Fallkniven Modern Bowie Knife Review (2020)

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“The Fallkniven Modern Bowie Knife is a high-quality all-purpose utility knife. It can be used for everything from camping to hunting and backpacking, as well as survival in the wilderness.”

“This knife features a 1095 carbon steel blade with full tang construction. The handle is made of tough Kraton G rubber with an ergonomic design that provides excellent grip even when wet or sweaty.”

The future of the world is now.

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“The Fallkniven Modern Bowie Knife has a sheath made out of ballistic nylon fabric which makes it perfect for wearing on your belt or attaching to your backpack straps. You’ll never want to go on another hike without this trusty companion!”

1. Is it durable?

2. Does the Bowie knife provide a good balance between weight and cutting power?

3. What properties are considered desirable in a survival knife? Why is the 5 1/2-inch blade bowie length important for this type of application?

4. Can I carry it on my belt (or boot, or thigh)?

Survival SHTF Fallkniven Knife Bowie

5. How does the knife sheath work with this type of blade shape and size?

After the Alamo, James Bowie was famous for his knife-wielding prowess. In 1827 he won a gunfight with knives against three men in what is known as The Sandbar Fight. Some people say that if it weren’t for him Texas would be Mexican territory today!

Trigger warning: This article may scare you off due to its content on very large knives – click here instead of reading more unless this scares you less than things like death or not getting candy when Trick-or-Treating (in which case do read). On March 6th, 1836 Jim Bowie had an eventful day after weeks leading up including defending himself and 100 others from attackers at Mission San Antonio de Valero aka “the Alamo”. But


The best workout partner you’ll ever have.

A Bowie Knife is a large blade, something eight or more inches that has an overall length of over 12″, the crossguard separating the Blade from the Handle and it’s Clip Point Tip.

The Bowie Knife is a blade that has an appearance of being sharpened on both edges, but due to modern weapon laws in many jurisdictions the upper edge will not be sharp. The origin story of this knife is debated and also depends which tale you subscribe to- there are endless versions floating around out there!

The Origins Of A Blade:  Different tales surround the origins as well as sharpenings for these blades with one thing linking them all together; they were usually used by frontiersmen during their travels through unknown territories. These knives have been called “Bowie Knives,” after James who died at 1832 in Texas from injuries sustained while fighting off three attackers using only his hunting shirt and large Sheathknife (a predecessor of

In 1827, James Bowie set out to find the perfect blade for his use. Believing that he had found it in a model of knife given to him by legendary frontiersman Jim Bridger earlier that year, Bowie commissioned blacksmith J. Bascus Black from Arkansas City-a town with an interesting name if ever there was one-to craft this design into reality. The result? A very sharp and well balanced weapon which bore its creator’s name: “Bowie Knife.”

The Bowie Knife is a large, double-edged knife. David Bowie took his stage name “Bowie” from it because the blade cuts both ways just like him – with one edge sharp and cutting, while its opposing side has been dulled to prevent injuring oneself during use. This four-layer leather dangler sheath protects Fällkniven’s laminated cobalt steel that offers incredible edging sandwiched between stainless steel faces for durability and stain resistance. The grip provides control of such an elegant precision instrument as this giant blade without sacrificing comfortability in any way!

Recently, the most modern and durable Bowie Knife has been introduced to this world. It is called Fällkniven MB or Modern Bowie. This knife was made from highly advanced materials that have not yet existed in a blade before it’s construction: these include metals such as titanium for edge retention, steel alloys with Tungsten Hardening Alloys (WHA) for extreme-condition performance – making them much tougher than comparable knives on the market today; nitrogen gas quenching technique which gives increased hardness of 58 /-8 HRC compared to standard stainless steels at 53 /-2HRC; high chromium content providing excellent corrosion resistance without sacrificing wear properties like other “stainless” blades do when they are heated up during production

Fällkniven has the guts and confidence to produce a “modern Bowie” knife that is rich in American history. The company produces knives with high quality craftsmanship, so it will be interesting to see how this modern take on an iconic blade fares among collectors of both vintage and new blades alike.

Falling Knives takes great pride in producing top-quality workmanship as evidenced by their Modern Bowie Knife which features materials from Jim’s time period such as bone handles, brass fittings for straps, silver wire wrapped through copper rivets; all while maintaining its overall size at 10 inches long–the perfect length for hunting or camping trips!

The Fällkniven Modern Bowie is a recreation of the iconic 18th century knife, and has been updated to be more durable for modern day use. The design draws from Jim Bowies original “Bowie Knife” pattern while adding subtle innovations that will make it useful in everyday situations.

It’s a knife.

The new blade includes an over-sized clip point with hollow grinds on both sides which provide additional cutting power without sacrificing precision cuts by causing undue pressure when contacting denser materials such as wood or bone – two common items found around campfires or under trees where camping gear could easily get lost! Additionally, the pocketclip was relocated so you can sheathe your knife upside down if desired making it ready at hand much quicker than before – not something

fallkniven knife review

With its muscle-bound handle and double guard, the Modern Bowie by Fällkniven is a knife for those who don’t like to play nice. The blade’s convex edge ensures that it can be used as either a slicer or chopper while still being thick enough at 8 mm (0.3 in) to take on tougher tasks such as batoning wood without too much worry of damage . With an included diamond sharpener and presentation box straight out of their Survival Pro series , this may not be your go-to camping axe but does make for one powerful package if you’re looking for something with more body; so keep them peeled when you pick up the new MB!

The Fällkniven Modern Bowie is an exceptional blade. This large, sturdy knife provides the balance and comfort necessary to wield such a heavy-duty weapon with precision. The four layers of leather are double stitched for durability; it’s made from durable stainless steel that resists stains while providing stylish edge sharpness; grip offers control over this powerful knife so you can use its unmatched power without fear or hesitation!

Fällkniven has been around for a while. For those of you who don’t know, they are the people behind your favorite Mora Camp Axe! They have always had their finger on the pulse of knives and blades; it is only natural that when Bowie Knives became popular in recent years Fällkniven would produce one to meet demand. Their latest creation from 2018 features all-around cutting abilities including serrated edges–for vicious cuts through any material (be sure not to use them at home though!). The blade also includes an integrated sharp point so if anyone tries anything funny with this knife, be prepared to whip out some serious self defense using this beauty’s 15 inch length long steel construction ensuring no slip up between hand grip

You’ve seen the movies, now read the books.

The Fällkniven MB is a colossal blade slicing through the air with an unmatched, unstoppable force. Its 7.4mm thickness and 10-inch length are truly incredible–almost unheard of! With its stainless steel faces that make it incredibly durable against wear, this knife will not let you down when facing any challenge in your path; because frankly there’s nothing out there tougher than this beast!


Fällkniven’s Modern Bowie is like a Swiss army knife to your common pocketknife. This tool can do many tasks that would be difficult for other knives of its class, such as chopping wood and batoning limbs with ease. The full tang blade features the signature Fällknivens profile: thin at the spine but wide near the point, making it an effective slicing weapon in close quarters or while outdoors doing some bushwhacking – despite being optimized for use by hunters rather than soldiers

The show that won’t go away.

– Jonathan Lai

Who says you can’t stay healthy on the go?

A 2-inch blade is sometimes all you need. The Modern Bowie (MB) by Fällkniven, Sweden’s most famous knife company and military supplier for over 40 years has a 16-1/2″ long fixed blade that seems moderately sized next to the A2 Wilderness Knife when they are sheathed together on your belt but thanks to its larger handle it feels like an oversized camp knife in comparison while standing alone at display with popular knives nearby.

The Fällkniven Modern Bowie sheath is a four-layer double stitched leather dangler that would make for an excellent canoe paddle. Perhaps Mr. Bowie wanted this given the fact swinging around two pounds of sharpened steel in water might be a poor idea, but then again he was never afraid to take risks with his music career either. The blade slides into the sheath regardless if you are going left or right and there’s even one strap made from single piece of leather which can flip vertically depending on your preference; it has grommet holes at both ends so attaching them to some leg straps isn’t such bad plan when out in nature since I found myself holding up my knife too high near my knee all day due to its


Dynamite in the hand, not at your door.

To get a Bowie that actually performs like the original, you’re going to have to spend something closer to four figures than two. The Fällkniven MB Modern Bowie is new with deep and rich history

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The MB proves to be an outstanding starting point for those looking specifically for a Bowie-class knife. The Fällkniven Modern Bowie Knife, with its four layer double stitched leather dangler sheath and durable stainless steel faces is also available at KNIFE DETAILS Recommended!

The grip of this sword is so strong that it makes wielding such a large blade with elegance and precision easy. The grip provides comfort along with the control necessary to make any moves, whether big or small.

This is the best knife ever.


The handle on these swords has been made from high quality materials for both comfort and durability giving you more than enough power behind every swing as well as controlling where your hits land making them perfect for all skill levels!