Expedient Family Survival Water Filter

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A new take on the classic American diner.

What’s the worst that could happen? You find yourself in a survival situation away from home with no water. It sounds like a Hollywood movie, but it can happen to anyone. Luckily there are plenty of ways to purify your own water without needing any fancy equipment or even boiling it! One way is using an Expedient Family Survival Water Filter. This filter removes 99% of bacteria and parasites while also improving the taste and odor of your drinking water! Follow these steps for how to use this awesome product:

1) Place the bag containing the filter into clean container 2) Add dirty or questionable water slowly until you reach desired level 3) Allow time for filtration process 4) Fill up containers 5) Enjoy fresh filtered family-

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emergency water filter for safe drinking water

The ability to purify water in an emergency situation is not a “nice thing to have”, it is the foundation for survival. In my never ending quest for DIY (Do It Yourself) survival tools, I found that there are many ways to use gravity and save your life when disaster strikes.

The Newest, Greatest Thing.

emergency water filter for safe drinking water

In order to make it easier for my family and I, we wanted a low-cost water purification system that would be easy to maintain. A Berkey can provide us with clean drinking water when disaster strikes, but this is not practical if you plan on moving around often or have limited space in your home. This will also cause the filter life of the berkey filters are short because they need constant hydration which takes away from their effectiveness over time as well as making them expensive due to how much energy needs used up by these systems each day just keeping them running

The larger hole is required because the filter will have some clear tubing that allows it to drain from top bucket to the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket. The large opening also accommodates for any imperfections in drilling process. Next, drill one more small hole on side of container’s lowermost point and attach spigot using silicone gasket washers or other sealing material as necessary before finally tightening with plastic nuts which can be found near your sink under “plumbing.”

A place where you needn’t worry about the details.

I thought it was going to be hard, but setting up my filter turned out to be very easy. There are only three parts! I just slid the silicone washer onto the bottom of the filter that protrudes from a bucket and then installed and tightened down this plastic nut so there is no water coming through; also, if you want more wiggle room in your tubing (maybe because they’re not quite long enough) or have extra pieces laying around for some reason, feel free to use them when installing by simply sliding one over top of another before inserting into place.’ The next step took me about five minutes: install a clear tube on the bottom side of said “filter” bucket – right where its connected with an airtight seal. After

The best team to work with you.emergency water filter for safe drinking water

Install this cover over the dome filter and secure with a rubber band that was provided. The filter can run slow, so I would recommend using Gamma Seal lid on top bucket to force water through it. Drill hole in gamma seal lid for bicycle valve stem (sold separately) then use your bike pump to fill up each bucket from the bottom all at once!

Do you want to do your part for the environment? Make a gravity water filter! It’s easy and it works. Here is all of the stuff that you need:

emergency water filter for safe drinking water

emergency water filter for safe drinking water
emergency water filter for safe drinking water

1 large plastic bottle with lid (2 liters or more), A funnel, 2 feet of nylon cordage like rope or twine, 1-inch wide strips cut from an old cotton shirt – 15 in total about 3 inches long each, Scissors