How to Carry Ammo in a Bug Out Bag: Survival 101

Contents1 How Much and How to Carry it?1.1 No more counting calories.2 Oops, we forgot to mention that. 2.1 We know what’s happening and we’ve got your back.2.2 A bag that carries a whole bunch of …

“We all know the importance of carrying enough ammunition for protection. I’ve seen a lot of articles about how to carry ammo in your bug out bag, but many are confusing or don’t provide clear instructions on what you need.”

“This post is not just another article that tells you to pack some ammo and keep it on hand. We’re going to go over what type of rounds you should have, where they should be located in your bag, and why these weapons are important.”

“This will help ensure that no matter what happens, you’ll always have an adequate supply of ammunition at your disposal.”

1. What is the easiest way to store ammunition in your bug out bag?

2. How do you carry ammo while on the run?

3. What was one of your worst missions where you were given a supply and haul mission that turned into a bring back retrieval mission?

4. Did any gun malfunctions happen during this time?


5. If so, what did you do to solve it?

How Much and How to Carry it?

What if you find yourself in a survival situation and there are no more bullets? Sure, it may not be the most likely scenario but when we’re talking about bugging out that’s what life is all about. BOBs provide us with those last-minute necessities for our safety before leaving an unsafe area, so should they also include ammunition or food to keep your family safe during these times of crisis?

As human beings on this earth today we live in uncertain times where fear looms overhead every day; one can never really know how long their security will remain intact. The solution is simple: always prepare for the worst case scenario by including items like bugout bags into your emergency packing list – which includes things such as ammo and water pur

No more counting calories.

How much ammunition should you carry when a bug out bag is the only thing that stands between life and death? It’s an age-old question with so many different answers. For some, it might be as little as one magazine of ammo to get them from point A to B; for others, however, “you can never have enough” may not suffice. There are definitely pros and cons associated with carrying more weight in your backpack but if you plan on staying put while stockpiling supplies or need something extra heavy duty like armor piercing rounds then why not go big?

To get to point B quickly a backpack cannot be too heavy, but it is not always easy. I do not think most people know that ammo can weigh you down and make your pack feel heavier than usual even if the caliber does not matter. If you have an overly heavy load on top of all your regular supplies then this could hurt someone when they are running and use their bag as a crutch or something like that so watch out for yourself! What about other items? That’s just what caches are for because we never really know how much gear will come in handy…

I find it hard to believe people will be pinned down in these large firefights as though a military action is taking place. So, at the end of the day we’re just talking about how many rounds you need for your first destination and second location combined.

Oops, we forgot to mention that. 

I think that during any major disaster scenario, there’s going to be some chaos understandably mixed with risk-taking behavior from so many different types of people who are all more or less trying their best to survive because they don’t know what else might happen next – whether they live through this event or not happens by chance more than anything else determined beforehand (which I guess makes sense: if no one knows where something bad could come from then everyone has an equal opportunity). That said,

Bugging out with your firearm will require a lot of preparation. You’ll need to come up with two platforms for protection and have enough bullets to reload both at least twice. The best way that you can carry ammunition is in the form of extra magazines or moon clips – this will keep it organized, accessible, and ready when needed most!


We know what’s happening and we’ve got your back.

Ammunition carried in a bag can prove frustrating if it is loose and knocking around. Pre-packaged ammunition boxes are the best option for easy access to rounds while still preventing them from moving about when they should not be banged against other items such as tools or gear. This means having an ammo belt with individual slots, ammo pouches that hold each round individually, or resealable plastic bags which offer protection without sacrificing accessibility on your bug out plan.

A bag that carries a whole bunch of other bags.

If you want to survive the apocalypse then it is essential that you invest in an emergency backpack. These backpacks are crucial for having a wide variety of supplies needed when disaster strikes, but they should not be so heavy and full as to make them impractical or uncomfortable. If your pack weighs too much for someone else to carry, what will happen if she has no other options? Also think about how long each item can last on its own without any help from others – this way nothing gets wasted! What do you need out of your bag before leaving town? Let us know below and stay prepared!