Fallkniven S1 Pro Knife Review for 2020: Survival Knife

We’ve got your back. Fallkniven is a top-tier knife manufacturer with a long history of producing quality knives. The company was founded in 1884 and it has been making knives for over 130 years. They …

We’ve got your back.

Fallkniven is a top-tier knife manufacturer with a long history of producing quality knives. The company was founded in 1884 and it has been making knives for over 130 years. They are based out of Sandvik, Sweden and their products include hunting knives, military blades, rescue tools, kitchen cutlery – the list goes on! As you can see from this list they have quite the diverse product line up which makes them an excellent choice for those preppers who want to be prepared for anything that might happen. In today’s blog post I am going to be reviewing Fallkniven’s S1 Pro Knife which is perfect for any situation where cutting something (like a seatbelt) or sharpening your blade may come in handy during an


1. I’ve been doing a ton of research on survival knives for 2020, but can’t seem to figure out which one would be best for me?


2. What’s your opinion on folding knives vs fixed blades when it comes to survival knives?

3. Which knife should I get for my bug-out-bag in case SHTF?


4. Do you think that getting a cheap survival knife or expensive knife is better than the other?

You know that feeling of relief when you find a knife in the kitchen drawer, or one tucked away at home? The blade fits your hand and it’s sharp. There’s even an extra sheath to fit on your belt for easy access! That was my experience with Goldilocks knives—and I found about them by accident while trying to figure out why so many people choose this particular brand. A fortunate happenstance indeed but can be hard without finding just-right balance between grip size, weight distribution, comfort during use as well as hefty materials like steel type and edge hardness quality are things worth taking into consideration before settling down on a favorite model from any given maker–just because they’re good doesn’t mean they’ll

The S1 Pro is a knife that will last forever.

The Fallkniven S1 Pro Survival Knife is made for any situation. With eleven blade characteristics, it has many options to choose from and offers the best in performance under different conditions.

We help you find what you need.

The Fallkniven S1 Pro is the perfect knife for you. Not too big, not too small- it’s just right! With a blade that makes cutting large or smaller tasks easy, this baby can handle whatever gets thrown its way with ease. It has everything from an ergonomic grip to a sharp edge on both sides of the blade for all those tough jobs and more than enough eye candy in sleek design and colors: forest green scales over titanium carbo nitride coated steel blades; stainless steel liners inside black micarta handles; ambidextrous thumb studs and reversible pocket clip so no matter which side your pockets are curling into these days (righties!), there will always be room for one last adventure before heading

The Fallkniven S1 Pro was made with a 6mm blade and just 5.1 inches long, which is an amazing feat in the knife world where you are often sacrificing one for another. Blade steel makers have been experimenting at the atomic level to find what they believe will be perfect because it has both incredible sharpness as well as durability like that of this cobalt steel convex edged masterpiece on this beautiful tool from Sweden’s most renowned knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes

For instance, by far my favorite feature on any outdoors-man’s cutting tools would be the first thing I touched when opening up your new Fallkniven S1 Pro—the six millimeter or about ¼ inch thick blade! The fact

Fallkniven’s S1 Pro is the best of both worlds – it has one-of-a kind grinds to give you more maneuverability, and a blade that can be sharpened with ease.

The convex grind is an advanced knife-making technique that has no simple characteristics and requires a lot of skill. This means it’s not very popular among knifemakers, but the knives made with this type of edge are effective for most tasks like chopping or slicing. However, when you need your blade to do something really tough – such as cutting through bone – then the convex edges shines!

The Fallkniven S1 Pro is a knife that can be used for every meal. The blade will never need to go in the sharpener, and it also has an ergonomic grip with finger guards strategically placed so you don’t lose your fingers while slicing bread or cheese!

The Fallkniven S1 Pro is one of those knives no kitchen should ever be without. With a handle made from glass-reinforced nylon, there are six different sizes available: 3 inch paring; 4 ¾ inch utility/petite chef’s knife; 6 ½ inches serrated slicer; 8 inches pizza cutter/bread borer.; 10 1⁄2 inches cleaver; 12 7⁄8” deer fillet