Estwing Tomahawk vs Double Bit Axe Review for 2020

You might not think you need a tomahawk for prepping, but the Estwing Tomahawk vs Double Bit Axe Review for 2020 is worth looking into. These tools are perfect if you’re in an emergency situation …

You might not think you need a tomahawk for prepping, but the Estwing Tomahawk vs Double Bit Axe Review for 2020 is worth looking into. These tools are perfect if you’re in an emergency situation and need to break through a wall or door. You can also use them to cut down trees and branches, which could be really handy when making your shelter from natural resources. The whole idea behind this review is that these two tools have some similarities but they each have their own benefits as well. Let’s go over what those differences are!

1. What do you think about the future of construction, and what tools will be needed?

2. Is there another tool that you’re more interested in, like maybe a chainsaw, or a crosscut saw? 2a. Do you find it easier to maneuver with an axe than other tools?

3. How does that new style handle compare blade comparisons for splitting or chopping?

Ernest Estwing and his sons, Otto Ernest and Erwin Albert, grew up in rural Minnesota. The brothers were always tinkering with things from their father’s workshop that they found on the farm or at school. One day while rummaging through a pile of scrap metal near the railroad tracks behind town hall, Otto discovered an old horseshoeing hammer left there by another blacksmith who had migrated to Chicago years ago. This same year 1922 saw them using scraps of steel laying around their dad’s shop to make toy swords for Christmas gifts for friends back home – not much different than what kids are doing today but then it was considered crazy innovative!

In 1923 these two men started making hammers out of some pieces lying around

Before the Europeans came to North America, Algonquian Indians used tomahawks for combat and carving up meat. They have now become mainstream weapons in bug out kits because of their versatility as they can be thrown or swung at an enemy instead of just being limited to striking with a pick head.

To the point that any major knife or axe maker worth his or her survival salt makes a tomahawk, hand tools typically used for chopping wood and clearing brush. Two of Estwing’s popular designs are the heads with two different styles: one is called an Outdoors Axe, while another has more traditional styling as seen on many historic trade axes in museums across America. They come in various colors to match your preferences!

So Estwing’s double-bit axe is actually a tomahawk. It has two different chopping edges, each with its own use and benefits.

For ultimate outdoorsman.

The Estwing Double-Bit Axe is a great all around tool that gives you the versatility of two tools in one. The large, powerful blade can be used for chopping and heavy duty tasks while the other end has a more lightweight design to use on small jobs like cutting kindling or throwing sticks at your friends during camp time!

The most iconic tactical tomahawk in the world.

The Estwing Double Bit Axe is not your typical tool when it comes to chores. It’s perfect for those looking to get into throwing the hatchet or splitting wood, but doesn’t seem too great with its chopping ability and strength compared to other tools on the market today.


The Estwing Tomahawk is a strong, heavy-duty tool with the power to split wood and do some light carpentry. It’s also equipped with a spike that can help you get through just about anything! When it comes to making holes in something fast, this hammer delivers quickly and forcefully.

There are many tools that can do the job of chopping wood, but it is hard to find a better one than an Estwing Tomahawk. Previously I was leaning towards carrying a double bit axe, but now I’m not so sure. The blade on this thing is sharp enough for precision work and tough enough to go through anything organic in its way- like tinder or kindling you need for your campfire!

For hammering and driving nails, the Estwing Double Bit Axe is a rugged tool that’s perfect for those who need more power.


When it comes to your bug out bag or even a bugging-out vehicle, Estwing tools are the perfect go-to. I’m not joking when I say that you can’t really go wrong with choosing any of their many different models because they’re all awesome and so very reliable!