Korcraft Everyday Blade: Survival Knife Review for 2020

This is an in-depth review of Korcraft Everyday Blade. It’s the perfect survival knife for preppers and outdoorsmen alike. The blade is made from high carbon steel, making it super strong and durable. You can’t go wrong with this one!

1. Has anyone used this blade on a camping trip yet?

2. What are your thoughts on the company and how past customers reacted to their products?

3. Would you buy it for yourself or someone else if a future nuclear disaster was eminent?

I was gifted my first pocket knife when I turned 8. That day will always be special to me because it meant that, at last, I had earned the privilege of carrying a “big boy” blade around with me in public places like classrooms and malls where we were not allowed before then. My dad even let me use his leatherman on occasion which gave him some peace of mind knowing he could keep an eye on any task without having to enlist another set of hands (or blades). Of course many knives have come out since but none as versatile or user-friendly for daily tasks than this Korcraft Everyday Blade!

The Korcrafts Everyday Blade is a small and compact knife that can be carried in your pocket or on keychain. The blade itself is light, but also very sharp from the blades they produced themselves.

The Everyday Blade, made by Gerber Gear is a small and lightweight blade that also has many benefits. It doesn’t need any tools to be replaced which makes it convenient for people on the go who might not have access to these types of things when they’re out in the wilderness! A downside though is that this little knife will never work as hard or last long as other blades because its smaller size means your fingers get tired faster than with larger knives.

Best survival pocket knife
best pocket survival knife

We’re a boutique, not big box.

The Everyday Blade is small, lightweight and easy to carry. It’s perfect for everyday tasks like opening boxes or cutting fruit but it also features a serrated blade that can cut through tougher materials with ease. That being said one-handed operation isn’t exactly as simple because the handle is so short: you might want to practice before your first use! I love my new knife though; I find myself using it all the time in addition to other knives just because of how convenient its size makes things – no more reaching into giant bags looking for smaller tools when this little guy fits right on my keychain!

The sharp edge of The Everyday Knife means business (preparing eggs will be much easier) but don’t let those thin fingers fool you

The right knife for the job is a tough question and one that has plagued people since they first started using knives. There are so many different jobs, from cutting fish to chopping firewood in your yard or at work; it can be hard to know what blade you need on hand (or stuck into your pocket). The Korcraft Everyday Blade solves this problem by providing an affordable option no matter where you’re headed. If I’m going out for groceries and want only two onions why would I lug around my four-inch folder? This sleek little foldable blade will do just fine!

As we all get older our hobbies change as well which means new tasks arise with each task requiring specialized blades such as when camping, hunting fishing etcetera

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