Gerber Remix Tactical Knife Review: Hands-On

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Fall in love with fashion again.

You don’t need to be a prepper to appreciate the Gerber Remix Tactical Knife. I’m not one, but after testing it out for myself in various situations, I can say that this is an awesome knife! In fact, my buddies who are true preppers have even said they want me to buy them one now and then. It features a 3-inch blade that really does cut well and has quality construction. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold onto and use no matter what you’re doing with it – from cutting rope or slicing vegetables. You’ll just love how easy it is to clean up as well because of the corrosion resistant stainless steel blade with nonstick coating on both sides.

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Discover a new world.

My standards are high when it comes to knives and the knife I am reviewing today is no exception. The Remix Tactical Knife by Gerber has a lot of features that make me stick with this one, like an automatic opening blade for quick access during emergencies and even if your hands happen to be wet or sweaty which can sometimes lead you into trouble in those kinds of situations.

The remix tactical knife from gerber offers some interesting features such as its auto-opening blade so you don’t have worry about using any fingers just get grab hold on the handle quickly while also cutting down on potential finger injuries due to being caught off guard without time enough react accordingly

A Clever Invention That Will Make Your Life Easier.

I have carried this tactical folder for quite some time now. Check out my detailed review of the Gerber Remix, a tanto-style blade with serrated edge and unique handle design that sets it apart from others I own!

The pocket clip that can’t be pocketed.

Gerber Remix Tactical Knife Review

I remember when I first purchased this knife – one second you’re sitting there on your couch scrolling through Amazon reviews, then next thing you know someone is at your door delivering the package to show up in 2 days thanks to Prime shipping. The moment was absolutely thrilling because even though living abroad may seem like an adventure sometimes (don’t get me wrong), being able to order anything online without having any idea what’s inside or if its right can be just as exciting too 🙂

The frame of this knife’s handle is made from stainless steel with black G-10 checkered overlays, and the circular ring between the blade and handle causes it to stand out over other knives. The lanyard hole in its handles also provides a more secure grip when used as well. Its overall length varies at 7.86″ while its weight only measures 4.6 ounces; however, what really grabs your attention are 3 inches worth of blade material that measure up against just about any cutting task you can imagine!

For those who need to be prepared for the worst, it’s a knife that doesn’t break the bank.

The Remix is a lightweight, durable knife with an ambidextrous thumblift and liner lock. The blade can be opened as well by pushing the liner lock to the side with your thumb. IT’s also equipped with a contoured flexible pocket clip for easy accessibility in any situation! I used to not have much of interest or use for tactical knives but this one has changed my mind entirely because it offers so many features that make life more convenient than before

The only gadget you’ll need, literally!

When I first saw the Remix, it didn’t look like anything special. But then when I started using this knife, my viewpoint changed completely! It has a sleek design with serrations and tanto blade for cutting through tough material effortlessly. The circular ring on top is perfect to open cans or bottles without an opener too–it’s always been one of those things that bug me about knives in general so kudos for including something to make life easier there. And finally, its handle feels amazing against your hand while you’re holding it which makes all the difference if you have arthritis (like myself).

But once again as someone who uses their knives often enough, usability was really what mattered most at least judging from how well-used mine looked

Keep what’s yours, out of their hands.

A lot of knives come with a thumb lift right on the blade, and I was curious to see how it would work. It looks like an eyesore sticking out from the handle, but once in my hand all that changed. The location is perfect for left- or right-handed people alike because its position prevents any hindrance when operating your knife – even if you’re using one pocket! And after extended use? That little screw came back again: securing this important cutlery addendum neatly into place without causing anything else.

The knife is very sharp and versatile with three cutting edges. The tanto edge provides excellent penetration, while the straight edge cuts all sorts of things like packages or boxes without a problem. For more delicate tasks such as opening thinner packaging material, there are serrations to offer extra help; they also give you options in how deep you want your cut!

The happiest place on earth.

The serrated portion of the blade is very useful for rougher cutting jobs, but be careful to avoid scratching delicate surfaces.

“The same way you would do it for your own mother.”

The serrations on the back end of this blade allow for better ripping abilities when dealing with thicker materials like straps and cords. One downside to having these is that you need two different sharpening surfaces, one for the straight edges and another specifically designed just for those serrated blades near the circular ring at its base. It also requires more time in order to sharpen them properly which some people might not enjoy because it takes a bit longer than they would have wanted or thought necessary before beginning their project! Personally, I think it’s worth all that extra effort though since without using both types of surface my knife wouldn’t be as effective while working through thick items so easily which can save me up front time later down line thanks to less work overall needed by

If dull knives cut, Sharp Knives Cut Better.

The handle of the knife is surprisingly comfortable, even with its textured scales. It also provides a good grip for those who want to use it without having to worry about slippage or loosening their hold on it while in use. The holes that go all the way through make cleaning very easy and fast so you never have to think twice before grabbing your favorite kitchen tool again!

The best of both worlds.

I thought that the ring at first would be uncomfortable, but it is actually very comfortable and secure during handling. My only complaint about this knife are sometimes when I grip around it too tightly, my index finger can get pinched by the clip in an uncomfortable way.

When I first received this knife, it seemed too big and heavy for outdoor use. That is until my field test showed that the blade was sharp enough to cut through cordage such as paracord or nylon ropes with ease! The serrations on the back are great for sawing wood shavings into tinder dust if you happen to get stranded in a remote location (probably not though).

Clever design for clever people.

My favorite way of using this knife outdoors? It can be used just like any other good quality swiss army knives – open cans, tighten bolts/screws, act as an all-purpose toolbox when needed.

The Gerber Remix Tactical knife is a long blade that comes with multiple features. The serrations in the back of the knife can be used for cutting light and heavy-duty straps from gear and other packages, but it’s best not to use them as you might accidentally cut yourself when doing so. When using this pointy edge like an awl or chisel; however, I found it invaluable for creating holes both large enough to thread line through (so we could rig up tarps) or smaller ones just wide enough to poke out splinters without having me do any digging on my own flesh! With its tanto edge though, there are more than one way you can put your sharpness into good use: whether by scraping tasks

A Creative Playground for Creatives.

Tanto blades are a great option for those looking to rapidly deploy their blade. They offer the same utility of standard knives, but with added protection because they have more than one cutting edge and can be opened up quickly by using only your thumb or index finger from either side of the handle. Tanto blades may require some extra sharpening time due to how many different parts there are on them as well as two types of sharpeners needed; however it is worth this effort in order to enjoy all that tanto blades provide!

From classic to tactical, we’ve got you covered.

Gerber Remix, the knife with a tanto blade and lightweight build that is perfect for every day carry. It can be sharpened easily but it’s not ideal in all areas of the country due to legal restrictions on blades near your home or work place.

The best way to literally lift your thumb from the phone so you can enjoy life.

To sharpen a knife, one has to use the sharpening stone in similar way as they would their regular knives. The only thing that is different about this type of motion is the direction and how it’s ended. When I’m trying out new tanto blade styles or brands for myself personally, YouTube videos have always been my go-to resource when looking up on good techniques to follow!

Tone of voice for your brand.

If you’re looking for a tactical knife that’s versatile in everyday tasks and affordable, this one is an excellent choice. With its cool design and variety of colors to choose from, it’ll make the perfect addition to your collection!