Family Survival: Let’s not forget the kids

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You should be naked.

A lot of preppers forget the importance of children in a disaster. They’re not just little adults, they have different needs and capabilities that you need to be mindful of when it comes to survival. In this blog post, we’ll be talking about some easy ways for preparing your kids so that they can survive on their own if needed.

1. What tips do you have for keeping children occupied and helpful during survival activities?

2. Can children help the parents or family in any way while prepping?

3. Do you think we are underestimating the importance of teaching today’s youth skills such as how to care for themselves without technology?

4. If a disaster happened, which one person from your group would need your assistance most to survive an emergency evacuation and why?

Are you ready for a disaster, or are you just hoping one doesn’t happen? Families with children need to think about their safety first. Whether it is an earthquake, fire in the kitchen causing smoke inhalation from carbon monoxide poisoning or even simply forgetting your child’s lunch at school on accident and not being able to get back home due to traffic accidents that took place during rush hour; there are many things families can prepare themselves for in order protect all members of their family. This includes rehearsing survival plans if they have time and testing gear such as emergency blankets so everyone knows how long they’ll last outside when inclement weather sets-in!

The time has come to prepare your kids for the worst. From infancy through high school, there are methods of preparing that can make all the difference in a disaster scenario. When it comes to infants, you’ll want some hippie advice: breast feed and cloth diaper! It might not be as convenient but those will definitely go far when we’re out on our own with no formula or pampers at hand.

Imagine the best possible scenario you can: a pregnant woman who has just given birth to her first child. Suddenly, there is an earthquake that causes everyone in your home and neighborhood to panic as they try and find shelter; time is of the essence because aftershocks are going off left-and-right and all these people have families! You need supplies for yourself – water, food, clean clothes. But what about baby? As long as momma’s got some form of sustenance available she will be able to keep feeding breastmilk endlessly (even if it means not eating herself) until help comes along which could take days or weeks. If you want something more practical than breast milk then invest in a good carrier/

Get your kid outside.

There are many different types of slings, but some of the best ones that I’ve seen are ERGObaby carriers and Moby Wraps. The Moby Wrap is a great choice as it’s lightweight, compact and portable; while the ERGO carrier has been tested up to 90 pounds (and apparently you can carry your teenagers around in this one)! If you have clothes or shelter needs for toddlers/young children then these might be another option worth considering.

With children, it’s important to make sure that their emergency kits are packed and ready for use in the event of a disaster or other unexpected events. Make sure you have items such as sleep sacks (up until toddler sizes), all weather gear like waterproof shoes or boots, extreme cold/hot packs if they’re outgrown by your child due to size before disasters happen.

Survival Family Bug Out

Food is your friend.

Make sure you have everything your family needs for the worst possible weather. Keep a few warm pairs of socks handy, as well as good gloves and a hat. Make sure to plan ahead with enough food that accommodates picky eaters like children who will only be satisfied if they’re hungry enough! And don’t forget to pack healthy supplements (not just vitamins) in case it’s necessary due to disaster circumstances or terrible hunger pangs from neglected eating habits at home before then

If you’re looking for a way to ensure your child is getting the best of both worlds, Raw Source Organics supplements are one option. These capsules contain only organic fruits and veggies – no artificial fillers or preservatives that could be harmful in any circumstance. The site mentions how if they can’t swallow pills yet, just open the capsule and sprinkle it into food or drink – even water! It’s important when thinking about TEOTWAWKI (The end of times as we know it) which may involve being sick more than usual because kids have weaker immune systems than adults do nowadays too- this will help them stay healthy during tough times ahead without issue so there won’t be anything stopping them from enjoying all their favorite foods again soon

Let’s face it, you’re not cool.

The Survival Mom blog has a ton of helpful tips for medical emergencies, but the one that might be most useful to you is when she talks about giving an adult medication to children. In her article on this topic, The Survival Mama says there are two ways you can do it: copy and paste into Google search “child’s dose per weight” or use the chart below which shows kids’ doses in milligrams per kilogram according to their age group.

On this topic I am going take some ideas from THE SURVIVAL MOM BLOG! One way we might need help if adults’ medications aren’t available is by using child dosages – either find out how much your kid weighs then look up what they get prescribed


It’s a baby.

Diarrhea is a common symptom for young children, and this article suggests an easy remedy involving sugar mixed with salt. This solution rehydrates the body when it has lost fluids such as during diarrhea. If you have to prepare for TEOTWAWKI or natural disaster before your kids grow up, why not take them camping? It’s even better if they’re old enough to help out around camp by cooking food on their own!

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