Fallkniven A1 Review for 2020: Survival Knife

Fallkniven A1 Review for 2020: Survival Knife. Fallkniven is a Swedish company with over 100 years of manufacturing experience, and they’re well-known in the knife industry. They make knives that are tough enough to handle any situation, but still designed to be easy on your hands when you need them most. The blade measures 5 inches long and 2mm thick which is perfect for skinning game or clearing branches from a campsite.

1. What is your opinion on the Fallkniven A1 review?

2. Do you think this knife might be the best prepper’s blade?

3. What do you use for survival purposes in your day-to-day life?

4. How does this rating compare to what else would be on a top 10 list, in your opinion?

5. Do you believe such a knife could last years before getting ruined or damaged in some way (petty file work, cutting wire, etc.)

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