–even if what’s needed

Never drink water again.

The last zippered compartment is one of the most exciting features. The hard plastic backplate has a metal strut to keep it ridged and comfortable for carrying, but if you prefer not having this feature then just undo the Velcro strap on top and take it out! There are three pockets in total; two with mesh webbing that can be used as water bottle holders or small storage compartments, while there’s also a pocket without any webbed material so your clothes stay nice and neat inside.

The bag is made of durable polyester fabric with a soft fleecy lining. On the backside, there’s an elastic compartment that runs almost all the way down to where your waist would be if you were wearing it and this pocket can fit items like books or laptops. The top nears carrying handle features a small zippered pocket lined in fleece for delicate objects like sunglasses and glasses. Shoulder straps are also available so its easier to carry heavy loads on shoulder without pressure points

Don’t just sit there, be comfortable.

The Atlas is a durable and extremely comfortable backpack that provides the wearer with shoulder, waist, and chest straps for added stability. I can’t imagine any other bag more perfect for prolonged periods of carrying heavy loads than this one!

All the power of a full computer, in your pocket. 

The large zipper pull makes opening compartments easy, even while wearing gloves. Recently the company has made improvements to its buckle system and they are now much easier for people with disabilities or limited mobility to use.

This tactical bag is compatible with a hydration system. It has two ports on either side of the top carrying handle that can be accessed by pulling on two Velcro flaps, and there are 134 MOLLE total straps for attaching additional gear. By my count it also features 20 loops in addition to the ones you would expect: 12 looped shoulder strap attachments and 6-looped waistband attachment points; all covered in durable velcro if your items have any accompanying fabric backing or want to display patches too!

A backpack for those who don’t want a backpack. 

The Atlas has a variety of exterior attachment options. For example, there are four loops on the bottom to attach it securely with carabiners and one in each corner for your own personal preference. Also, if you need drainage holes because water is getting inside this pack or just want some extra security while setting down the bag on wet ground then these features will do wonders! The downside? There’s always an upside/downside – when water gets into the interior but also don’t forget that having any type of hole means increased air flow during extreme weather conditions which could be very useful!

The bag is a great choice for those seeking an affordable, durable and comfortable backpack with ample storage space. The downside of this incredible product are the drainage holes in the bottom that can cause water to get into your belongings if you’re not careful.

It’s a lot more than just the square footage. 

A lot of people complain about how heavy backpacks can be but they don’t realize there’s actually some pros too! One pro would be that it has tons of exterior attachment points so make sure when picking out what goes inside your pack you have everything secured tightly because once its all zipped up it’ll stay secure until unzipping at home or wherever else you decide to put down roots for awhile next time around. Another pro would be amply roomy interior where as long as nothing

The Atlas 72 Tactical Backpack by LA Police Gear is a light and sleek pack that can hold all of your basic survival gear. It has been my favorite bag for the last few months, as it’s comfortable to carry around even when I have a lot in there! The storage options make this an amazing option for anyone who considers themselves fairly well-prepared or just simply wants something versatile enough to work great both on short trips as their primary luggage but also during emergencies where they need more than what they’re used to carrying with them every day.

The only place to put your accessories. 

You know what’s great about this pack? It can hold up to 72 hours worth of supplies, but it also has an inner pocket that is water resistant. Plus you get a backpack with the purchase!

The Atlas Tactical Backpack is a modern tactical backpack with a range of features for military and law enforcement professionals.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know if you have any experience with our Atlas 72 Hour Tactical Backpack in the comment section below!