Female Self Defense: Situational Awareness

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There are many ways to defend yourself in a situation. One of the most common, and easiest methods is situational awareness. Learning how to identify threats before they present themselves can give you time to think about your best course of action. This blog post will teach you how to spot potential dangers when walking down the street or shopping at the mall so that you can avoid them if necessary!

This blog post was written for preppers interested in defending themselves against possible attacks while out and about. It provides tips on identifying potential danger zones as well as what types of people could be dangerous so that women can stay safe and secure from these predators! The tone is lighthearted with an emphasis on being aware of one’s surroundings.

1. Is it possible to be aware of your surroundings in order to save yourself in times of danger?

2. What practical steps can I take before a self-defence situation occurs where an attacker is steadily advancing towards me?

3. Do you have any tips for being aware when there are no causalities or threats present but one person is feeling distressed and the other is not? 2

4. How do you make sure that a guide dog handler will remain safe if he/she gets into a dangerous or threatening situation with their partner, while they are walking together through public spaces alone?

5. I am worried about some actions by my potential SIC – how can I keep myself safe during work without

The key to survival is situational awareness. When you are walking into the grocery store, make sure that you look around for any threats lurking nearby and watch out for people who may be following behind or in front of you. This will help ensure your safety while shopping as well as when leaving the store with all those delicious groceries!

Be aware of your surroundings. When you enter a store, use the cart to transport valuable items in it instead of putting them on top and leaving others out for thieves to take advantage of. Be mindful when placing bags or purses onto carts as they are an easy target for robbers looking to snatch what is not theirs.

Keep your mind on the task at hand.

A woman’s purse is always her prized possession, one that she carries with herself every day. Thieves are starting to prey on the woman who cannot carry their purses in public because of embarrassment or an injury. The thieves will take advantage by going through your personal belongings and stealing anything they can get a hold of such as cash, checks, credit cards etcetera… If you’re walking alone at night make sure not to buy any items unless it’s absolutely necessary since most stores (especially big ones) have security cameras around them which the thief might be looking out for….

If I were ever robbed while carrying my precious handbag I would feel violated! This has become more common nowadays but when someone steals from me he/she

Forget the car. Focus on getting out of that store alive with your purchases in tow! You’ll want to be able to carry all bags at once and have a hand free for either keys or pepper spray (or both!). If you plan ahead, this won’t even happen because use one arm for everything as soon as you enter the checkout line. I’ve never had difficulty using two hands when it comes time to make my purchase but if you need some help read through these tips:

A perfect mix of pattern and creativity.

-Don’t overload yourself by carrying more than 2 bags worth of stuff per trip into the checker lane; each bag should weigh 15 pounds max so don’t try 10 pound weights just yet

-To save space

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The cart is a great tool not only for transporting your items through the store, but also as protection against potential threats. You can carry concealed weapons if you have one and this will allow you to quickly defend yourself in case of any danger that arises. If anyone approaches from an unfamiliar angle or starts behaving strangely around the time where they are close enough to do something harmful—you should position it between them and yourself until assessing their intentions more thoroughly—this could buy valuable seconds while trying to make good decisions about how best proceed with defending oneself before being attacked by the aggressor at hand.


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This is your plan of attack for parking lot safety: Walk to the car with confidence, and always be aware of what’s going on around you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a thief or serial killer – don’t let them know that they have caught you off guard! Look out in all directions before getting into the vehicle so there are no surprises when you get home later that night.

Stay aware as you walk to your car, scanning around for any potential perpetrators. Make sure to stay in the center of a parking lot and avoid traffic when possible!

When you’re in a parking lot, be on the lookout for other patrons. If someone is walking towards your car while it’s parked and unlocked, get to safety as quickly as possible! Always check inside of your vehicle at every stop; if all seems well then go ahead and grab any bags that are packed into the trunk or backseat of your ride. With carts: always place bags first before returning them – never leave these unattended when they could easily fall out onto an open surface with no one around!

Protect your health with the best condoms.

There are many things to consider when shopping with children. If you can, I advise utilizing the online grocery store instead of physically going in and dealing with a cart. It will save time and allow for more freedom as well! You pay everything right before checkout then park near the entrance so employees can load your vehicle up for you once done. But if it is impossible to avoid taking your child along on this journey, there are some tips that may come in handy: make sure they’re buckled safely first (before loading all those groceries), parking close by at a spot where carts return makes life easier; be mindful not to leave anything important behind or get stuck far from home while pushing one big trolley around too long- sounds like something kids might

When you’re outside in a parking lot and it’s nighttime, do not be fooled by what seems like an open and inviting parking spot. There are people who would love to take your belongings from behind the steering wheel if they had the chance. To help avoid this situation, make sure that when returning shopping carts at night or anytime for that matter; always lock up before heading back into store because there is nothing worse than having someone steal something out of your car while leaving their cart right next door!

You can survive by looking for patterns in your life. The people we are as well as the things that happen to us on an every day basis set a pattern, and these repeated actions make it so much easier for someone who wishes you harm to take advantage of those vulnerabilities without having any idea they’re doing so until it’s too late. A good rule is not only spotting but also altering one or more routines when possible- this way if something does go wrong there will always be some form of protection available because the perpetrator likely won’t realize what went wrong at first glance.

Survival isn’t just about making sure you have enough food stored up in case society collapses overnight; survival encompasses all aspects of our lives including how we act

Do you always feel safe? You shouldn’t. There are many things that can turn the table in your favor if you were attacked unexpectedly, so don’t be unprepared! Here’s just a few of them: pepper spray in your car, purse and near your bed; high powered flashlight on key ring or monkey fist by bedside; ninja spike for locking up when walking to vehicle from building at night. Photos provided–Jeni-dawnSylvarJbpetrus