EVATAC Elite Tac Tactical Shovel Review: Hands-On

Contents0.1 The smallest, but most accessible saw in history.0.2 Get the most out of your cutting!0.3 The last thing you want to do is lose your dog.0.4 The best damn headphones made by human beings.0.5 …

The smallest, but most accessible saw in history.

In the event of an apocalyptic disaster, an EVATAC Elite Tactical Shovel is a must-have item. I tested it out for myself and found that this shovel was able to break through anything from hard clay soil to concrete with ease. The blade on the shovel has been tempered steel which means it is durable enough to handle tough jobs like digging up firewood or building a shelter in just minutes! This shovel also comes equipped with a rubberized grip that provides you with ultimate comfort while working long hours outside during emergencies. It’s not too big but not too small either, so it can be carried around easily without weighing you down. In conclusion, if you are looking for one of the best tactical/survival shovels on the

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Get the most out of your cutting!

The entrenching tool is the survivalist’s best friend. Whether it be digging for water, cooking food from scratch or building a shelter; this small shovel with many uses will save you time and energy when out in the wilderness. Make sure to always bring one along on your backpacking trips!

The last thing you want to do is lose your dog.

The EVATAC Elite Tactical Shovel is the perfect tool for camping, hiking, hunting or any outdoor activity. It may not be a necessity to carry around in your backpack but it’s worth every ounce of space and weight because this shovel has everything you need! This isn’t just some run-of-the mill gardening trowel that will break after one use; this is an all purpose survivalist extraordinaire with more than enough tools to get out alive if there was ever anything wrong while on one of these adventures. The head itself measures 4 ½” x 5 ¾”, which is big enough for digging fire pits or other basic tasks like building shelter from snow drifts and ice storms without taking up too much

The Evatac Shovel is a versatile and durable multifunctional outdoor tool. It features an aircraft grade aluminum shaft with stainless steel shovel head for maximum durability, as well as two Velcro straps to secure the sheath when not in use. The handle includes saw blade, axe blade, mini saw, liquid filled compass (with ferro rod), 120 dB emergency whistle*, 2 hex wrenches* (* indicates survival items) There are also other accessories such as: bottle opener/can opener on the screwdriver end of it; flathead screwdriver at one end of metal components; and carabiner attachment point near handle for convenience or attaching additional gear*. Whether you’re camping solo or going off-road hiking with friends

The best damn headphones made by human beings.

I was apprehensive about this multi-tool, but after just a few minutes I felt at ease. The shovel is one of the most impressive tools in my opinion because it’s not only easy to use, but also effective for digging holes and other things that I will need as an emergency preparedness measure. While there are many high quality options available on Amazon .com like Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Folding Shovel with Sawteeth or Whetstone Cutlery Military Pro Pack Tactical Spade With Pouch – Camouflage (Camo), they don’t compare when you consider versatility! It’s so important to take care of yourself and those close around you by stocking up for any situation life may throw your way whether

Although this shovel looks like a typical shovel with an addition of the chopping blade, it has some unique features that make for effective use. The hoe is adjustable at 90 degrees so scooping and moving materials can be done easily as well as efficiently. I did not enjoy how loose the side-to-side movement was between the handle and blade but after retightening once or twice everything worked out just fine. This tool is very easy to use which makes it one of my favorites!

Know the difference between a mop and a broom?

I’ve never been the type to go camping. I don’t know how people do it with all of these bugs and spiders everywhere! However, my grandma was a diehard camper so she made me take this thing outside for her. It’s like some kind of shovel-thing? Anyway, when I took it out into our back yard – which is really just weeds and grass- vines got wrapped around its blade while trying to chop up wood that had fallen over in one spot from years ago or something icky anyway (gross). When I chopped into anything bigger than those little branches though…

The Shovel Saw is a useful tool that will get the job done for light duty tasks. If you need to saw through medium-duty wood, however, it won’t cut it.

Put the shovel down.

With a dual head screwdriver, one side is Philips and the other is flathead. The Phillips was easy to use but when I tried using it with the flathead attachment, for whatever reason that fit wouldn’t work out. It’s not user-friendly if you can’t even use both heads at once!

Get Your Game On

The mini saw screws into the end cap, providing a longer handle that fits in your hand. I found this setup to be uncomfortable and awkward for finger placement as the spine of the saw doubles as a knife edge. When I tried using it to cut into some wood, well not much happened – The blade didn’t seem sharp enough or strong enough so when its put against anything hard like pieces of firewood it just bends over on itself instead of cutting through them with any force whatsoever which was really frustrating because you have to use more grunt work than would normally go towards such an easy task!

I first tried the knife using the paper test, which it failed. I then tried to cut a single piece of 550 paracord with heavy force and was able to slice through but only after considerable effort on my part. For being new out-of-the box, I would not say this is quite as sharp as advertised or needs some honing before use for any real cutting purposes that require precision such as making tinder from natural materials in order to start a fire without matches (which always seems like you’re robbing yourself when they go missing). However there are many ways to make your own kindling so whether you just want another option aside from lighters/matches and fire steel sticks or something more durable than an emergency whistle should be

So small. So big.

Evatac Elite Tac Shovel Review

The 120 dB signal whistle is on one side of the ferro rod so you can be heard even when your voice cannot. There’s also a knife/saw tool head or shovel that comes with it!

The handle is a great feature of this shovel. It can be configured in many ways, so you are always comfortable when using it! One cool thing about the handle design: if your stored supplies need to stay together and won’t fall out (depending on how tight they’re held), then just slide them into the hollow part at one end of the shaft for easy storage. The textured grip provides an easier time with holding onto this tool during use since there’s no slippery surfaces like what might exist on PVC pipe or plastic handles found in other models–even though these types often provide more comfort due to their smoothness which makes gripping much less difficult than having something rough that will rub against skin while being used as intended.

Evatac Elite Tac Shovel Review

Screwdriver? I thought that was a verb.

I really

The Tactical Shovel has many tools that make it multifunctional. I knew the hex wrench would be a necessary tool, but was pleasantly surprised to find an opener for my drinks and cans as well!

Shovels have never been this much fun.

The issue with survival shovels is that they’re often not the most practical or comfortable to carry around. When your life depends on it, who wants a bulky and heavy thing weighing you down? Thankfully, this product addresses all of those issues! It comes in its own carrying case for easy transportation; if one pouch becomes separated from the other then at least there’s still another option – thanks to these thoughtful designers! I also appreciated their inclusion of two extra straps: one backside strap so that you can keep your hands free while wearing a backpack whilst never letting go of your valuable equipment (and keeping it safe!), and an additional front-facing strap which holds everything together without any bouncing during transport. Though 440 stainless steel may sound like too much metal

Evatac Elite Tac Shovel Review

We’ll take care of your needs.

This is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to do a variety of outdoor tasks. With this item, you can chop wood and dig holes with ease! The handle pieces lock in place so that it won’t come loose while your using it. It has many features such as an axe head, screwdriver blade, saw blade and much more! There’s a fire starter rod included which makes starting fires easy when camping or building structures outside. And if all goes poorly out there on your adventure? You’ve got yourself one loud whistle too keep safe by blowing into during emergencies- let nobody harm you without hearing them coming first though!”

I wanted to move on and use the other accessories but ran into a snag. I couldn’t unscrew the handle! For some reason, it was really tight. To take apart the shovel for better access, I had to bring out my toolbox with me or else find someone who has an adjustable wrench handy (I’m not).

The Shovel Saw is a shovel that looks like a saw.

I was eager to try out this tactical shovel when I first got it. It looked like a handy tool and the design appeared well-thought through with features that would add value for an intrenching workhorse. Boy, did my excitement come crashing down! After using it only briefly in some light soil, I tried disassembling the shank from the handle but found myself running into problems just as before because of how securely these parts are fastened together at three points along their length without any screw heads or other makings visible anywhere on them to show me where they should be separated while still keeping everything tightly secured together until you need them apart again which means there’s no way anyone can get inside what is made up of two large

Get some fire on the go.

Now you can pack both a professional tool set and your survival gear in one convenient package. The patented design includes several useful tools for wilderness use, but also the latest gadgets to make sure that if civilization ever falls by the wayside again, at least YOU won’t go hungry or get attacked by zombies.