Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Pen Review: Hands-on Look

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Hoffman Richter is known for their tactical pens that are made to be indestructible and last a lifetime. The company has been around since the 1970s, so they know what it takes to make a product that will withstand anything you throw at it. The Stinger Tactical Pen is one of their newest products on the market with some impressive features. Read on below to learn more about this pen from Hoffman Richter!

Smart. Simple. Stylish.

The new Stinger Tactical Pen from Hoffman Richter is an awesome tool for any prepper or survivalist out there who needs something tough enough to get them through any situation imaginable. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this pen can take a beating and still write just like new when your done using it as

1. Do you think the pen is worth the hefty price? How does it compare to a regular pen?

2. Have you ever used one of these pens in an emergency situation and what type of situation? Was your life saved?

3. Would it be better if this stinger was hollowed out and refilled with some type of poison or substance that could kill someone from stabbing them, if that were needed for self defense purposes like a Taser canister or pepper spray would be?

Get the pen that’s right for you. 

EDC gear is a popular topic for those wanting to be prepared for the unknown. Gear that people carry on their person can take all sorts of forms and in recent years there is one item that many are bringing up: tactical pens. Originally, these were quite simple with two main tools–a glass breaker and pen- but over time some have made it more diverse by adding things like knives, bottle openers, saws, flashlights or ferrocerium rods so you’re not “overly” reliant upon any one tool when out in public places…but sometimes less is more!

The Stinger is a pen made out of aircraft-grade aluminum with titanium coating. It has two main functions: the glass breaker and ballpoint pen on one end, where you can quickly access it in case of an emergency situation; and both ends are designed for self defense purposes to incapacitate your attacker by jabbing into their eyes or throat if they come too close. This multifunctional tool also fits comfortably inside your pocket so that you always have easy access when needed – pretty awesome!

“What does a Stinger look like?” 

Hoffman Richter Stinger Pen – the perfect tactical pen for your everyday carry. Unlike other pens, this one has a clip that can be used to attach it securely on any strap or inside pocket while you go about your day. Made in China with an ergonomic design and black color, this stylus may just become one of those must-have items!

The pen is mightier than the sword.

I did not have any large panes of window glass or vehicle windows that I could test the glass breaker out on. So, I had to make do with a jar of old water and some shards from my workshop’s floor. The textured surface held enough grip against this type of stand-in for me to feel confident in its abilities as an emergency tool no matter how it is being gripped by one’s hand when they are using it as such.

I had a feeling something was wrong when I heard the pen make contact with the jar but not hear glass break. I raised my arm up and swiftly brought down harder each time, keeping count of five tries before giving in to what felt like defeat…

Finally, a pen that won’t get lost in your pocket.

But then it happened – an ear-splitting shatter rang out as one last strike finally shattered the glass! The sound echoed through me: relief that this experiment is over; satisfaction for successfully breaking all six jars; amazement at how strong these things are made nowadays. But most importantly though, there’s pride knowing that I can now know without any doubt which tool should be used on future projects requiring broken bottles or glasses!

I was curious why the first pen didn’t work against a jar. So I grabbed another tactical and tried it out; same result, no damage done to my super-strong glass jar! However, if you want some kicks by shattering your friend’s Jar for them just swing away with this one instead of using their own pens that they might need later on in life.


I use a pen to write almost every day. I love the feeling of putting pen to paper and not having an electronic keyboard in front me, but for some reason this glass breaker end on my cap keeps breaking off when it slams into things like table tops or door frames – which is super frustrating because now people can’t really tell what type of pen I’m using anymore!

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The Stinger Pen is the perfect tool to keep on hand for any situation. The ink cartridge, which does not have a button or twist mechanism, takes up little space in your pocket and can be accessed simply by removing its cap. But it’s when you go hunting through that pack of snacks later and realize there’s something stuck between two old Oreos at the bottom – this pen will come in handy!

I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Stinger pen writes and I think it would be a great addition to my everyday carry. The construction is sturdy, writing fluid never bled through or smeared on any paper that we tried while testing out this pen in various offices around our building! One of my favorite features about this one-of-a-kind ballpoint pens is its ability to write seamlessly without skipping for hours at time–I know because after writing an entire letter home from work over lunch hour there wasn’t even a hint of ink left in the tip when I finished up!

For the person who never leaves home without their survival gear. 

The Stinger’s fine point creates beautiful, smooth lines made by continuous strokes as you can see from these sample pages before us. It doesn

The pen cap was designed to be held in place by the glass breaker and at one point, I assumed that it was tightly secured solely through this O-ring. So instead of testing how long a ring could hold up for before it failed on its own, I decided to do some more intensive trial runs just so see how much wear and tear my new tool would endure over time! After repeating the process five hundred times with perfect precision (thanks again for making these pens!), every single darned time there wasn’t even any indication that something had gone wrong. And when you think about all those different scenarios where people might use their tools or equipment throughout an entire day, well let’s just say if anything can withstand everything life throws at them then they

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The cap for my pen seemed secure even after the O-ring was removed. I can’t imagine it would be that easy to lose a pen if this happened, but seeing as how I know what kind of tools are at every hardware store in town and don’t need one right now anyways – there’s no reason not to put an extra safety net on your pens!

The only thing we’ll ever need. 

The Stinger pen clip is great because it can be clipped onto a strap or in your pocket. The clips are tough and do not fall off when they are pulled away from the pen. This way, you still have access to your writing utensil! I did find two issues with the design though: firstly, once attached to something (like my shirt), there was no easy way for me to remove the cap without pulling on its metal clasp which risked stretching out that area of material; secondly second issue had more broad implications- while trying this product’s functionality as an emergency keychain fob holder by attaching one end of a carabiner hook through each hole near either side of tacky round silicone pad at top left corner where grip

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Product description: Pros 

This pen has a lot of cool features that make it really helpful. One concern I have about the design is that there are no tabs or clips to attach this heavy duty pocket clip onto clothes, bags, and pockets. If you bump into someone while wearing these pens (or any item on your person), they might be knocked off by accident! The other thing I like about this particular model is how easy it was for me to unscrew the end cap – which could lead to accidental loss if not held securely in place when carrying around with keys or another sharp object near them.

The Stinger pen is a tactical device of last resort. It’s just not your average writing utensil; this weapon has the power to evade detection and incapacitate attackers with its ferocity. The endcap unscrews, allowing you to change out the pocket clip for one that suits your needs or style best – whether it be business attire or something more rugged like jeans and work boots! I recommend removing all accessories so there are no parts left behind because losing any part can render what seemed invincible into uselessness: if we lose our grip on our pens too soon then they become as powerful as an in-effectual toy pencil, rather than a potentially life saving tool against criminals…

For when only a rubber ring will do.

The author describes his experience using The Stinger

The Hoffman Richter Stinger ballpoint pen is a multifunctional and ergonomic writing instrument. The twist-action, retractable design allows the user to write smoothly with little pressure using either hand as well as being able to use it for self defense or breaking glass in emergencies. The flat cap end on this tool also provides ample surface area for thumb placement when used like an impact weapon or baton so that your wrist doesn’t tire out during prolonged usage which makes this versatile device perfect not just for everyday life but emergency situations too! Aside from these features, another thing we love about the Stinger are its two snap caps – both of them work without needing you attach O-rings; however one does come at quite a cost:

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When I removed the cartridge, I found no markings on it. However, by chance a six-pack of refills that work with several tactical pens including the Hoffman Richter Stinger appeared online and can be purchased here at Amazon for under $10!

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Product description: Cons 

At first glance you might not think this pen is optimal to use as an everyday writer because its made by a company who specializes in gear and tools rather than writing instruments but after trying out the ballpoint function myself–I was pleasantly surprised! It felt comfortable between my fingers while using it to write smoothly across any type of surface without skipping or blotting ink. The glass breaker tip also failed when tested which means if your car breaks down there won’t be much help from this pen unless

I have used glass breakers before, and usually they work well. But the Stinger just wasn’t up to scratch – it left my test jar intact after I tried smashing it with all of my might while leaving its tip bent out of shape in a heap on the floor. It’s expensive for what you get too: as someone who has had their fair share of writing instruments go missing (or worse), this one is probably not worth buying given that mine was rendered useless by a few tries at breaking weak jars only slightly tougher than cardboard boxes!

The pocket clip for your keys.

I hope you never have to use a tactical pen, but if it’s out of options for your next glass-breaking tool, then I would recommend looking elsewhere. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!