Going Off Grid – Part I

We’re not really sure what this is, but it sounds like a good idea. Some people are so into prepping that they go off the grid. They live in a cabin in the woods, grow …

We’re not really sure what this is, but it sounds like a good idea.

Some people are so into prepping that they go off the grid. They live in a cabin in the woods, grow their own food, and have no contact with society outside of trading goods. We’re not going to do that today though; we’re just going to talk about being self-reliant for emergencies or disasters. Let’s get started!

1. After reading the article, were you surprised to learn that some preppers have left Earth already?

Doomsday Preppers

2. What are some challenges faced by those who go off grid?

3. Are you curious what type of communities these preppers are living in when they move off the planet Earth? 2. Is there a way for our society to move completely away from electronics and start fresh on another planet someday?

In 2006, my life was a perfect example of the American Dream. I lived in an urban area near a major metropolitan center and had all that any middle-class family could hope for: two cars, 401k savings plan, health insurance coverage through work…I never expected anything to change because nothing ever does right?

The most fascinating history lesson you’ll ever read.

That is until October 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed and everything changed overnight as our financial system froze up with ripple effects felt far beyond Wall Street from Main Streets house mortgages to retirement nest eggs.

I remember sitting in front of the TV and watching as Lehman Brothers collapsed live on CNBC, thinking to myself that I was witnessing the fall of Rome. It is a momentous occasion when one witnesses such an event firsthand! At this time, which seems so long ago now because everything has changed since then, I would say that my preparations were not quite complete. My bug out bag only had some spare clothes and food for 2 days; my guns did little more than sit around collecting dust with no ammunition until they rusted away into nothingness; there wasn’t even enough fuel stored up to get me anywhere close if push came to shove- all these things are something else altogether needed in order for you be prepared for any sort of scenario.

We all hope that the emergency will never come. But one day, we might face a financial crisis or economic downturn and want to know what our next step is going to be. In my experience with Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy in 2008, I realized how unprepared most people are for such a situation. Thinking about it now gives me anxiety because there’s so much uncertainty when you don’t have any safety net at your disposal like an extra paycheck from another job lined up on standby just in case things go south again–the same way they did seven years ago after those awful events unfolded fairly quickly and without warning

I had common sense when it came to planning for the future: stay away from debt; save money; keep some emergency cash on hand

After reading on various blogs, I started to realize that the feeling of being unprepared was a scary one. However, it wasn’t until 2008 when I discovered Survivalist communities online and began my journey into different types of survival skills like hunting game with primitive tools or building shelters in case an emergency occurs where there is no electricity available.

When you are raising young children often times your fear is about not having enough supplies for them if they were ever to need them because let’s face it-kids can be way too much sometimes! My solution? Start stockpiling your own personal disaster supply kit now so at least then you’ll have some peace knowing everyone will be taken care should something happen which means less worry time spent worrying each night over what could

When I first moved to the suburbs, it was difficult for me to walk out my front door without seeing another house. It seemed like an endless maze of cul-de-sacs and cookie cutter houses. The more time passed after moving there, though, I realized that this type of life wasn’t going make any sense in a few years when our children were old enough to start driving themselves places independently from us as their parents. This realization changed how we looked at things: instead of being trapped by the suburban lifestyle because it’s what felt normal before; now we’re finally ready to break free!

The process has been eye opening so far – every day is a step towards independence for not only myself but also my family as well!

Doomsday Preppers

What if the society you know and love is so fragile that it could crumble without a single push? This passage explores how much our lives revolve around certain institutions, such as grocery stores. But what would happen to these things we take for granted in modern times if they were taken away from us? What then will become of life on Earth when society can no longer function or thrive because its most basic necessities are gone

Local grocery store shelves stocked with all your favorite corn syrup based products like soda, chips, candy bars- anything hyper processed; restaurants ready to wait hand and foot on you whenever called upon; police officers there to protect false sense of security through coercion instead than transparency (policing); schools indoctrinating children into obedience while simultaneously

Talking my wife into living a more remote lifestyle was not an easy first step but there were some upsides to having more room to stretch out and a smaller tight knit community that she appreciated. My wife and I are by no means your typical off the grid people, we both have college educations with advanced degrees, we both studied abroad in different countries around Europe as part of our studies which created opportunities for interesting stories during dinner conversations, and so on. You will never see us on Doomsday Preppers because this type of life is something that appeals only slightly less than death!

In order to be comfortable in a new home, I had my family’s safety as my number one priority. After speaking with the boss about telecommuting and researching survival blogs for tips on finding our perfect house, we found just that!

We wanted five acres or more. We were tired of paying for electricity that we never used and the idea of being our own power source was really appealing to us, so in addition to a well/septic system, access to high speed internet and cell phone coverage became important as did having a decent school district close by- especially when you are looking at homes with children who will be entering kindergarten next year. Once we considered how much time my husband spends on the road commuting back an forth from work I realized it would also nice if there was some way for him not only get home but go grocery shopping too without needing two cars which is why multiples ways he could use getting around town becomes essential; any alternative energy sources (solar panels)

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Off The Grid Survival

You’re not a newb, are you?

Moving to a remote living situation can be an exciting new adventure. Imagine all of the time you’ll save from not having to drive 25 minutes just for toilet paper or other household items! The first thing you learn about this lifestyle is that before going on any errand, write down every item needed in detail so there are no surprises. Secondly, Amazon Prime will become your best friend because it’s easy and cheaper than driving 10 miles roundtrip for most things- even if they don’t need them right away at least they know where everything goes when it arrives with two day shipping guaranteed (not counting weekends).

I had to change my life quickly. I’d been living off the grid and driving by countless shopping centers every day, but now that we made the move it was time to cut all ties with utility companies for good. It took some work on a budget though because they have sneaky ways of getting you hooked up again – even if your water pump is busted! Check out next article in this series “Off-the-Grid Part II: The Upgrades” where photos will show how we managed our new means of sustainable energy production at home without paying those expensive bills anymore!