Glock 42: Survival Gun Review for 2020

The Glock 42 is one of the smallest pistols on the market and it’s perfect for preppers. It has a slim profile, so it will fit comfortably in your pocket or holster. The G42 shoots .380 caliber rounds which are easier to find then 9mm ammo during a crisis. Plus, there aren’t as many restrictions on where you can carry this pistol around like larger handguns. If you’re looking for an affordable gun that will be easy to conceal and use during all types of crises, check out my review of the Glock 42!

You know what they say: “preparation is key.” With an uncertain political climate looming over America today more than ever before, some people have started taking steps to prepare themselves for any possible

1. What do you think makes the Glock 42 a survival “gun?”

2. Do you think that with the release of this gun, other major brands will order to produce their own guns?

3. What are your thoughts on this new release for those in need of a survival weapon?

EDC Pistol

4. Would you recommend this gun based on reviews and research?

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If you like the idea of carrying a gun, but don’t want to be weighed down by heavy weaponry or have your weapon exposed in wet conditions and rough terrains alike then I recommend checking out Glock’s newest product: The G42. It is small enough that it will go unnoticed when backcountry skiing on mountain biking through deep brush; yet large enough for any other activity where lugging around something larger might not work as well.

The new release from my favorite brand has been a godsend – especially if, like me, most of your time outdoors involves activities such as cross country skiing or fishing at high elevations

The Glock 42 might just become your BBFF (Best Bugout Friends Forever). Quick Navigation.

The .380 should have been a predictable release given the global reach of Glock and the .380-sized hole in Glock’s public lineup. I remember clearly when I heard that the next new gun was coming out, but what surprised me is that it wasn’t going to be one of their handguns for which they’re famous! It’s actually an updated version on their best selling pistol model called “the GLOCK 26.” This time around there are some significant changes with this handgun: 1) The size has shrunk significantly making it much more concealable than its predecessor; 2) A larger magazine capacity at 10 rounds versus 8 rounds before;

A Glock pistol and a Ruger LCP are two different guns, but they’re both just as good in their own ways. For years I had the Ruger LCP because it was reliable for its size with only limited accuracy. Now there is Apple’s iPad Air at $199 which has dominated that market since release!

Glock is Knocking. The Glock 42, the miniature of a Glock 17 9mm that started it all in case you were confused by its odd naming conventions where a 17 is 9 mm and so are an 18 and 19 but there’s no such thing as a 10th gun or known as the 40 which still remains to be some sort of enigma when we say “Glock” we really mean the good ol’ first gen family member: A flippin’ Gen 3 …the iconic G17!

Some guns seem small like Kel-Tec with Colt’s historical heritage, however price

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