Fortifying Your Home: How To Survival Guide for 2021 (Updated)

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In the event of an apocalyptic event, you want to be prepared. This means knowing how to fortify your home and what supplies are needed for survival. In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about fortifying your home now so that in 2021 (or whenever) when things go wrong you’re ready!

1. What is your biggest concern when it comes to post-SHTF (when the shit hit’s the fan) life?

2. What are you doing now to fortify your home for a future SHTF scenario?

3. What types of items do you keep back at your house in order to protect yourself and those around you?

4. When, if ever, should you prepare for a potential SHTF situation?


5. Any suggestions on how people can find ways to survive well before 2021 arrives given they know soon after that the shit will hit the fan?

You’ve got a Windows.

Your home is your castle, but will it serve as a formidable stronghold? The days of the noble knight defending his lands are gone. Nowadays we need to worry about attacks by burglars and kidnappers instead of just dragons from long ago so in order for our homes to be truly impenetrable fortresses they should meet some basic standards: Have windows that don’t open with locks on them. Make sure entrances have good protection like steel doors or glass panels that can withstand bullets; if you live in an apartment complex make sure those entranceways face away from other buildings so there isn’t easy access via window-to-window jumping (unless you want people doing backflips into your house). Keep all flower pots off

Get your windows to stop breaking.

For those who are looking to take their security measures a step further, consider installing an alarm system. Deadbolt locks on exterior doors can be used for protecting your home and family when you’re not at the house as well. Outside lighting will help make it easier to see what is happening around your property while also deterring criminals from approaching in the first place. Trimming tree branches near windows could give you better visibility if someone tries to break into one of them or enter through any other opening such as under a porch roof or even trying open sliding glass door which may seem more difficult with trimmed leaves getting in the way of seeing inside without being seen outside easily too! Finally, everyone should have some sort of protection like pepper spray handy along with

There are a number of ways to make your home as secure as possible. However, there is no guarantee that it will protect you from criminals who want what’s inside. The best thing for any homeowner can do is prepare their own defense if they have the chance and take precautions in advance otherwise by keeping silent alarm systems on standby or installing an audible warning system like motion detectors with alarms so outsiders know when someone has entered without permission

Simplify Your Life.

The best way to defend your home is from the inside. You want windows or cameras looking out into every part of your yard so that you can see what’s coming and where it comes from before they’re on top of you, in front door-knocking mode.

The basement windows you deserve. 

Windows are a necessary design feature for homes, and they often come with the same advantages as other security features. Windows can be used to safely watch outside of your home without risks from intruders going through them or rigging it so that you cannot see out anymore–a safety concern which is not always addressed by television sets in living rooms. In addition, windows make great defensive positions against attackers if there’s trouble at home where no one else will defend others inside the house who may need help defending themselves while waiting for police response time to arrive on scene; this could include children trying their best to fend off an attacker before getting hurt when someone doesn’t hear what’s happening because sound travels slower than light waves do–window panes offer some protection

You might want to think about installing a peephole for your front door. You’ll have an opportunity to see who is at the entrance before opening up and you can also use it as protection in case of home invasion, especially if you live alone or with other people vulnerable like children or elderly family members. One-way glass would be best so that no one else sees inside when they’re outside on the porch knocking at your door; however, some materials may not allow this choice because they are too fragile against impact from intruders. In addition, make sure all doors leading out onto porches should be reinforced by high quality locks which cannot easily be broken open with just brute force alone – try Onforu’s LED Flood Light Outdoor 400W

If you want to feel safe at night, then don’t let your home’s outside lighting make it an easy target for burglars. To counteract this issue and maximize the security of your property, follow these simple steps:


Don’t let your skin dry out. 

One way to know if somebody is coming on your property, and thus be prepared for the intrusion before they arrive, is with a perimeter warning circuit in an alarm system. This type of addiction isn’t available to all homeowners currently but can often be added as additional protection when upgrading or installing new alarms. There are two main types of circuits that provide this kind of alert: wide-area motion detectors which use passive infrared light or beam break sensors using microwave signals both work well at detecting intruders from outside entering into space within detection range (most systems have ranges over 400 feet).


Perimeter warning units can be installed on the outside of your home, as well as in trees and other areas around it. They work by alerting to movement within a certain radius, using wide area motion detectors or beam-break type devices that are placed at strategic locations.

The power of a perimeter alarm system is dependent on the range of its infrared light, which can reach 300 feet away. That said, for those that are looking to invest in something more permanent and with stronger protection abilities then you may want to consider buying one from SurvivalCache as they have many different options available at various prices so there’s sure to be an option that works best for your needs!

Know they’re coming.

How to Protect Your Doors from Criminals

The last thing you want is for someone to break into your home.

An important aspect of protecting your home is having strong doors. The best exterior door will be a steel or metal one, though not all are created equal and you should check for thickness before purchasing. You can also get an over-sized lockset designed specifically for these doors that cannot easily be pried open with any sort of tool available on the market today..

Wood is a material that we often think of for homes, but it quickly becomes clear why they are not well suited to security doors. Wood is weaker than fiberglass and undesirable in high-security applications due to its relative weakness no matter what kind you consider–solid wood or drilled out solid wood with the lock components installed on them both have weak spots where criminals could easily break through. Furthermore, commercial fire rated steel offers more strength as an option when buying your door; however these types of doors can be quite expensive so if price isn’t really something you’re worried about then you might want to do some research into which type would best suit the needs at hand!

Just like a chain that is only as strong as its weakest link, the lock on your door can be ripped out with enough force. The weak spot of most doors are where locks have been installed and skilled burglars know how to exploit this weakness by hiding in wait around dark corners or bushes nearby until someone opens their door at night. With just a quick tug they’ll rip apart the thin material there which leaves them free access into your home if you don’t install high-security hardware for extra protection.

You may want to consider installing deadbolt locks higher up near doorknobs instead so thieves need more time before breaking through it all together; these could buy homeowners much needed seconds when something goes wrong outside late at night while everyone’s

We’re Your Garage Door Heroes 

When it comes to securing your home, there are many ways you can do so. From installing an alarm system and a door lock that is resistant against tampering or picking from the outside surface of the frame with something like a driver’s license–to actually install hinges on all inside-facing doors in order to make them slam shut when closed securely. All methods have their merits but this article will focus mainly on one less common method: using locksets which allow for only entry by way of key (or other such security device), not force.

One important aspect of locking up our homes involves making sure we properly secure both entrance points into any given property; especially if they’re located side by side! In most cases, installation includes aligning either

Wood and metal are both important components of a door that need to be reinforced. Wood is typically used for the frame, which surrounds where locks go in order to keep intruders out while also keeping you locked inside your house. Unfortunately wood isn’t strong enough so this creates an opening through which thieves can enter given they have access from outside the home. To fix these inherent weaknesses buy products such as Armor Concept’s Door Armor Max or wrap-around steel plates around weak points on doors with flimsy frames like windowsill bolts (see below). These reinforcements will make it much more difficult for any burglars who may try gaining entry into your home by screwing them tight over thin areas of weakness left open near window locking mechanisms, lock

To make your door more secure, install a steel plate and use longer screws. Bolts can be cut with cordless power tools so replace the small nails that were installed when you built it with bigger ones.

Criminals are known to use battery-powered tools, specifically cutters and torches that emit heat or electricity in order to break through chains and locks. Another way of securing your door is by propping a bar at an angle against it, which can be done with the help of either slots on the floor or rubber end props depending on what you choose. Windows pose another major problem as they often have glass liable for breaking from outside forces such as criminals reaching their hands inside windows while unlocked or smashing them open altogether before climbing in themselves.

You have a house full of windows, but sometimes they feel fragile and are easily broken. Luckily for you there is an easy solution to your problem in the form of plastic wrap! You can use rigid panes or sheets of clear plastic such as Lexan which will strengthen up those panes just right so that when something comes crashing through them it won’t create problems further down the line. There’s also “security film” on the market if you’re looking more specifically for window protection from intruders rather than general strengthening purposes (though with this type safety becomes even less likely). The key difference between these types though is rigidity; security films are tough and flexible wraps made especially for glass doors and windows, applying like tinted car window material does

The best way to block a door, is with a boot.

This security film will hold the window together even when the glass underneath it is broken. It’s tough enough and energy absorbing that there can’t easily be ripped away to create a big opening for an intruder to climb through, but if you want extra protection from burglars then burglar bars are perfect! They cover your entire window with either metal or plastic so no one could break in anyway. You might think they look “ghetto”, but these safeguards offer high security at affordable prices too – what more could anyone ask?

One risk that comes from covering your windows with burglar bars is how it will often prevent the window from opening. This might be problematic if you need to use this for ventilation or for an emergency escape, such as in case of a fire. However, some companies have taken note and made their sets so there’s quick-release system accessible only by the inside of the home; these are easy to overlook because they’re low on houses’ profiles and they can sometimes even be below ground level!

Burglar bars on windows can be a great way to protect your home. You would think that burglars are all six and a half feet tall weighing in at two hundred seventy-five pounds, but they’re not! They also have the ability of going through small spaces like you wouldn’t believe, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any weaknesses if you don’t want someone crawling into your house while everyone is sleeping with only their hands around their ankles (pun intended). Burglars know how much potential there is locked away inside our homes which doesn’t make them too hard up about getting caught trying to enter one by force; especially when we leave such easy ways open for them.

In the event that a burglar’s objective is to gain access through an opening in your home, it’s important to take precautions. The safest way of doing this is using windows with bars or other reinforcements like glass blocks. Sliders, for example are common but offer little protection against break-ins due to their size and lack of security window treatments such as steel grids over them – these can either be permanent fixtures installed by professionals on site at initial construction phase or removable ones which allow you more versatility when closing up your house before going out for vacation retreats from time-to-time. Glass block windows have many advantages: they’re much harder than standard window panes so burglars will need significantly stronger tools if they want make any

If you’re worried about your home’s security, then consider getting rid of all the windows in it. If that sounds too extreme for you and just want to make sure one window can’t be entered from outside, remove the frame or cement up if possible so bricks fit on top without being seen when looking inside. You’ll need some help with this task but fortunately there are contractors who specialize in making homes more secure!

The security of a digital keypad is just like any other door lock. It can be bypassed or observed by someone on the outside if they look up close enough, but there are some ways to protect your garage from unwanted visitors without installing an expensive alarm system. You could have a handle that requires both keys and code input for access which would cut down on outside interference considerably!

The garage door is as much a part of your home security system as any lock on the outside. In fact, it’s an excellent way to keep thieves from entering your house through windows or doors you may have left unlocked during the day. One of the most common ways for someone who knows what they’re doing and has access to equipment like power tools can enter into a residence undetected with relative ease is by using remote control technology that opens up garages when people aren’t there (especially if these don’t use physical keys). Once inside this intruder could then gain entry to other areas in one fell swoop simply because many people leave their front door open while away at work all day long! The best thing about locking down every possible

Secure your garage side doors and windows to prevent unwanted intruders from entering. Keep in mind that the large door may be an assumed barrier, but any entry point is still a vulnerable point for possible breaches. To ensure you are well protected use one of these methods – Garage Side Doors and Windows, Doggy Door Security

It’s clear that the traditional doggy door is a terrible idea for our homes. The hole in your front entryway can give anyone easy access to burglars, or even worse: nosy neighbors who want to see what you’re up too! These holes are like an invitation as they allow potential thieves and voyeurs alike into home without breaking a single key windowpane of glass! One should never underestimate how dangerous these small breaches could be because it only takes one person with bad intentions to cause serious harm.


Turning your house into a home.

If you have a doggy door on your front gate, one of the best ways to keep it from being used as an entrance is by getting rid of the dog’s access point. That can be done by either repairing and filling in where the pet door was or replacing it with new solid doors that are only accessible from inside.


Sleek and simple, Sliding Doors are an inconspicuous way to provide additional security for your residence. Once the door is shut all you’ll see of it are two small vertical slits on either side that slide up or down without any sound whatsoever, ensuring peace of mind inside as well as out

Home security doesn’t have to be a pain.

Window security is becoming an increasing concern in the modern world as we increasingly face threats from terrorism and theft. One effective method of securing a window that does not involve bars or locks, which often clash with interior design schemes, involves inserting small wooden dowels into tracks on either side of the window frame to prevent it from sliding open even if left unlocked. The downside here though is that this won’t help you much against intruders who are willing to break glass windows where needed for easy entry points; breaking those wouldn’t really be difficult at all! For maximum protection without compromising your aesthetic preferences then natural barriers such as bushes might actually work better than any other option available since they will do more than just block views…

Hard cover books are making a comeback.

A simple way of

These natural barriers work best in rural areas, where they grow or can be planted. However, these obstacles also have their place amongst urban environments as well by utilizing certain plants and bushes around the perimeter of your property. One plant that is known for its thorns like blackberry bushes are perfect because it’s hard to get into if you’re not paying attention! Along with this type of plant there should always be other types that would make a person want to leave such as thorny roses which contain spines on each flower petal making them impossible to walk through without getting cut up from head-to-toe; thus discouraging people from coming near any personal space at all cost

These doors won’t be knocked down.

Planting the same vegetation around a property can make it hard to get through, but there are other ways one might go about this. One way is by trimming plant life near your home so that only one point of entry remains open and vulnerable for intruders. Another safety measure you could take would be planting plants with thorns or tough needles in them if they have properties good for security purposes; like making an intruder’s skin prickly when trying to climb over these bushes without getting stuck on their own foliage!

A tree can act as a ladder for someone trying to get into your home. If the person is able to scale up and over, you will not be alerted until it’s too late. Get rid of any trees or other natural barriers that may make this easy by trimming them down or removing them entirely from your property if necessary! Timers are great devices for creating an illusion that somebody is in their house even when they’re gone; thieves might see these lights on and think nobody has been there all day long so they won’t try breaking-in again during daylight hours later on.

You’ll be the coolest kid on the block

The average person’s first line of defense against intruders is their door. But what if the intruder has made it past your defenses and into your home? The last thing you want to do is be caught with no place left to run, but fortunately there are some simple steps that can help give you a better chance at escape while fending off assailants.

One such option would be installing hard covers on all entry points like doors or windows– they’re affordable, easy-to-install and offer an added layer of security for those who use them correctly! Another step many take in addition to this one involve building safe rooms within their homes where family members could retreat during emergencies– these areas should have as few entrances as possible so when attackers enter

Simplifies a complex task.

A safe room is a retreat inside your home for you to stay out of sight and away from intruders, even if that means the intruders can steal anything they want from the rest of your home. It should be a refuge with thick walls and strong locks which would take an intruder several hours to break through; it should also have food, water, electricity supplies enough to last days in case there’s no power outage or running water elsewhere in the house. The door into this bunker-like space must be made up entirely exterior grade doors or fire rated ones suitable for commercial construction – any entry points need at least one lock on them as these are much harder than standard interior doorknobs. A peephole will allow security personnel outside (

To stay safe, it’s important to prepare for the worst. One way you can do this is by making a room in your house into a safe room and reinforcing it with “remesh,” which makes walls extra strong.

When it comes to the construction of a safe room, make sure that you use studs placed 8 inches center-to-center instead of 16 for more protection. The sheetrock should also be covered with plywood sheets before drywall is used so as not to give intruders an easy space in which they can pass through if they manage to break into your home or office building. There should also be weapons inside this area at all times because there is always a chance that someone will try and get past these defenses and enter the designated zone without permission.

The room of your house with the most heavy-duty doors should have an axe and pry bar in it. If, for some reason you could not open a strong door or if there were intruders blocking its path then you can use these items to break out through the walls! You want to make sure that this is also where all other weapons are located so that when push comes to shove, they will be easily accessible.

The knowledge that your home is a safe haven will surely help you to feel more at ease. However, before the bad guys ever get inside of it they are going to have to make their way through bulletproof doors and walls in order for them not be able penetrate your fortification. The best defense against intruders is being well prepared beforehand by having multiple potential positions on where an intruder might come from with which one would position themselves strategically based upon what cover he or she has as bullets can destroy any door but even if someone does manage past this there really isn’t much else outside of hiding behind something like furniture until first responders arrive because nothing besides concrete blocks could stop a round fired from most handguns today so its important save yourself some trouble later

You might not realize it, but when you are in a high-stress situation and trying to find cover inside your home or office; chances are that the only thing stopping bullets from entering is drywall. Drywall doesn’t stand up well against guns with large caliber rounds like handguns and shotguns.

One might think that the best way to protect themselves from a gun is with more guns, but one would be wrong. It turns out that furniture can actually provide some protection against bullets; however they are not as good at protecting people from rifles rounds because of their high velocity and penetration power.

A bookcase or refrigerator full of food will stop handgun bullets and buckshot fired by shotgun shells–not so much for rifle shots though!

There are many ways to make your living space feel more secure. One of the most basic is hiding behind furniture, but even this can be a liability if you don’t duck down low enough and instead just aim for cover – as in sofas and reclining chairs will only offer concealment should bullets start flying around your home or place of work. Consumables like food might not seem that important on paper when it comes to defending against intruders, but remember they require power which means unprotected electrical devices become targets for thieves looking to steal what’s at hand without causing too much damage (of course these same items could also get damaged during an attack).

When you have to let the dog out but can’t be bothered.

Wooden chair cushions won’t stop pistol rounds from penetrating into the

The perfect window for those who love a little fun while they work. 

Many people think that in times of social turmoil, it is best to have a plan for safety. This article had some great ideas on how you can make your home as safe and secure as possible before anything happens so that when society does start changing rapidly, you won’t be scrambling around trying to find the materials needed at local stores only to find them sold out or closed down due to hazardous road conditions.