Is Spam Good Survival Food? Survival 101

Contents0.1 For the person who can’t decide what to do.0.2 We help you figure out what to do with the stuff in your pantry that’s about to expire.1 You’ve got a problem and I’ve got …

For the person who can’t decide what to do.

We all know that spam is one of the most versatile foods in existence. It’s been around for generations and it tastes great on everything, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that we’ve gotten it all wrong. In this post, I’ll be revealing a secret about spam you never knew before: it’s actually not good survival food! There are some other options out there that will make a much better addition to your canned goods stockpile than the questionable can of meat from Hormel Foods Corporation.

1. What do you think the shelf life of spam is?

2. Would you want to eat spam for 3 days straight?

3. Do you prepare with food, water, shelter and firearms-or just with food and water?

4. Why or why not?

We help you figure out what to do with the stuff in your pantry that’s about to expire.

Spam is one of those food items that has been talked about, almost jokingly, in many circles as a staple to have with you during any type of disaster. More times than I can count I have heard something along the lines of “I’m all ready to go because I bought my beans and Spam.” Of course, the above statement is tongue-in-cheek but it takes me back when my Nana would make this salty meat for us. With so much talk about Spam lately (especially since people often negatively associate it) ive came across an article asking whether or not its good survival food– especially considering how bad some think they are for your health!

You’ve got a problem and I’ve got the answer. 

Spam is not something that most people would choose to eat on a regular basis, but in the event of an apocalypse this might be one food you may want to stock up. In order for it to last as long as possible make sure your Spam has been stored at room temperature and never frozen or opened by anyone else before storing.

I think there are plenty of reasons why we should consider stocking our kitchens with some cans of Spam if worst comes to worst because let’s face it: who knows how much time will pass until things get back on track?

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Spam is often considered a part of the “survival” food group, and for good reason. Spam has more fat than other foods like pasta or crackers which are also common in emergency kits (a bonus!). It can be an energy source when on long hikes through wilderness areas where there may not always be fresh water sources close by. Salt, too, is important to ensure that your body maintains its electrolyte balance – it’s hard to find naturally but definitely necessary! And since we will probably exercise more during outdoor survival situations as well as perspire heavily due to heat exposure- salt intake needs increase even further thanks to sweat loss prevention

For those who love the versatility of Spam, it can be a great way to eat. It’s versatile enough that you don’t have to worry about cooking or refrigerating: just chill out and enjoy!

Spam is a really versatile food and can be cooked in many ways. If you find yourself stranded with limited ingredients, Spam will help provide the salt and protein your body needs to survive!

Need a little pick-me-up in your inbox? Try some spam! 

Is Spam a Good Survival Food

Spam lovers sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this canned meat as survival food!