How Long Do BIC Lighters Last? Survival 101

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BIC lighters are a staple of any prepper’s kit. We use them for cooking, making fires, and general daily life. But how long do they last? Let’s find out!

A BIC lighter is designed to withstand up to 3000 lights before it runs out of fuel and needs new fluid. If you’re using your lighter every day this may not be enough, but if you’re only using it occasionally then the 3000 lights should be more than enough for your needs. The key thing here is that we don’t know what type of lighting or frequency that people will be doing with their lighters so there really isn’t an answer as to how long a lighter lasts because everyone has different usage patterns and types of

1. Do you own more than one type of lighter?

2. What are your go-to lighters when your other ones fail to work?


3. When did you last use a BIC lighter in a survival situation?

4. How close do you live to someone who keeps lighters on hand for barbeques or parties?

5. Have you ever considered stockpiling up lighters as some preppers would with food and ammunition, or is the task cost prohibitive for an everyday person living paycheck to paycheck?

When you’re faced with a survival situation, my number one choice for getting the fire going is to use a Bic lighter. They are very easy and affordable to start fires even in difficult conditions like wet wood or tinder that doesn’t catch easily. Plus they last up to 3,000 strikes so it’s never too much of an issue if I run out of fuel!

It is estimated that a full-size Bic lighter has one hour of burn time before it runs out, but as this can be variable depending on how long the flame stays lit. Generally they run out of fuel first than their flint and are usually thrown away when both have burned up – so throw them in some water to keep them working for a little longer! If you look at the bottom port on your lighter, there will be two metal rods sticking through with an opening between which makes contact with either side (the piezoelectric strip). When these contacts open or close due to pressure from hand movement fluid flows into or off those tiny ports; this cycle continues indefinitely until all remaining gas inside combusts and turns back into electricity again

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It is here that the lighter can be refilled with butane fuel. If there’s still a flint, then the gas refill will allow for more use of this handy device. For long term storage and usage, store your Bic in its packaging out of direct sunlight to keep it from slowly losing power over time. I have lighters which are five years old now and they work perfectly as long as they’re stored properly!

Bic lighters are dependable and insanely affordable. They can be used for years, they’re refillable, a pack of four will cost you around $5-$6 at the grocery store or Walmart depending on where you live (my location is very expensive), your lighter should last up to 3,000 strikes which equals about an hour’s worth of burn time before it needs more fluid in order to work again- I’ve had mine going strong after three months!

We’re on our third round of light bulbs. 

how long do bic lighters last

Bic lighters are an easy to use, affordable option for when you need a quick light. They have more than 20 different colors and sparkles as well!

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