Fällkniven A1 Pro: Survival Knife Review for 2020

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It’s 2020 and you’re suddenly faced with the worst-case scenario: a world where society has collapsed. Now what? Your first instinct might be to grab your bug out bag and head for the hills, but before you do that, there are some things not in your kit that should be in it. One of these items is a survival knife – preferably one like the Fällkniven A1 Pro which we’ll review below.

Changed the game.

After reading this post, preppers will know how to make sure they have an emergency tool handy when it counts most.

1. What do you think of the gripes about this knife being a little to thin?

2. The Fällkniven A1 Pro is supposed to be able to cut through just about anything with its German DIN55CrMoV15 steel, but is it still too small for your liking and should they consider offering the larger model size instead?

A1 Pro Knife Review
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Fallkniven A1 Pro Review

3. How does this compare that the older version of the Fällkniven A1, specifically from an edge retention perspective?

4. Do you find it odd that there are so many complaints about blood getting onto your clothes if you need to butcher something up close and personal using this blade since the steel is coated in blood from patients at hospitals because it

As a restless survivalist that has been searching for the best single knife, I have found my quest to be both noble and endless. Or so I thought! However, after trying out the Fällkniven A1 Pro it may be safe to say this is one of those rare cases where someone else did not need to do all your research for you because in just about every area: blade quality (outstanding), handle grip (excellent) and hand-sharpening capability -they exceeded what could ever hope or wish from an ultimate survival Knife.

Don’t put up with your crappy knife.

Fallkniven A1 Pro

Fällkniven is the company that knows how to keep it balanced. It has been around for decades and they have worked hard at finding their place between tradition and innovation with a number of different knives, including its A1 model which now comes in an improved version called A1X2H. The result was astonishing when I tested out this blade myself-the handle felt comfortable in my hands while being practical enough that I could use it for any task needed on site, from cutting wood to dressing game!

Fallkniven A1 Pro. Crafted from the highest quality materials; Built for performance and durability. The last update on this knife was in 2021, but that doesn’t stop me from giving it a try as I am what you might call an aficionado of survival knives with no patience to wait years before testing out something new! What makes the Fallkniven Fällknivån A1 pro so amazing is not just one thing, rather everything about how they took their already amazing design and made it even better yet still kept all those things we loved about them original model- like a tough kid who has Navy SEALs for big brothers (and sisters).

You know there’s a knife for that.

The Fällkniven A1 Pro is a Swedish blade that has been chosen to be the singular survival knife for both Sweden’s Air Force and their military. It was created by combining traditional Scandinavian design with modern materials, such as carbon fiber handles, making it not only lightweight but also incredibly durable.

What makes the F1, and later the A1 and now the Pro such definitive blades is their steel technology. And a few other things. Now this is a Knife! Jumping ahead, by laminating two supersteels into an incredible configuration that not only outperforms most high end knives but also puts them out of reach in overall strength, raw performance, technical prowess- what more can you ask for?

But what happens when a purveyor of extremely high end blades takes a step back and assesses the performance of its own best edges, then turns up the volume on one of its best sellers and highest achievers. Well, I guess you get Fällkniven A1 Pro! So it’s official. The original was just testing out new methods to create stronger steel in order to make knives that last longer without sacrificing their sharpness- but now we have this commercial success which is still at an elite level for those who need more than your average blade or knife set can offer them.

This knife is a beast of an upgrade from the A1. It has beefier, stronger features that make it more durable and allows for easier cuts in all materials imaginable. The grip size remains unchanged but still fits securely in your hand due to its ergonomic shape with finger guard protection on both sides which will reduce occurrences of slipping during cutting tasks, even if you are wearing gloves or sweaty hands!

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The A1 Pro from Fällkniven is a replacement for their previous knife, the ESEE 6. The difference in this new model? It features cobalt steel rather than VG10 and has one of my favorite blade shapes: drop point. After researching the material composition I learned it had 2% Co along with higher levels chromium (around 60 on Rockwell scale). This produces an edge that stays sharp longer while hovering around 60 HRC . As you can see, though not recent to knives at all given its longevity in our industry, Cobalt Steel still manages to make waves today as both functional and stylish!

Fällkniven has long been known for their top-quality knives, and now with the introduction of Cobalt Steel blades they are taking it to a whole new level. The edge is literally molecularly sharp; you won’t find anything sharper than this blade in your kitchen drawer or on your camping gear!

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In an effort to provide knives that can go toe-to-toe with any other knife on the planet, Fällkniven has taken their A1 blade and increased its strength. Their new design boasts a thicker tang for added durability and stability in your hand as well as a wider grip area so you don’t have to worry about losing control of it during those intense moments when you need all your dexterity. The company admits that they “raised the bar professional level.”

It’s a knife.

Survival Knife Review

Fällkniven, the Swedish company based in Örnsköldsvik Sweden and known for manufacturing knives since 1902 invented their newest survival knife after decades of experience. The Fällkniven A1 Pro is made out of stainless steel with a rubber handle that can withstand extreme conditions like heat or cold weather while still providing comfort to your hand from its ergonomic design. One more added feature? It comes equipped with an integrated sharpener on top so you never have to worry about permanently damaging it when camping far away from civilization!

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We’ll tell you!

Fällkniven’s DC4 is a high-quality sharpening stone that can be used for both knives and other cutting tools. It has two different surfaces, one with 25 micron grit diamond powder on the surface which makes it perfect to sharpen supersteels like laminate steel or titanium carbide; while its ceramic side provides an excellent finish for knives made of softer metals such as stainless steel.

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If you can’t beat them, confuse the hell out of them.

The Zytel sheath is an upgrade over the standard A1 model. The Pro sheath is beefier with more pronounced strengthening fins, and it also has a wider belt loop to attach other gear or items using MOLLE or any other system. There’s no thumb-ramp on this knife but instead there are ear loops that allow for different wearing options including horizontally at your side in addition to vertical up against your hip like you might wear belts today–and yes, carrying vertically means less chance of injury if dropped! Smith’s Classic A1 just got upgraded without changing its name because sometimes evolution doesn’t need a new species

You’re in the wrong spot.

From the grip to the guard to the blade, this knife demands respect. At 11.2 inches overall length and 6.3 inch blade, it is not for those who lack muscle tone or are timid of heart – but that’s good because you’re going to need a lot of strength with an oversized weapon like this in your bug out bag! Unlike previous versions of A1 knives that used Kraton plastic as their handle material, on comes standard issue version with Thermorun thermoplastic: perfect for any human-or larger critter confrontation outside Grizzly variety!

Fallkniven_A1-Pro_survival knife_diamond-stone-DC4

Thermorun is an electrical insulator, resistant to weathering, impervious to most chemicals that a knife would encounter. Its durability makes it perfect for camping and survival knives!

When it comes to knives, sometimes you need something with a little more flair. That’s what makes the Fällkniven A1 Pro so great:

The tang of this knife extends throughout the grip and out from under your thumb for better control. The finger guard is also different than on their regular model–it has an upgraded design that ensures maximum safety no matter how intense things get in camp or when hunting big game!

Bike to work, bike to school.

The A1 Pro has a finger crossguard that is thicker, polished stainless steel with an opening towards the blade. The reason this feature helps index-finger strain when using for long durations of time woodworking tasks such as cutting or sawing on regular materials like hardwoods and softwoods are because it protects your fingers from coming in contact with the sharpened edge of a knife.

The higher cost may be due to more expensive metals used throughout construction (e.g., guard), better grip surfaces than other models which can lead to less fatigue over longer periods, along with containment solutions included in box purchase price

All in all, the Fällkniven A1 Pro is a solid knife for both preppers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. However, if you’re looking to buy an expensive piece of equipment with no skills as yet acquired – it may be best that you wait until after SHTF events have transpired before investing your hard-earned cash into something so pricey.

Fallkniven A1 Pro
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But frankly, if one compares the A1 Pro to anything custom made or even more mainstream like models such as Spyderco’s Paramilitary 2 (P2), then its pricing seems very reasonable indeed. At around $200 USD on Amazon at time of writing this article per blade without sheath) I find them quite reasonably priced; though there are still those who balk

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Fallkniven is one of the hottest names in knives. Their products are crafted from materials that will last and they also know what works for you to get a quality product at an affordable price with their Fallkniven A1 Pro.

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Fallkniven A1 Pro

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