Female Self Defense: 7 Weapons You Need to Survive

Contents1 A woman’s right to defend herself is not a matter of debate.2 A knife is a woman’s best friend.3 The only way to buy a present guaranteed to be wrapped3.1 Victorinox Swiss Army Classic …

So, you’re a woman and you want to protect yourself. Good for you! As the saying goes: “If I were a guy who was looking for an easy target, I wouldn’t be picking on the girl with a bat.” But what are your options? You can either go out and buy one of those overpriced pink guns that don’t come with enough ammo or spend some time learning how to use real weapons. If it’s all about survival, then why not learn how to take care of yourself? In this article we’ll explore seven different self-defense weapons women should have in their arsenal if they ever need them including pepper spray, knives, bats or other blunt objects, tasers or stun guns and finally handguns.

1. What do you think are the best self defense weapons for a woman to carry with her?

2. Do you find it easier to defend yourself when armed?

3. Where do you store your weapons while protecting your steps from invaders? 2. What type of weapon is easiest to wield if your hands are bound or if you’re carrying a small child in your arms?

4. How would you use pepper spray as a visual distraction and not subject yourself to physical harm by the attacker?

5. Which weapon(s) will be overlooked by any assailant because they assume their victim is helpless and can’t fight back (regardless of gender)?

Females are a minority in the world and need to take care of themselves. This includes self-defense techniques, which is an important part of your daily routine as well as “everyday carry.” Here’s five weapons you should always have with you: 1) pepper spray; 2) knife or other bladed object; 3) stun gun/taser 4) handgun 5)) firearm (if legal). Keep in mind that these tools will not work unless they’re accessible during dangerous situations. We recommend this book for learning proper defense tactics – it contains easy instructions on how to defend yourself without any weapon at all!


The Strike Pen is a pen on the one side and a powerful tungsten tip that can really hurt someone if used as weapon, perfect to put in your bag, purse or wallet. This product is amazing for those always out walking around with it not being suspicious so you won’t “freak” normal people while they are just trying to live their lives

A woman’s right to defend herself is not a matter of debate.

The strike pens allow users to protect themselves without attracting suspicion from others. The products come with either an ink marker or ballpoint pen depending on preference but also features a high-quality tungsten metal point at its end making it easy for all individuals who need something compact yet effective against attackers

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

Brass Knuckles: a common self-defense tool that is easy to use. It can be difficult for some people with arthritis or other physical ailments, but many are still able to grip this weapon without too much difficulty. These weapons are typically used in street fights and not solely as an item of protection during your commute home from work, so they may take up more space than you need when storing them inside the glove compartment in your car! Still looking for something? You could check out these Blackout Brass knuckle products we recommend here – just don’t forget about shipping costs first! 3. Ninja Spike Keychain (aka ‘kubotan’): This key chain accessory was made specifically to intimidate others by showing off its sharp spikes on one

brass knucles for self defense

One of the more creative ways to protect yourself from an assailant is by carrying The Ninja Spike. This key chain has many uses, one being its ability to break a window when you are trapped in your car or need help escaping – if someone tries putting their hands on you and sees this weapon just hanging off my pocket they will think twice about attacking me so I can escape unscathed. It’s also useful for breaking windows that get locked shut because keys don’t always do the trick! If all else fails and I am attacked then it’s nice knowing that with one punch this device could grant me some sense of relief as well as revenge against my attacker since there’ll be permanent ink left behind marking them forever…

Toferner Celtic Pocket Knife

I always grip these

I love weapons, particularly functional ones. The Honeycomb Hairbrush by Cold Steel is one of my favorites because it functions both as a hairbrush and a dagger! This brush’s modest looks make no indication that the “brush” part pulls off to reveal 3 1/2” knife- ready for stabbing an attacker with just enough force behind your thrusts. Made from Zytel (a stiff nylon fiberglass composite), this weapon will certainly do its job if you can use it properly; after all, daggers are not knives meant for slashing so they require more strength than their sharpened counterparts.

Ladies, this keychain comes in handy if you get a bad haircut. The first time I saw it, I didn’t know what to think and just thought of it as some cute accessory but then when someone swung the ball against their hand they realized how powerful these could be! It may look like a toy but once connected with something (like your head or body), that person is going down for sure.

The Open Assist Knife is the perfect knife for everyday carry. It only takes one finger to open it, and this saves time in an emergency situation when you may not have two free hands available! With a blade length of up to 3 inches, most states allow carrying knives like these as long as they can be considered “switchblade” knives because switchblades are illegal everywhere. Be sure that what kind of knife you want to take with you on your journey matches state laws before purchasing or traveling so there’s no confusion about being caught breaking the law by accident!

female self defense

A knife is a woman’s best friend.

Bottom line, when someone sees that you have a knife…they know your intentions are not great and they would be wise to keep their distance. Check our guide on the best folding survival knives for some protection options including mace/pepper spray or bear spray if you’re feeling extra brave! 7. MACE, Pepper Spray (or hottest) Bear Spray – Most everyone is aware of pepper-spray due to its popularity as an alternative self-defense mechanism over lethal force because it does not require direct contact with assailants but make sure whichever type of canister one buys comes from reputable law enforcement or military grade manufacturers

If you are looking for a weapon to carry with you, it’s difficult not to find something. There is the basic taser and handgun that can be used in self-defense situations or there could even be pepper spray which will temporarily blind your attacker until they get their sight back– if ever! Your best bet would probably just lay out what kind of situation this person needs protection from before giving them any information on weapons.

The only way to buy a present guaranteed to be wrapped

There are several types of defense items available today; handguns, knives, mace/pepper sprays and stun guns come readily to mind but no matter how much we may want one type over another—in some states certain items might not legally apply while others have restrictions as per age requirements etc. So do keep

A self-defense knife is a good option for women to carry in their purse, car or briefcase. A small blade can be used as an effective weapon when out on the streets alone at night and do not want to rely solely on pepper spray. We rounded up some of our favorite knives below!

All these items fit easily into your pocket without any license necessary and are best if you don’t know how else to defend yourself against such attackers that come close by surprise from behind while walking home late at night after visiting friends or family members who live far away. Always ensure all weapons carried with them does not conflict with local regulations; this includes always checking what type of dangerous substance they may have access too like guns, tasers

The Samior HY002 Tiny Mini Flipper EDC Folding Pocket Knife is a quality choice for women to carry. The pocket knife has 1.5 inches of damascus steel in its compact, ergonomic design that slips easily into your pockets and can be carried with you at all times without being too heavy or bulky like some other knives might feel when they’re just sitting there waiting on the couch while watching TV!

self defense for women

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife (Best Multifunction Knife)

female self defense

This tiny little blade packs quite an edge since it’s made from high-quality stainless Damascus Steel – perfect if you want a lightweight but sturdy option to take anywhere because this means no matter what happens up ahead, your best bet will always be having something sharp by your side!

This knife is a great choice for self-defense because it has an ergonomic shape and design that makes grasping the blade very comfortable. The release mechanism to fold this knife may be difficult for smaller hands, but even they can use it without risk of hurting themselves or those around them.

Self Defense for Women

Toferner Celtic Pocket Knife (Best Concealed Knife)

The Toferner Celtic Pocket Knife is a sleek and stylish pocket knife, with an elegant design. It has less blades than other knives on the market but it’s also smaller in size to carry around concealed. There are no moving parts or springs that could be damaged during use making this lightweight folding blade stronger for everyday tasks like opening packages or boxes at work without worrying about damaging your tools!

The best part of this tool? The price point – you can get yours today by clicking here: ___________

The Toferner is an excellent choice for those who want to be able to carry, conceal, and wear their knife. It’s not obvious due it its appearance so you’re less likely of being caught with a blade on your person than if using more common blades. And because there are no moving parts this one has fewer chances of breaking or failing when needed most!

Samior HY002 Tiny Mini Flipper EDC Folding Pocket Knife (Best EDC Blade for Women)

I was simply blown away by the versatility of this knife. One day I wore it as a necklace, and on another occasion while walking through an abandoned building to find supplies after our camp had been overrun. It is incredibly handy that you can wear it around your neck for quick access or tie it onto something so that there’s always one nearby when needed! The sheath itself has a leather strap with holes in either side where you could easily attach other things such as paracord; which means if we ever get into trouble again then all my gear will be together at hand ready for action!.

The blade comes with its own unique carrying case too – perfect should you need to keep hidden from others what they are constantly trying hard to take off

The tanto blade is a versatile knife, with an emphasis on concealability and versatility. It was designed to be worn as a sheath or carried in the hand for quick drawing due to its small size, meaning it can’t take advantage of all features that other knives may have such as locking mechanisms between blades for safety’s sake. The shape also makes prolonged combat difficult because you need more surface contact than what this design offers when thrusting at your opponent – but could benefit from if used simply by slicing fruits open without coming into contact with them completely (making sure not to cut yourself). Due to these limitations the tanto would suit someone who needs low visibility while still being ready-to-hand should they find themselves in conflict unexpectedly.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife is the smaller, lighter version of a classic multifunction knife. It contains three common functions: an opener blade with nail file and keyring; scissors for cutting paper or cloths; and tweezers to remove unwanted hair from finely groomed eyebrows. This pocket-sized tool can be found in the dark depths of any good boy scout’s backpack – they never go anywhere without their handy survival gear!

If you’re looking for a great knife to have with you, while camping or hiking for example, then the Ka-Bar fixed blade knives should be on your list. The blades come in both matte and black finish so that they can match any camo pattern outfit!

The handle design comes standard in many different colors (as well as patterns) which is perfect if you want something unique but functional at the same time. Even better than just being good quality knives though are their variety of options when it comes to survival situations where these tools might need use – because let’s face it: we never know what life will throw our way next!

The Gerber Suspension 21-Piece Tool is a lightweight and sturdy multi-tool that has just about everything you need to survive in your pocket. The quality construction of the product ensures it will be durable enough for any task, while its versatility makes this an indispensable tool that’s perfect for anyone who wants more tools than what they get on their Swiss Army Knife. Plus, with all those different blades at one low price point? You’re getting great value here!

You know the old saying about keeping your knife sharp? Here’s another tip: Don’t assume just because you have a weapon that it’ll always be there for you in an emergency. There are times when we can only rely on our hands, but fortunately hand-to-hand combat is something anyone with enough practice and training can master fairly quickly. It pays to learn these techniques as soon as possible; knowledge of self defense could save your life one day!

This article will help teach basic fighting skills like finding vulnerable points, breaking out of grabs or wrist locks, defending against kicks and punches from various angles (or delivering them), escaping chokes or headlocks while getting choked yourself–and even some more advanced martial arts maneuvers such as how