Gerber eFECT Military Maintenance Tool Review

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The Greatest Review on the Internet.

Rifle Tool

So you want to be ready for the zombie apocalypse, but you don’t have a gun? Well check out this Gerber eFECT Military Maintenance Tool! This is one of those tools that does it all and has everything. It’s like an army knife in your pocket. You never know when disaster will strike, so it’s important to be prepared. This awesome little tool is perfect for everyday carry emergencies or just good old fashioned camping fun!

M16 Rifle Tool

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AR-15 Rifle Tool

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The Gerber eFECT Military Maintenance Tool is a one-stop AR cleaning tool that leaves out the usual suspects. Featuring only 6 tools, and no knife blade or pliers, this multitool still manages to provide an efficient way of maintaining your rifle without carrying around extra weight.

When you are getting ready for a weekend of camping and want to be covered in any situation, the Gerber eFECT Military Maintenance Tool is an all-around option. The easy navigation will save your life when fixing gear on site or cleaning out years worth of gunk from ARs (or anything else).

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The Gerber eFECT boasts the following implements on its six foldout locking “blades,” three per side. 1) heavy duty steel scraper with nylon brush 3x folding blade knife for pin punch, 2) dual-sided four pronged front sight tool; and other features like a screwdriver flathead as well as an Otis compatible threaded input port to attach additional tools you can fit in this multitool! All of these are contained within one device so it is easy to transport around without taking up too much space or weight when needed.

I’m a huge fan of the Leatherman MUT. It does everything you need to field strip an AR-pattern rifle and all its components, but it also saves your bacon if there are parts that just don’t want to come out after they’ve been compressed by the lower receiver’s takedown lever or when they’re stubbornly glued in place with rust from too many rounds fired through bad gun oil while dirty.

We believe your time is too valuable to be wasted.

Unfortunately, this ingenious tool has no magnetic rod for extraction because one is not necessary due to how easy it was designed; however other reviewers have complained about their lack thereof on Amazon reviews which prompted me into action as well! I recommend using automotive safety wire pliers like these instead (affiliate link) so you can extract those

I had a bit of trouble with the smaller posts on my Gerber eFECT. Luckily, I was able to straighten it back out and make adjustments without any problems or bending. The front sight adjustment tool is still double-sided but has four thicker studs at one end instead of small posts like some other brands have that are too soft for me! There’s also an added dental scraper which will be helpful when chewing through tough meat in the future (I’m kidding!).

No More Scrubbing.

The eFECT is the perfect tool for soldiers who may need to break down their weapon in a hurry.

Why would you want to bring this up?

A soldier on duty can’t always have time to be meticulous with his weapons, that’s why this little beauty was created. It includes all of the necessary tools and accessories so you don’t miss out on any precious seconds during your next crisis situation . The built-in lock system prevents accidental closure while providing quick access when needed most, which ensures safety as well as efficiency even before it has been used extensively!

The Gerber eFECT locks its tools with a gentle slide of the locking handle. There’s no satisfying click, snap or crack when it does so, just one less thing to worry about in case you’re caught out on an emergency and need your tool to work right away. The MUT features 10 pounds worth of gravity resistance that makes for tough-topping performance while only weighing 4 ounces – making this perfect for anyone who can’t spare any weight from their pack!

It’s obvious that the Gerber eFECT is a lot more than just your average, run-of-the mill multitool. For one thing it comes with its own cleaning tool! The handle of this knife is made from durable plastic panels and offers plenty of strength for all those difficult household tasks like fixing faucets or scrubbing floors – not to mention how useful they are when you’re camping out in nature. Unlike other tools on our list, which often require you carry something separate for any serious clean up work (like pliers), these smaller yet very versatile knives come equipped with their own dedicated cleaner; so there’s no need to lug around anything else if thats what you want first aid kit too act as an emergency

I do miss a small pair of pliers on the Gerber eFECT, however, and would always be supplementing it with a basic Leatherman. For the price, this tool makes an excellent addition to any serious shooter’s range bag or bug out bag. The Pros are that we’re talking about quality from Gerber here; its size is compact enough for even relatively big hands like mine to use without too much trouble–though I can’t say how well it’ll work in cold weather because there ain’t no snow left outside as far as I’m concerned! This thing weighs next-to-nothing and has everything you need (except maybe some ammo) but nothing extra: those serrated knives don’t cut anything other than

The Gerber eFECT is a multitool for ARs that has most everything you need in one small package. The only thing it doesn’t have is an included bore brush, which can be easily remedied by purchasing a separate model like the Otis or Bushmaster kit with all of those same features plus the added ability to clean your gun from muzzle-to-breech and keep on fighting! Plus if anyone asks whether this toolkit does anything other than fix guns, we’ve got some good news: yes, even though our scraper will open up bottles so they’re ready when you are!

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